[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Ridesharing Revolution: 2018 Edition

The Ridesharing Revolution is alive and booming, but first some context…

The technological boom of the 21st century has given us tools and solutions like digital automation, instant and more secure payment solutions, social proof (think Yelp, Google Reviews and much more), and fast as well as dependable AI (no Skynet yet so don’t worry dear reader).

The above and other features of this brand new tech-savvy world has helped initiate several Billion dollars unicorns within the umbrella of the sharing economy (which is also called the Peer-to-Peer rental economy by the Economist, and Crowd-based Capitalism by the MIT Sloan Management Review).

In this latest infographic brought to you by the Ridester team, we give you a quick review of Ridesharing – which is a major pillar of the sharing economy. We have provided data and information regarding the state of ridesharing within both the US and some other major markets.

The infographic is followed by a list of references and additional resources, as well as the embed code (that you can use to republish this infographic on your website).

On to the Ridesharing Revolution Infographic!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Ridesharing Revolution: 2018 Edition

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