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Are Amazon Flex Vests Required For Drivers? And Where To Buy

Learn everything you need to know about Amazon Flex vests as a driver. Are they required? Where do you get one? We'll break it all down here.

Key Takeaways

  • The blue and black reflective Amazon Flex vest, while not mandatory, is a key identifier for drivers, enhancing safety and recognition.
  • Flex vests are typically provided free at Amazon warehouses, with a range of sizes available, ensuring easy accessibility for drivers.
  • If necessary, Flex vests can be purchased from eBay, but they’re ideally obtained from Amazon warehouses at no cost to the driver.

What Do Amazon Flex Drivers Need to Wear?

Amazon Flex drivers are not required to wear a uniform. As independent contractors, they have the freedom to choose their attire and use their own vehicles.

However, it is essential for them to wear a good pair of shoes, given the amount of time spent driving or walking during deliveries. Talk to any Flex driver and you’ll immediately understand the importance of a good pair of shoes.

Amazon Flex Vests: Widely Recognized Identifiers

The Amazon Flex vest, the most recognizable part of the Flex driver’s attire, is characterized by its blue and black design with reflective features and the prominent Amazon logo.

This high-visibility garment helps in identifying the drivers, offering a sense of security and clarity, particularly for homeowners.

vector graphic showing an amazon flex driver wearing an amazon flex vest and holding a package in a city

However, most drivers are a bit surprised to find that wearing a vest is not mandatory. The main form of identification is actually a virtual ID on the Amazon Flex app.

Given the lack of a formal uniform requirement, Flex drivers typically blend in with everyday citizens. This necessitates a heightened sense of caution and discretion in customer interactions.

Although wearing the vest is optional, we always suggest wearing a vest. These are HIGHLY beneficial for safety reasons and in facilitating easy recognition by customers.

The Importance of Wearing a Vest During Flex Deliveries

Wearing a vest as an Amazon Flex delivery driver is an easy way to provide clear identification to help lessen the risks of misunderstandings and safety threats.

Clearly demonstrating visibility and identification reduces the risk of alarming residents. Take, for example, the incident with Ice-T, where he almost mistook a driver for an intruder:

It is also a good practice so that there is no confusion for law enforcement and other vigilant members of the community, ensuring that these drivers are acknowledged as legitimate workers.

Recognition is a key driver in preventing unwarranted police stops and in providing peace of mind to residents.

Where to Get an Amazon Flex Vest

Amazon Flex vests can be obtained primarily at Amazon warehouses, where they are usually stocked and provided free of charge to Flex drivers.

If a particular warehouse doesn’t have them, drivers can check other nearby Amazon locations. Alternatively, these vests are available for purchase online through platforms like eBay or Etsy, though they may be more expensive.

Amazon Flex vests are unisex and offered in a range of sizes from small to triple extra-large, ensuring a suitable fit for all drivers.

In cases where a specific size is not immediately available, the station or warehouse can place an order for the required size.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Many drivers have reported difficulties in obtaining vests that fit properly, as warehouses may not always have a full range of sizes.

Additionally, some warehouses may have a limited stock or only offer vests sporadically.

If you are unable to get one at your local warehouse, be cautious of overpaying for them online. While you might get a vest that looks legitimate, it might not actually be.

My suggestion is to simply continually ask your supervisor for one in your size until they get one for you.

In the meantime, go buy a plain reflective safety vest at Walmart or Home Depot – they only cost a few dollars and will do the trick in the short-term.

Final Thoughts

Even though Amazon doesn’t require uniforms or vests for Amazon Flex drivers, it’s a good idea to have something that will identify you as an Amazon driver. Decide where to get yours today!


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