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Amazon Flex drivers are all around these days, dropping off packages and making lives better with their services.

You have certainly seen them on your street at some point or another.

The blue and black Amazon Flex vest is almost unmistakable.

Drivers who work directly for Amazon delivery are issued a uniform and an Amazon vehicle.

However, since driving for Amazon Flex in the United States is a relatively new development, the details are not always clear about what’s required.

Especially when it comes to the uniform, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what Amazon Flex drivers are required to wear.

So, keep reading to learn about the Amazon Flex vest requirements and where to get them.

What Do Amazon Flex Drivers Need to Wear?

Delivery drivers for Amazon Flex have a lot of perks.

Drivers make a decent wage, they can receive tips, and they can schedule themselves when it’s most convenient.

Becoming an Amazon Flex driver doesn’t take much extra work, and it can serve as a great part-time job or side hustle for however long it seems necessary.

When you drive for Amazon Flex, you’re essentially an independent contractor, not an Amazon employee.

The only question that remains is, what are Amazon Flex drivers expected to wear?

You know what the vests look like, but it often seems as if drivers wear them over everyday clothes.

Is that the case, or is there an Amazon Flex driver uniform?

Do Amazon Flex Drivers Have to Wear a Uniform?

Amazon does not expect Flex driver to wear a uniform.

As independent contractors with Amazon, drivers enjoy some autonomy in what they wear and what they drive.

You can use your vehicle and wear your clothes.

The most important thing as an Amazon Flex driver is a good pair of shoes.

Since you drive or walk around most of the day, having a sturdy pair of shoes is critical to having an enjoyable day on the road.

Amazon Flex Vest

The Amazon Flex vest is the most recognizable part of the Flex driver’s attire.

The blue and black reflective vest features the Amazon logo and gives the driver an easy way to associate themselves with the company.

This high-visibility garment makes them identifiable.

Having the Amazon Flex vest provides you peace of mind as you deliver packages for the company.

The vest also helps homeowners know where you’re from and why you’re in the neighborhood.

Amazon Prime drivers are issued a full uniform that makes them distinguishable.

The vests help prevent unnecessary confusion between drivers and customers during the workday.

Since Amazon does not require Flex drivers to wear any official uniform, the vest is especially important for safety and security.

Do Amazon Flex Drivers Have to Wear the Vest?

Amazon Flex drivers are not required to wear the vest.

It’s available to them, but nothing in the driver contract says they must wear the vest.

As an Amazon Flex driver, the only identifier you have is a virtual ID on your Amazon Flex app.

Otherwise, you simply look like everyday citizens.

Without a uniform or a requirement to wear the Amazon Flex vest, drivers must exercise caution and discretion when dealing with customers.

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Is the Amazon Flex Vest Free?

The Amazon Flex vest should be provided to drivers when they begin working.

Most drivers do not have to pay for the vest, as it comes with the job.

The Amazon warehouse where drivers pick up packages should have several Amazon Flex vests readily on hand.

Most drivers should ask the warehouse workers for one when they go to pick up orders.

Every location operates a little differently.

Some warehouses are strict and expect drivers to have their vests with them at all times.

Other stations don’t keep Amazon Flex vests stocked for drivers.

What Sizes Does the Amazon Flex Vest Come in?

Amazon Flex vests for drivers are unisex and come in all sizes, from small to extra-large.

There are even double and triple sizes.

Specific sizes may be more difficult to find, but the station or warehouse should be able to order whatever a driver might need.

Where to Get an Amazon Flex Vest

Amazon Flex vests should be available to drivers at the station to pick up orders.

Most stations keep a rack stocked to provide each new driver with a vest efficiently.

There is also the option to order an Amazon Flex vest.

Some websites sell vests, like eBay or Etsy.

While other reflective vests are available for purchase on Amazon, Amazon Flex vests are not.

vector graphic showing an amazon flex driver wearing an amazon flex vest and holding a package in a city

1. eBay

eBay sells Amazon Flex vests.

Some come still wrapped in plastic and look brand new.

However, they can be pretty expensive on eBay.

One vest could run up to $50.

Since warehouses ought to be handing vests out to new drivers, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to purchase a vest online.

Is It Safe to Get an Amazon Flex Vest from eBay?

eBay is typically an extremely safe website for making sales and purchases.

The website has built-in protections for both parties involved in any transaction.

If a driver does feel the need to purchase an Amazon Flex vest from eBay, it’s perfectly safe to do so.

2. Amazon Warehouse

An Amazon warehouse is likely the best place to get an Amazon Flex vest.

Most warehouses keep them stocked and hand them out to Flex drivers, free of charge.

If one warehouse does not have vests on hand, drivers are encouraged to check out other nearby locations where they might pick one up.

Is It Safe to Get an Amazon Flex Vest From Amazon?

The best, safest place to get an Amazon Flex best is Amazon.

Drivers for Amazon should receive a vest when they begin working.

If Amazon provides no vest, drivers are encouraged to make regular inquiries so that they can get their hands on one.

Final Thoughts

Even though Amazon doesn’t require uniforms or vests for Amazon Flex drivers, it’s a good idea to have something that will identify you as an Amazon driver.

Decide where to get yours today!

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