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Aceable Driver’s Ed Review: Is Aceable Legit?

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Aceable aims to revolutionize the Driver’s Ed experience by allowing new drivers to use a smartphone app to learn the ins and outs of safe driving.

It utilizes interactive content to teach driver’s ed in a fun and engaging manner.

Aceable is certified in several states as an official driver’s ed program, so if you’re in a covered state you can opt to use Aceable instead of a traditional driver’s education program.

It’s a great program, but the lack of nationwide coverage is a downside.

What We Love:

  • Revolutionary mobile app for driver’s ed changes the game completely
  • User-friendly smartphone app is fun and easy to use
  • Interactive content makes learning how to drive fun
  • Great for most learning styles
  • Excellent customer support available 7 days a week. Call the Aceable phone number and get help.
  • Approved and certified in many states

What We Don’t Love: 

  • Aceable is not available in all states

What is Aceable Drivers Ed?

A revolutionary app-based driver’s ed program that’s changing the game

Aceable is an online driver’s education program.

Yep, you read that right – as technology advances, more and more services are moving to the cloud.

Driver’s Ed is the latest trend to hit the internet – and it’s a fast-growing industry.

Traditional driver’s ed is boring, so Aceable aims to fix that.

It uses a smartphone/tablet-based app to teach safe driving, traffic laws, and everything else you’d find in driver’s ed.

But instead of boring lectures and outdated paper-and-pencil tests, Aceable uses cutting-edge, engaging and interactive content.

Put simply, it’s driver’s ed that you can learn anywhere, anytime, and it’s way more interesting and engaging than your local driver’s ed program.

Here’s a brief introductory video to the Aceable program:


Aceable Driver’s Ed Review

We have personally used the Aceable program to get hands-on experience with the product.

Additionally, we’ve scoured third-party Aceable Driver’s Ed reviews from real customers and industry experts, to help round out our own findings.

Here’s what you need to know about Aceable Driver’s Education.

Key Features

Aceable is a leader in the online driver’s ed industry.

Key features of the program include:

  • App-first design, but can also be used on computer
  • Engaging content for teens with memes, gifs and videos
  • 360 degree videos and VR-friendly content
  • “Bite-size” information to help teens retain information
  • Fun and engaging
  • Legit – get a real state-certified Driver’s Ed certificate upon completion
  • “Level Up” system in Aceable app tracks your progress and makes learning fun
  • Recognized and officially certified by many states
  • Dedicated customer support from real, friendly people
  • Routine quizzes to test knowledge
  • Final exam can be taken multiple times
  • Very affordable (see the latest Aceable coupon codes to save more)

Click here to learn more about Aceable, or keep reading for more our full review.

Mobile app-based; fun and engaging; affordable and accessible

How Aceable Works

Aceable is a 100% online program.

You can use it on the well designed smartphone app, or at home on your computer.

It can be used from anywhere, and offers the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Here’s how it works:

Getting Started

First and foremost, you’ll need to sign up for Aceable and choose your course.

The company offers driver’s ed courses as well as defensive driving courses.

Next, you’ll need to complete some sort of identity verification.

This varies from state to state as each will have different requirements.

Usually, it will involve a phone verification.

The Basics

Once you’re through identity verification, the app will give you a brief rundown of what you can expect with Aceable.

It will show you how the course works and what will be expected of you to pass.

The Course

Next, it’s time to begin the actual course.

The materials are broken up into sections or modules, with various levels to pass before you move onto the next one.

The content is taught using a variety of mediums, including text, memes, gifs, and videos.

An example video lesson is found below:

Questions & Quizzes 

Throughout the course, you’ll be randomly asked to answer a few quick questions.

These questions are posed to gauge your understanding of the material, although you are allowed to answer incorrectly.

There will also be quizzes after each section – for the quizzes, you must answer all the questions correctly.

But, if you get one wrong, you are allowed to go back into the course materials and re-answer the questions you got wrong.

This takes the stress and pressure out of the testing experience.

Final Exam

Once you have completed all the required coursework, you will need to take and pass the final exam.

You can take it multiple times, as needed.

It’s modeled after the exam you will need to take at the DMV in order to get your driver’s license, so it’s excellent practice for that.

After you pass it, you’ll be sent an official certificate of completion.

Driving Experience

After you pass Aceable, you’ll need to gain experience with actually driving.

You’ll work with a local instructor or a parent.

Aceable provides tips and resources to make the transition easy.

Aceable is designed to help you get the written/knowledge portion of driver’s education completed, but you’ll still have to do the actual drives.

The same information your parents learned in driver’s ed – with a modern twist

The Aceable Experience

Aceable is unique in that it can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – and everything syncs up flawlessly.

There are other online programs out there, but few offer the flexibility of Aceable.

Aceable devices

The program also does a great job of keeping things interesting by providing a variety of learning materials.

Instead of boring lectures, you get a wide variety of gifs, videos, animations, virtual reality and 360 degree videos, interactive quizzes, and more.

This program is also evolving fast, so if you read another Aceable Driver’s Ed review, be sure to check the publication date.

As for our review, we keep things as up-to-date as possible.

Aceable also does a great job of making driver’s ed feel like a game, while still teaching the required materials very well.

It utilizes a point-earning system that allows you to “level up”, which plays into teens’ familiarity with video games.

Aceable levels

And although it’s a fun, engaging experience, it’s still teaching the vital information needed to keep new drivers safe on the road.

Aceable is state certified with many states, meaning their material has been reviewed and approved by state DMV’s and governing bodies.

Aceable teaches essentially the same content you’d find in a traditional driver’s ed course – but in a much more engaging way!

Cross-platform compatibility; engaging and interesting learning materials

How Long Does Aceable Take?

Aceable Driver’s Education is modeled after each state’s individual driver’s ed requirements.

Thus, the program takes different lengths of time for different states.

For example, the California Driver’s Ed program is 30 hours long, while some Adult Driver’s Ed classes take as little as 6 hours to complete.

This time can be completed at your own pace.

Additionally, some states have restrictions on how much of a course you can take in a single day.

California requires you to take at least 5 hours of break time throughout the course, while Texas prevents you from doing more than 2 hours of coursework per day.

When you sign up for Aceable and pick your course, you’ll be given further details about your state’s requirements.

State requirements vary; anywhere from 6 to 30 hours

How Much Does Aceable Cost?

Aceable has different pricing structures for different states, because each state has different requirements.

For example, the California Teen Driver’s Ed program is $49, while the Nevada Driver’s Ed program is just $37.

Considering that traditional classroom driver’s ed programs can run up to $180 per student, Aceable presents quite a cost savings, on top of the added convenience of the program.

Click here to learn more about Aceable pricing.

Prices vary by state; anywhere from $19 to $80 

Is Aceable DMV Approved?

Aceable is DMV approved in CA, FL,  IL, NV, OH, PA, and TX 

Aceable is slowly expanding to be available nationwide, but at this time it is currently DMV approved and certified in the states of California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

How Many Levels are in Aceable Driver’s Ed?

Programs vary by state; anywhere from 8 to 12 levels

Because different states have different program requirements for driver’s ed, Aceable has customized the user experience for each state.

To help keep things in nice even chunks, Aceable driver’s education programs are typically structured with 8 to 12 levels or modules.

Aceable Reviews from Real Customers

Aceable Driver’s Ed reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive.

The company has earned a 9.6 out of 10 on Trustpilot, while the app has earned a 4.9/5 star rating on the Apple store, and a 4.6/5 star rating on the Google Play store.

To compile our own Aceable driver’s ed review, we spent a lot of time looking at third party reviews.

The few minor complaints that we did notice were mostly older reviews, and many of those issues have been resolved by updates and advancements from Aceable.

Aceable Driver’s Ed Review: Final Word

In short, Aceable is changing the game when it comes to driver’s ed.

They have created a product that is excellent at engaging teens and young drivers, and teaching them the important skills necessary to keep them safe on the road.

Click here to learn more and sign up for Aceable today!

The cross-platform compatibility is brilliant, letting users pick up where they left off – on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

The learning materials hit the ideal balance of educational and fun, which really helps with user engagement.

The apps themselves are great.

We did not encounter any glitches or errors while using them, and the Aceable reviews on the App Stores are impressive – so everyone seems to agree with us!

The only real downside of this program is that it’s not available everywhere.

Aceable has secured funding for a nationwide rollout, but due to the state-by-state differences, it’s probably going to take a while to launch nationwide.

For now, those in states that Aceable covers should consider themselves lucky!

Hopefully you enjoyed our Aceable Driver’s Ed review.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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