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50 MPH Electric Scooter: The Ultimate 2023 List

Looking for a 50MPH electric scooter to satisfy your adrenaline addiction? If so, check out our list. We break down features, pricing and more.

For most experienced scooter riders, fast units complete their thrill.

And come to think of it…going faster than you were yesterday in the scootering journey is great progress. Conquer your fear, and beat your set deadline.

A 50 mph electric scooter max speed is fast enough to satisfy your adrenaline rush and also teaches you how to stay balanced while flying, literally.

While there aren’t as many 50 MPH electric scooters as the slower units, we have our unique top 5 most effective models within the 50 and 59 mph maximum speeds.

Our Top 5 50 MPH Electric Scooters List

Vsett 10+: The Best 50 MPH Electric Scooter Overall

Vsett 10+ 25.6 Ah

Best For: Those looking for a versatile e-scooter with zoom hydraulic brakes

Top Features:

  • Has dual 1400 W motors
  • 50 mph speed

The Vsett 10+ electric scooter is one of the most versatile and top-rated models in the e-scooter world.

Buyers can choose to buy it in 60V 20.8 Ah, 25.6 Ah, or 28Ah battery versions, but one thing stands out – the maximum speed for each unit is 50 miles per hour.

While any of the three versions have a 50 mph max speed, the range varies significantly based on each version’s battery Amperage.

You can narrow your most preferred version based on your expected range and budget.

These here are the ultimate Vsett 10+ specifications:

Vsett 10+ 20.8 AhVsett 10+ 25.6 AhVsett 10+R 28 Ah
Battery60V 20.8 Ah60V 25.6 Ah (LG)60V 28 Ah (LG)
MotorDual; 1400W eachDual; 1400W eachDual; 1400W each
Max Range52 miles64 miles70 miles
SuspensionRear hydraulic, front springRear hydraulic suspension, front springRear hydraulic, front spring
Weight 79 lbs79 lbs79 lbs
Weight Limit285 lbs285 lbs285 lbs

Why Vsett 10+?

Effective shock absorption system

It goes beyond saying that a fast e-scooter needs to have an excellent suspension.

The Vsett 10+ comes with dual suspension; a spring at the front and the hydraulic type at the rear.

Even better, the 10+ is one of the few models featuring an adjustable suspension. Do you want an agile ride? Tilt the suspension to meet how you love it.

The 10 X 3-inch air-filled tires are also sizeable enough to absorb the shock across different terrains, a specification we find handy enough to conquer all terrains.

Hydraulic braking

Hydraulic brakes are the best components for great stopping power, and the Vsett 10+ comes with these.

Since this is a fast model, rider safety also needs to be top-notch, which is why Vsett manufactured the 10+ with hydraulic disc brakes compared to the drum type.

Great folding mechanism

Foldability is the leading feature that makes a scooter more portable, and luckily, the Vsett 10+ comes with one of the most seamless folding designs.

Its gold-colored stem lock safely attaches itself at the rear end of the scooter, near the carry handle.

Since these units weigh 79 lbs, most adults won’t have a problem holding the scooter’s carry handle and lifting their ride into their car’s trunks.

Functional dual motors

At your convenience, you can switch between single motor riding to achieve more range or dual motor riding mode to achieve more torque and speed.

This model comes with some of the least-problematic motors, and riders can conveniently choose how they want their motor riding modes to kick in.

Vsett 10+ Pros

The Vsett 10+ electric vehicle is extremely stable even at full speed

The scooter’s acceleration is agile enough, thanks to the fine-tuned motors and dual controllers

The adjustable handlebars are perfect for riders of different heights and sizes to comfortably fit in

Riders can use the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer to protect their scooter from unauthorized riding

The bright front light, taillight, and turn signals are handy for added visibility and safety at night.

Vsett 10+ Cons

Tension on the locking mechanism must be applied; otherwise, it will unhook from the kick plate

The headlight could have been positioned higher.

YUME X11: The Most Stable 50 Miles Per Hour Scooter


Best For: Those looking for dual-motor e-scooters

Top Features:

  • Samsung 60V 30Ah battery 
  • 60 miles top range
  • 50 mph speed

The YUME X11 is loved by many for its stock color options and long steering stabilizer.

This electric vehicle comes in Gold, Red, or Black, and one of the reasons we love it is that it’s one of the most stable models at full speed.

Its stock stabilizing damper is long enough, and turning is seamless regardless of the radius one chooses.

These are the primary YUME X11 specs:

Top Speed50 miles per hour
Top Range 60 miles
MotorDual; 2800W each
Battery60V 31.5 Ah
SuspensionFront air suspension, Dual rear springs
Braking Hydraulic disc brakes
Tire size11-inch
Weight110 kg
Load capacity330 lbs

Why YUME X11?

Sinewave controllers

Sinewave is synonymous with nimbleness in the e-scooter world, and you can understand why it’s easy to conclude that YUME X11 has a buttery smooth acceleration.

Regardless of the terrain you subject the scooter to or the maximum speed you will be riding at, it’s guaranteed that the X11 also has a silent motor.

Durable frame

50 miles per hour on a scooter is insanely fast and the worst that can happen at such speed is having an e scooter break down on you.

There is little to no chance of that happening to the YUME X11, though, as it comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame.

Tubeless tires

The sizeable 11 inch tubeless offroad tires of the YUME X11 model are perfect for maneuvering different road conditions without the incessant worry of flat tires.

For a fast electric scooter like this, too, big offroad tires are great for proper handling and grip regardless of the riding surfaces.

YUME X11 Pros

The dual charging ports significantly reduce the overall charging time, getting riders up and going fast

The dampener comes in handy for making the scooter’s stem stable even at its max speed

The hydraulic brakes are perfect for sudden stopping power when needed

The scooter’s weight capacity is high enough to accommodate riders of different weights

The different color choices are helpful in making riders complement their taste.


This model is bulky

The silicone deck can be relatively slippery when it’s wet.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: The Most Comfortable Scooter for Adults

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro

Best For: Those looking for the most comfortable scooter for Adults

Top Features:

  • 50mph top speed
  • 50 miles top range
  • Dual motor 2000W

Are you an experienced rider who dreads riding an e-scooter while standing?

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is absolutely the best electric scooter for comfortable seated riding you can ever find.

But before we look deeper into the details, why can’t we glance at its key specs first?

Maximum Speed50 mph
Maximum Range50 mile
MotorDual; 2000W each
BatteryLG 60V 30Ah
SuspensionDual rear spring suspension, front hydraulic
Throttle typeTwist
BrakingHydraulic disc
Weight 114.4 lbs
Load capacity330 lbs

Why EMOVE RoadRunner Pro?

High peak motor power output

The RoadRunner Pro has a peak output power of 4000W, producing high torque to conquer inclined terrains of up to 30 degrees.

One of the high speed electric scooters with such torque, the Pro also has a high range of up to 50 miles, making e-riders achieve balanced worlds of speed and range.

Massive supple memory foam seat

Riding a seated e-scooter feels classy and cool, but it’s better when that model comes with a sizeable one to accommodate you perfectly.

The RoadRunner Pro has a 20-inch long by 7.9-inch wide by 3.5-inch wide seat, meaning riders within the max weight capacity can comfortably ride on this high speed scooter for tens of miles.

Branded battery cells

The RoadRunner Pro comes with a 60V 30Ah LG M50LT battery, achieving a 50-mile range on a single charge.

LG is one of the leading electric scooter battery manufacturers. For a fast model like this, getting such a premium batt plays a crucial role in proper, long-lasting performance.

Even better, this scooter’s battery is removable. Riders can swap out a used-up batt with a full one and get going.

Massive pneumatic tires

The RoadRunner Pro is one of the few higher speed electric scooters with more than 12-inch air-filled tires.

In fact, this model has 14-inch tubeless tires, and you could easily mistake its tire belonging to a motorcycle or a traditional bike.

Such large tires are ideal for passing through different terrains, and no matter how fast the scooter goes, riders will enjoy the aspect of the enhanced rear suspension in any terrain.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Pros

The dual 45A Sinewave controllers make the motors silent even when the scooter is pushed to the limit and also smoothen the acceleration

The collapsible handlebar design makes collapsing this scooter to fit in a compact space easier

The hydraulic braking function makes the stopping power of this fast scooter model optimal

The 14-inch pneumatic tubeless tires are sizeable enough to offer a great ride quality

The soft, thick, and long seat accommodates different rider sizes.


No IP rating provided

The scooter weighs 114.4 lbs, making it bulky.

YUME Y11: The Best Budget Electric Scooter that Goes 50 MPH


Best For: Offroading

Top Features:

  • Dual motor of 3000W each
  • 50 mph speed
  • Front and rare hydraulic brake

If you look forward to owning a fast e-scooter that can do real offroading, the YUME Y11 is it.

With 11-inch, tubeless offroad tires, the Y11 offers balanced worlds of speed and distance, making it one of the best budget fast electric scooters.

These are the vital YUME Y11 specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Top Range50 miles
MotorDual; 3000W each
Battery60V 31.5 Ah
BrakingHydraulic; front and rear disc brake
Suspension Front fork; Dual rear coils
LightingFront light, taillight, turn signals
Ip RatingIP54
Weight105 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs

Why YUME Y11?

Triple suspension system

A fast e-scooter such as the YUME Y11 needs an efficient suspension system.

This model comes with two coil shock absorbers at the rear, and an oil-dampened fork shock absorption system at the front.

The tubeless 11-inch offroad tires are also knobby and grippy to get firmly attached to the riding surface, making moving at full speed more enjoyable.

The tires, along with the triple suspension system, make shock absorption even on rough terrains better.

6000W peak power output

The Y11 has a 3000W powerful motor on both the front and rear, making the peak power output 6000W.

Since this scooter is more tailored for offroad riding than on the streets, riders can enjoy maneuvering all terrains without worrying too much about stressing the motors.

This scooter also has a hill climbing ability of 35°, making it a perfect hill climber.

This ride is not only the king of budget but also crushing even the toughest of terrains.

Fork design

Even though this scooter’s design is somewhat dated, its front fork design has stood out since its inception.

This design makes the rider’s weight evenly distributed, thus, reducing the chances of the scooter breaking on a heavy rider, especially at full speed.

Hydraulic braking type

At the rear wheel and the front, the YUME Y11 has hydraulic braking systems + ABS to keep the stopping power more effective.

After all, this e-scooter flies (literally) and having effective brakes could be the difference between a lost life and a living rider.

YUME Y11 Pros

The aluminum alloy frame material gives the scooter durability

The motor provides high torque to propel the ride across different hard-to-maneuver terrains

The tubeless tires are ideal for better flat-resistance

The car-grade 21700 battery cells have a higher maximum discharge, making them more effective and durable

For the specs, this unit is affordable.


As an all-terrain scooter, the YUME Y11 model could have a better water-resistance rating than IP54

This electric scooter could be lighter.

Dualtron Ultra 2 UP: The Best Premium Unit

Dualtron Ultra 2 UP

Best For: Those looking for a premium electric scooter

Top Features:

  • 56 mph top speed
  • 64 miles top range
  • Motor of 6640W each

Dualtron is arguably the best premium electric scooter model, and rightfully so.

From the frames to stem materials, to branded battery cells used by Minimotors, this scooter shows a sign of opulence.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 UP is our fastest unit in today’s round-up and has a max speed of 56 miles per hour.

It’s also a long-range model that can go as much as 64 miles on a single charge. These are the ultimate specifications:

Max Speed56 mph
Max Range64 miles
MotorDual; 6640W peak output
BatteryLG; 72V 40Ah
LightingDeck, brake light
Tire size11 X 3.5-inch
BrakingHydraulic + ABS
Weight 88 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why Dualtron 2 UP?

Adjustable rear rubber suspension

Electric scooters with adjustable suspension systems aren’t many; this is ideally a crucial feature.

At the rear the Dualtron 2 UP has an adjustable rubber suspension system and a fixed one at the front.

Depending on the riding experience you wish to achieve and the terrain, you can tilt the suspension and go your way.

Dual charging ports

While the Dualtron 2 UP charges in 23 hours while using a single standard charger, it comes with dual charging ports, and riders can use two fast chargers to reduce the overall charging time to 6 hours.

This feature is handy for most excited speed enthusiasts and long commuters as they will get going in a short while.

Offroad capability

The Dualtron 2 UP has 11 X 3.5-inch offroad knobby tires, perfect for all terrains.

Even better, this e-scooter has a hill climbing ability of 35°, making it a perfect inclination climber.

Its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame is durable enough to last several years, which is one of the many reasons why Dualtrons get described as having been built like tanks.

Massive deck

For a fast e-scooter as this, the rider needs a sizeable deck to comfortably fix their feet while standing.

The 2 UP’s deck measures 22.5 inches in length and 12.2 inches in width.

Since the wheels are also sizeable, the ground clearance from the deck is also higher, making riding in different raised terrains smoother.

Dualtron 2 UP Pros

The premium branded 72V 40Ah LG battery is one of the largest in the e-scooter industry, making it perfect for long-terrain riding

The premium hydraulic braking system is perfect for shortening the braking distance

The finger throttle is strategically positioned to make accelerating more efficient

The high weight limit perfectly fits heavy adults

The motors’ peak power output produce sufficient torque to maneuver different riding surfaces.


Since this unit is sold at above $3500, few riders can afford it

It lacks a headlight, forcing nighttime riders to figure out on their way how they will participate in nighttime riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an electric scooter go 50 mph?

Yes, an electric scooter can go 50 miles per hour and even more depending on the electronic components used, such as powerful motors, high-capacity quality batteries, and controllers.

What is the cheapest 50 mph scooter?

The YUME Y11 electric scooter is the most affordable ride. Sold from $1700, it’s the best-quality budget 50 mph electric scooter.

Is there a 50 mph electric scooter with seat?

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is one of the few electric scooters with seats that can go for 50 mph.

In Summary

Getting the best 50 mph electric scooter is worthwhile for satisfying your expertise and long-term use.

While it’s enjoyable to fly 50 MPH on an e-scooter, it’s also vital for you to stay safe, and part of it is for you to wear the appropriate scooter riding gear.

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