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What Is The Amazon Shopper Panel and How Does It Work?

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The retail business is highly competitive, and data on customers’ shopping habits and purchases are worth a lot to businesses.

So much so, that Amazon wants to know what items you purchase outside of their website, and they will pay you for the information.

You can earn up to $10 each month just for sharing your shopping receipts with Amazon via their Amazon Shopper Panel, plus more for answering their surveys.

We’ll explore how the Shopper Panel works and what it means for you.

What is the Amazon Shopper Panel?

Amazon offers the opportunity to join the Shopper Panel to a limited number of its customers.

Their goal is to collect data from customers about their shopping habits, which Amazon will then use to help their sellers target their advertising campaigns and sales listings.

If Amazon selects you, you will receive an invitation to join the Panel.

The program is voluntary, and you can choose to accept or decline to participate.

If you wish to join the Panel, download the Shopper Panel app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You can then upload, or email Amazon, ten receipts each month from any retail store.

For each month that you send in 10 or more receipts, Amazon will give you $10 of Amazon credit.

They will also send occasional short surveys which you can choose to answer for extra rewards.

How Does the Amazon Shopper Panel Work?

Being a part of the Amazon Shopper Panel takes very minimal time and work – once you are accepted.

Since the Panel is by-invitation-only, you’ll only be able to join if they sent you an invitation.

If you’re interested in joining, you can download the app and wait for an invitation.

Once you’ve been invited and have downloaded the app, you’re ready to begin.

Take photos of ten or more receipts from eligible stores each month and upload them to the app.

You can also email photos of your receipts to [email protected].

Make sure that you email the photos from the same email address associated with your Amazon account so that you’ll receive the credit.

Amazon will review the receipts, usually within six hours, and update their eligibility status.

If the receipt is not eligible, it will be indicated and won’t receive a reward for it.

Receipts older than 30 days, utility bills, tuition receipts, and other categories are not valid for the program.

Check on the status of the receipts after you upload them to make sure that they are all eligible.

For every ten eligible receipts you send each month, you will earn a $10 Amazon credit.

You can send additional receipts, but you won’t earn more for them, nor will they carry over to the next month.

Your rewards can be used to shop on Amazon, or you can donate them to a charitable organization from their list.

Amazon will delete any confidential information from the receipts, such as prescription information, and will only share the data it collects anonymously with its sellers, as per their privacy notice.

You may also delete a receipt from the previous months if you don’t want to keep it up there.

However, don’t delete the receipt before the month is up or it won’t count toward your target of ten receipts a month.

As a member of the Shopper Panel, you can also participate in short surveys and earn additional rewards.

You do not have to answer the surveys if you choose not to, and can stop participating in the program at any time.

Who Can Join the Amazon Shopper Panel?

The Panel is invitation-only, and you can only join if Amazon has sent you an invitation.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a smartphone with an Amazon Shopper panel on the screen

Amazon Customers

To receive an invitation to join, you’ll need to be an Amazon customer.

However, the Shopper Panel is only available in select countries.

Currently, you need to live in the US or the UK to participate in the program.

Invitation Only

Although the program is invitation-only, you can download the app, sign up with your Amazon account, and join the waitlist.

Once you’re on the waitlist, you can wait for your invitation to join the Panel.

What do Amazon Shopper Panel Participants Do?

It’s easy to be an Amazon Shopper Panel participant and it takes just a few minutes a month to earn rewards.

The program is voluntary, and you can opt out at any time.

Upload Receipts

As a participant of the Amazon Shopper Panel, you’ll need to take a picture of ten receipts each month and upload them to the app or email them to the Amazon panel.

Most retail receipts from within the past 30 days are eligible for the program, except for Amazon stores and specific categories.

The receipts can be for any amount and any product.

Take Surveys

Amazon will also send Panel participants short surveys to answer for extra rewards.

The surveys usually contain just a few questions and shouldn’t take more than a minute to answer.

Sample questions include what products you may have bought, items you would buy, and specific brands you would be interested in.

The amount you can earn from each survey varies.

You’ll be able to view the reward amount before taking the survey.

What Rewards do you get from the Amazon Shopper Panel?

Amazon offers its participants rewards for uploading 10 receipts a month and for answering survey questions.

$10 Month

Earn up to $10 a month for uploading 10 receipts, plus additional rewards for taking surveys.

The monthly reward will appear as a credit on your Amazon account.

You can redeem the credit in your Amazon shopping cart for purchases made on the site, for Amazon music, pay for your Prime membership, or donate it to a charitable organization from Amazon’s list.

You may also choose to save it on your account for future use.

How to Join the Amazon Shopper Panel

You’ll need to be invited by Amazon to join the Shopper Panel, but you can increase your chances of getting an invitation.

Download the Amazon Shopper Panel app from the Apple store or the Google Play Store.

Sign in to your Amazon account and join the waitlist.

How to Join the Waitlist

Download the app and log in to your Amazon account.

Check if there are open slots for the Shopper Panel in your area.

If not, you can join the waitlist.

Amazon Shopper Panel FAQs

Many shoppers are interested in joining the Amazon Shopper Panel but have some questions.

We’ll try to answer the most commonly asked queries.

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Worth It?

While you won’t earn big bucks on the Shopper Panel, you also won’t spend too much time or effort on it.

For just a few minutes a month and minimal effort, you can reap $120 a year in Amazon credit.

We think that’s worth it!

What Kinds of Receipts Does Amazon Shopper Panel Accept?

Amazon Shopper Panel accepts receipts for any products and any amounts from most stores, entertainment venues, and restaurants that meet Amazon’s conditions.

Amazon doesn’t accept the following receipts for the Shopper Panel rewards:

  • Receipts older than 30 days
  • Handwritten receipts
  • Receipts from Amazon stores such as Whole Foods, Amazon Four Star, Amazon Go, and Amazon Books
  • Utility and medical bill receipts
  • Childcare, tuition, housing, gambling, and legal services receipts
  • Receipts from outside the participating country
  • Receipts in any language other than English

When do you get Rewards?

Amazon issues its rewards each month for the previous month.

For example, you’ll get your rewards for January at the beginning of February.

You must submit the receipts before midnight on the last day of the month.

Any receipts submitted after the last day will count toward the new month’s total.

Which Charities can you Choose From?

You may choose to send the reward you earned to a charity from Amazon’s list.

The charities include:

  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Red Cross
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Feeding America
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund
  • United Negro College Fund

You may change your preference each month and select different organizations.

Check the Amazon Shopper Panel app for changes or to see if they added new charities to the list.

You may also choose to use some months’ rewards as an Amazon credit and donate others to charity.

You may change your selection at any time.

How Many Surveys will you Receive Each Month?

The number of surveys the Amazon Shopper Panel sends each month varies.

The surveys are short and only a few questions each, often multiple-choice questions.

You can view the surveys from the Survey button on the home screen.

You’ll also receive notifications when the surveys become available and can choose to push them to your phone to receive alerts.

In Summary

The Amazon Shopper Panel offers participants monthly rewards for copies of their shopping receipts and answering shopping survey questions.

They will use the information to help target Amazon ads and marketing.

You can earn over $120 a year in Amazon credit for just a few minutes of your time.

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