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Advertise On My Car: 3 Best Ways To Make Money Passively While Driving

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Advertisements on cars work.

As customers who purchased our family’s Christmas pictures from a photographer’s ad on their car, we are a prime example of this.

This particular photographer had just applied the vinyl decals to her car, and three weeks later, we called for an appointment.

Now, we have beautiful Christmas portraits to prove that car advertisements work.

The good news is you don’t need to own a business to earn a passive income.

If you don’t mind drawing attention to your vehicle, you can add an advertisement car wrap or sign to your car and make extra money for yourself and your family.

This guide explores everything you need to know about advertising on your car.

Hopefully, it will help you decide if making money while driving is for you.

What is Car Advertising?

The concept of car advertising isn’t new.

It has been around for about 100 years, debuting back in the 1920s when taxi drivers would add decals to their vehicles.

Since then, companies such as Pepsi, Holiday Inn, and others have realized the value of reaching potential customers through car advertising.

So, what is car advertising?

Simply stated, it’s a method of reaching customers 24/7 by placing vinyl wraps or signs on cars of all shapes and sizes.

Car wrapping started with Volkswagen Beetles, and now you can see trucks, SUVs, and even tour buses with a vinyl wrap.

Car advertising is like a mobile billboard on your vehicle.

Wherever you go, you spread a company’s message from the side of your car.

If you are interested in using your car to earn a passive income, the first step is to sign up with a reputable car advertising company.

After that, you’ll fill out some information, get your wrap, and start making money while driving around town.

If you don’t mind drawing the attention of other drivers on the road, this could be the perfect passive income opportunity for you.

How Can I Get Paid to Advertise on my Car?

Car advertising companies want to get as much exposure as possible.

If you hardly ever drive or only drive a short distance each day, you may not qualify.

However, if you travel long distances or are constantly in your car, you could earn anywhere from $200 to $1,000 a month.

If using your car for advertising sounds like something you are interested in, getting started is straightforward.

Later, we outline the best car advertising companies and the pros and cons of each to help you find the right company for you.

Each company is different, so we recommend checking them out to determine the best fit for your needs.

There is an application process where the company will ask you a series of questions about you, your car, and your driving history (such as common routes).

Most companies have an app that, once approved, you log in to track your mileage and hours in the car.

This tracking is ultimately how the company decides your earnings.

Remember, they want their client’s advertisements in front of as many eyes as possible.

So, the more you drive, the more potential for profits.

What Are Different Ways to Advertise on my Car?

rideshare vehicle driving down the road in a city with an uber decal in the front windshield on the left passenger side

You no longer need to drive a taxi or VW Bug to benefit from advertising on your car.

Technology has improved so that vinyl wraps and signs come in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

There are two distinct ways that companies advertise on vehicles:

  • Car wraps
  • Car signs

Let’s break these two types down.

Car Wraps

Most people wrap a birthday or Christmas present by covering the entire package.

A car wrap is the same concept.

Every panel on your car will have a vinyl graphic on top of the car’s paint.

It is harmless to the car’s paint and easily removed.

However, the car advertising company you sign up with may not ask for or require a full car wrap for your vehicle.

For example, the roof may remain untouched.

It’s primarily the side panels, hood, and back that will need vinyl applied.

The artwork can transform the look of your car, and many consider car wraps one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising.

If you sign up with a car advertising company, you’re signing up for your vehicle to get a brand new look!

Depending on the client or sponsor, you could attract a lot of attention as you drive around town.

Car Signs

Car signs are not as large as wraps but still provide effective advertising.

You may have seen a local realtor or insurance agent promoting their services via a car sign with a decal.

It’s simply a tiny magnet or decal that you add to your vehicle to promote the client or sponsor’s company.

Another example of a car sign is a rear window decal.

This graphic covers the entire back windshield on your car to promote a company.

These decals print so that the driver and riders can see clearly out the rear windshield, but those outside the car see the decal.

Car lettering is a third option for car advertisements.

Lettering is not a wrap or a sign, but instead simple, large fonts that point people to a company’s website, phone number, or physical address.

These letters are also vinyl and easily applied to your car’s paint.

Did you know?

Another interesting way to get paid by advertising on your car is to check out Vugo.

Vugo is pioneering in-car entertainment.

Another alternative is Play Octopus, which also offers gamification of in-car advertising.

The Best Car Advertising Companies

There are several car advertising companies to consider joining.

These are just a few for you to consider.

We’ll break down how each program works, its pros and cons, and how much you can expect to earn.

vector graphic showing how to advertise on my car

1. Carvertise

A highly rated car advertising company is Carvertise.

Uber, Doordash, and Lyft all partner with this company for their advertising campaigns, along with 200 other companies in top markets such as New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, to name a few.

It’s a quick and straightforward process to apply as a driver for Carvertise.

However, you need to have a clean driving record, drive at least 30 miles a day, and your vehicle must be a 2008 or newer model.

Once approved, the app pairs you with a company that matches your driving habits.

Drivers can earn between $100 and $200 per month for a campaign, typically lasting 2 to 6 months.

That means that you could drive away with $200 to $1,200 in your pocket, depending on the campaign.


  • Increased earnings: Carvertise allows drivers to increase profits by leaving their cars parked in certain approved high-traffic areas.
  • Campaign selection: Drivers can select the campaign they partake in and are not required to fulfill a certain number of campaigns.


  • New cars are the only ones permitted: Your vehicle must be a 2008 or newer model.
  • Drive 30 miles a day: To qualify as a driver with Carvertise, you must drive at least 30 miles a day.

2. Free Car Media

Free Car Media likes to call their drivers “ambassadors” and promotes $50 a month for rear window decals and $400 a month for full car wraps.

Although, currently, it appears that most of their advertisements are back window campaigns that you must apply yourself.

There is an online application to sign up with Free Car Media.

Once approved, you either receive the rear window decal and apply it, or they will email you directions to get your car wrapped, and you can start earning as soon as it’s complete.


  • Select ads: Free Car Media drivers can reject ads without penalty. If you refuse an ad, you are still eligible for a future campaign.
  • Mostly smaller decals: Most Free Car Media campaigns are rear window decals, a benefit if you don’t want your entire car wrapped.


  • Longer campaigns: Free Car Media campaigns can run from six months to 24 months, which may be too long for some drivers.
  • The driver adds the decal: If you select a rear window campaign, then you are required to apply the decal.

3. StickerRide

StickerRide started in Europe and now offers services in the United States.

Don’t be alarmed when you see “kilometers” on their website.

Their U.S. headquarters sits in Los Angeles, California, and they currently partner with 40,000 drivers in Europe and America.

It’s relatively easy to register with StickerRide.

You simply download the app (available on both iOS and Android platforms), register your car, then pick your campaign.

StickerRide washes your car and applies the car wrap. After this, you start earning money.

Drivers must log each mile with the StickerRide app to qualify for payments.

If you forget to log in, you can lose money, which is a pain point for many forgetful users.


  • Easy to sign up: There are no background checks required to sign-up with StickerRide. Simply download the app and get started.
  • Select your campaign: You get to choose the campaign and car wrap that will go on your car. Having a choice means you can find a company that you genuinely care about or one that matches your personal style.


  • No login / no pay: If you don’t log in on the StickerRide app, you don’t get points for driving and lose potential earnings.
  • Campaigns vary in vehicles and payments: No movement is the same. Some requirements are different for different cars and have different payouts. It’s difficult for drivers to know what to expect when signing up for a campaign.

4. ReferralCars

If you’re familiar with sales and commission percentages, then you may prefer ReferralCars.

Drivers have the opportunity to earn more money with ReferralCars and their commission-based campaigns.

These campaigns are a unique opportunity in the car advertising arena.

Most other car wrapping companies are non-commission-based.

Another way that ReferralCars stands out among the competition is their smaller decals, which are typically rear window decals.

There is an application process to work with ReferralCars, and once approved, ReferralCars will assign you an account manager.

The account manager gives you a campaign, ships you the decal (driver must pay for shipping), and you activate the decal with a unique keyword.

Throughout the campaign, drivers send pictures to their account manager to prove their activity.

If you start earning money within 90 days of the campaign, ReferralCars will send you a $100 gift card.


  • Guaranteed earnings: If you earn money within 90 days of activating a campaign, you will get a $100 gift card.
  • Commission-based small decals: ReferralCars only works with small decals (so no large car wraps required), and you can earn a commission if you drive more (unique in this industry).


  • DIY Decals: Drivers are required to apply the decals to their cars on their own.
  • Pay for Shipping: You also have to pay the shipping fee to receive your car decal.

5. Wrapify

Wrapify was started in 2015 and currently has over 250,000 drivers enrolled in their program.

They are considered a top-quality car advertiser and trusted by brands such as Cricket, Uber, Lyft, Salesforce, and more.

To qualify with Wrapify, you must pass a background check, drive a vehicle from 2010 or newer without significant body or paint damage, and be at least 21 years old.

Wrapify drivers can earn between $190 to $450 a month, depending on your campaign and coverage area.

You must drive at least 50 miles a day, and Wrapify uses an app to track your total hours and miles driven.


  • No long-term commitments: The campaigns usually last one to three months, so you are not locked into a contract if you don’t like car advertising.
  • Payouts: Wrapify pays drivers by direct deposit every other week.


  • Early termination fees: Although the campaigns don’t last long, you must pay a fee if you remove the car wrap before the end of the contract.
  • 2010 or older vehicles are not accepted: If you drive a car older than 2010, you can’t drive for Wrapify. There are no exceptions to this rule.


There is an AdsToGo and an – two different companies in the same industry.

The most significant difference is that AdsToGo works in Canada, while has a location in the United States.

To register, enter your zip code, which lets the company know if your community is a good investment for their clients.

Although it’s free to apply to, subscription levels increase the chances of getting picked as a VIP applicant.

Once approved, you must meet at an Ads2Go office to meet with a Driver Coordinator and finalize registration.

Drivers can earn $50 a month with a full car wrap and get paid monthly starting a month after wrapping their car.


  • No Background Checks: There are no background checks or vehicle requirements to partner with
  • No Driving Requirements: Drivers don’t have an app tracking them or minimum miles to meet when driving with an campaign.


  • Lots of competition: It appears difficult to get approved as an driver. They have over 100,000 drivers in their database, and they select drivers based on their VIP status (which you must pay for).
  • Payouts: Earnings are only $50 a month, and you get paid a month after getting started.

7. Car-Bucks

Car-Bucks is another rear window decal company that many drivers partner with as a way to earn extra money.

Commuters can select three, six, or 12-month campaigns and make $1 for each hour spent driving.

If you choose a year campaign, you could earn $25 a month (or $300 a year).

Drivers must apply decals themselves and, unfortunately, do not select which company displays on their car.

Once the decal is applied, commuters track driving habits via the Car-Bucks app.

You must send a picture of your decal when the campaign starts, and Car-Bucks checks traffic cameras to confirm your activity.


  • Easy to Sign-up: Car-Bucks is free to sign-up with, and there are no vehicle requirements or background checks.
  • PayPal Payouts: Drivers can receive money each month via PayPal.


  • Low Earnings: At only $25 a month (on the high-end), Car-Bucks is one of the lower-earning opportunities for car advertisers.
  • App Tracking: Car-Bucks tracks your movements via the app and traffic cameras to prove your driving habits.

Look Out for “Get Paid to Drive” Scams

Unfortunately, there are “get paid to drive” scams out there.

Thankfully, some are actually legit, while they may not seem like it.

The OnMyWay app scam claims are one example.

However, don’t be fooled into giving your information out or paying for a service trying to steal your private information.

Here are two things to watch for when applying with a car advertising company:

The Application Process

A legitimate car advertising company should require your car model information and personal driving history during the application process.

They should also ask for proof of car insurance.

Although companies do, it is not standard practice for a car advertising company to ask for an application fee.

Customer Service

Another ingredient of legitimacy is a company’s customer service.

If there is no straightforward way to contact the company, you should not consider working with that advertiser.

Imagine getting connected with this company and then not having a way to inquire about your missed payment or damaged decal.

If you can’t contact them before applying as a driver, you probably will have issues afterward as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Red Bull Pay You to Advertise on Your Car?

Yes, several vehicles are currently sporting Red Bull as they drive throughout the community.

Does Budweiser Pay You to Advertise on Your Car?

While there are some current scams regarding Budweiser wraps, it is possible to sign up with a legitimate car advertising company and get paid to sport Budweiser on your car.

Does Coca-Cola Pay You to Advertise on Your Car?

Drivers who want to advertise Coca-Cola on their car simply need to sign up with the car advertising company that represents Coca-Cola, or you can attempt to contact their marketing department directly.

Can You Do Uber and Wrapify?

Yes, rideshare drivers can sign up for Wrapify and platforms such as Uber and Lyft.

How Can I Get Free Car Advertising?

You can pay for the cost of your car by advertising for clients and earn enough money to pay for the gas, insurance, and maintenance required for car upkeep.

Wrapping Up

If you enjoy driving and drive a lot, then you can turn that time spent in the car into a passive income.

There are several legitimate car advertising companies to register with and start earning money.

As long as you meet the vehicle, driving history, and personal requirements (such as proof of car insurance), you should have no trouble starting.

Check out the previously mentioned best car advertising companies to begin.

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