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Oregon Rideshare Offers
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Driver Trip Title Date From To Price
Edholm3 ( new ) Petaluma CA Valentine Day Sun. 02/14/2016 Medford, OR Petaluma, CA $30.00
evanburck ( new ) Seattleish to Astoria Sat. 02/20/2016 Bellevue, WA Astoria, OR $20.00
BlueMarbleSafari ( new ) Shelby MT to Portland OR Mon. 02/29/2016 Lothair, MT Cedar Mill, OR $76.86
Emyynoell ( new ) Cali to oregon Sun. 03/27/2016 San Jose, CA Silverton, OR $20.00
Eliwallace ( new ) Oregon or bust Mon. 03/28/2016 Chicago, IL Portland, OR $170.00
Eliwallace ( new ) Oregon or bust Tues. 03/29/2016 Omaha, NE Portland, OR $130.00
Eliwallace ( new ) Oregon or bust Wed. 03/30/2016 Salt Lake City, UT Portland, OR $70.00
Emyynoell ( new ) Returning from:
Cali to oregon
Sat. 04/02/2016 Silverton, OR San Jose, CA $20.00
tech88 ( new ) Eugene Oregon Bound Sat. 04/16/2016 Richmond, VA Eugene, OR $5.00
qntmbryan ( new ) slow ride to ashland Flexible Peoria, AZ Ashland, OR $78.56
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