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What Is The Amazon Flex Waiting List & How Long It Lasts

The Amazon Flex waiting list is for applicants who sign up when it is not recruiting. It can take years to get accepted. Learn what you can do in the meantime.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Flex Waiting List arises when driver demand is low compared to the number of sign-ups.
  • Wait times on the list vary, with some drivers experiencing up to a year’s delay.
  • Regularly checking for acceptance and considering a new Amazon account application may help.
  • Exploring other delivery services like Uber Eats or DoorDash is advised during the wait period.

What Is the Amazon Flex Waiting List?

The Amazon Flex Waiting List is used when there are more driver sign-ups than current delivery needs in a specific region.

By accepting a spot on the Amazon Flex waiting list, you get notified when an opportunity becomes available.

screenshot showing a notification that a person has been added to the amazon flex waiting list

The length of a driver’s stay on the waiting list depends on the amount of applicants in the system. The platform tries to notify you quickly, but some drivers wait a full year before getting accepted.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved For Amazon Flex?

The time that you’ll be on the Amazon Flex waitlist varies by region. The wait time seems to depend heavily on the demand for drivers in specific areas.

Some drivers report being on the waiting list for several months, while others report having been on the waiting list for over a year.

From what I can tell, drivers who are in a region with a newly-opened warehouse, or in areas with particularly high demand, have seen the quickest approval times after being waitlisted.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

If you get waitlisted after applying for Amazon Flex, be patient.

I’ve talked to many different drivers who have been waitlisted, and from what I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a reliable method to speed up the process of getting off the waitlist. It just depends on the needs of the area.

However, check back often with Amazon. Some drivers don’t notice the email that comes when they’re approved and off the waitlist.

These emails can sometimes look like advertisements, so make sure not to overlook this. Otherwise, you might be waiting for no reason.

What You Can Do About the Amazon Flex Waiting List

If waiting up to a full year is not manageable for whatever reason, here are some tips you can consider to make the waiting process a bit faster.

1. Be Patient and Wait it Out

When you take a spot on the waiting list, you will need to check your email and the app daily to see if they accepted you as a delivery partner.

You may not get the notification on your email and app at the same time, so you may need to contact support. Some drivers report it working on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If they begin hiring in your area and you do not respond quickly enough, you may not get the job. By frequently checking your status, you can ensure you accept the position as soon as possible.

Another tip is to wait until the holiday season when more people are ordering from Amazon. Most cities will have an increased demand for delivery drivers, so you have a better chance of getting hired.

2. Contact Amazon Flex Support

If you were provided with a window where you would hear back from them and you do not in that period, you should contact Amazon Flex customer service.

They may have a valid excuse as to why they have not responded, or it may have been a mistake in the system. Sometimes Amazon Flex support will only respond with an automated message.

You can try making a second account to see if you get accepted that way. Some delivery partners found success by applying for Amazon Flex with a new Amazon account rather than their usual one.

3. Sign Up for Another Delivery Company

Due to the massive amount of people signing up for Amazon Flex, you may want to pursue another package delivery company.

Some of the bigger contributors to the gig economy include Uber Eats, DoorDash, PostMates, InstaCart, Shipt, and Lyft. You could also register with local stores or restaurants to see if they have delivery services for household items or food.

Even if you get accepted, you may want to sign up for multiple companies to ensure you get regular work. During your time on the waiting list, you can continue to work.

documents scattered about with a magnifying glass looking at a driver for an Amazon Flex background check

Before You Go

If you want to deliver Amazon packages, consider joining the Amazon Flex waiting list. As long as you submit your application properly, keep checking your app, and contact support when necessary, you can work for Amazon Flex.

Keep in mind that it can take a full year to start working, so you may want to use other delivery services.

Ridester provides tips to start working for tons of delivery services in the gig economy. Wherever you want to work, we can help you maximize your profits in a flexible environment.

4 thoughts on “What Is The Amazon Flex Waiting List & How Long It Lasts”

  1. “Be patient and wait it out what great advice!!”
    I don’t know if this is sarcastic or not, but it is what it is. Unlike other delivery apps, they don’t want to over saturate the servicing areas with so many drivers that it’s impossible to make any real money. Which is a good thing, IMO, and makes it even more worthwhile to be patient and wait it out.

  2. I work for Amazon Flex and I had no issues signing up and getting right to work. My husband on the other hand got waitlisted. He’s just patiently waiting. I signed up right before Thanksgiving/Christmas. He waited until after. I constantly see new Flexers at the station. They always ask if we plan on working in the next 6 months in the app. It definitely is worth the wait. Way better than doing food deliveries and more economical.


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