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Apeman C450 Dash Cam Review: [year] Buyers Guide

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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apeman c450 review

The Apeman C450 may be your solution if you are on a budget and looking for an economic dashboard camera.

It can capture a very smooth and detailed video with its 1080p HD resolution despite the $50 price. It won’t cause you any problems during your travel with its ease of use although it seems substandard with its user manual. 

For the rest, read on and decide for yourself. We tried and tested the Apeman c450 in every possible way. Our findings are below:

About Apeman c450

Best Bang For The Buck

The Apeman C450 is the ultimate low-cost dashcam. 

It will provide the user with a decent video quality during the day, while it gets a bit blurry during the night. 

In such situations, you can’t expect it to bring you what you would generally need, like reading license plates.

A big difference between this device and other dashcams from a similar price-tag is the availability of basic camera features. 

Yet, extra GPS services and companion applications are not included. If you are looking for a tool that does its job, you may still look for this camera.

Adequate Sizing

Among other advantages it brings is its small size and lightweight enabling you to carry it wherever you want.  

Its package also includes two suction cups for the dashboard and window. Yet again, setting up the Apeman C450 dashcam will be an easy job to do. 

The camera also features two power codes. 

The first sticks into a USB port of modern-age vehicles, while the other one suits in cigarette lighters. 

Although with a small size, this dashcam has a screen on which you’ll be able to see the footage. It brings decent video with some extra options thus many find it pretty cost-effective at this price tag.


The capacity of its memory card is 32GB at its largest. 

Yet, the manufacturer advises the use of ten Micro SD cards which don’t come in the package. 

Some will find the need to reformat the card every two weeks as a disadvantage.

Some pretty basic dashcam features such as date/time tag, auto turning on or off, and loop recording are a part of this package. 

The absence of a lock file button may be a bit frustrating for some users. 

This doesn’t mean that an important video which you would like to save may become overwritten. 

The producer solved this issue by programming the camera recording in loops. The continuous recording goes in three, five, or ten-minute loops. 

For example, if you set it on five-minute loops and record for thirty minutes (hypothetical) this means your whole recording will be in six parts. 

When the memory reaches its end, it will return overwriting the first five-minute video.

G-Sensor and Parking Mode

What is very important for users is the presence of a parking mode that is impact-triggered. 

You’ll need an internal battery to power it. 

It would be better to hard-wire it for the parking mode since the battery can’t hold enough charge to operate for a long period of time.

The package doesn’t include other features such as Wi-Fi or GPS. Another shortcoming is the pretty basic user manual which is not well translated from Chinese. 

As we may see on other websites, this is a camera with average ratings according to the users. 

Many of the customers praise it for its small size, price, and practicality but don’t like the absence of certain features. Now, let’s see its features, advantages, and disadvantages in detail.

Apeman c450 Review

Many reviews are stating that Apeman C450 is not the best camera available, yet it is still one of the cheapest models in its class. 

Users claim that the picture it provides is not always the best. It will still be possible to have the most critical necessities put in place.

What you’ll find very attractive is its ease of use which is way more straight compared to other dash cams of low price-tag. 

Most of the features can be set according to your needs. 

We refer to resolution, loop-recording, wide dynamic range, exposure, motion detection, audio, etc.


  • 1920×1080 @30FPS Resolution
  • F 1.8 Aperture 
  • 3 inches screen
  • Super Night Vision through WDR/HDR
  • STARVIS sensor
  • 170° diagonal angle of view
  • MOV Video format
  • 12M photo format
  • 124mm x 102mm x 97mm (4.9″ x 4″ x 3.8″) of volume
  • Video with a time and date stamp
  • Mini-USB & HDMI interfaces
  • Internal speaker and microphone
  • Includes an adhesive mount and a suction cup
  • Works with class 10 MicroSD cards up to 32GB
  • Includes parking mode, G-Sensor, auto on/off, and loop recording


  • Good price-tag
  • Suitable size and design
  • Wide-angle of view
  • Decent video quality


  • Doesn’t include Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Battery-powered

Performance Comparison

We came to the conclusion that the Apeman C450A is a decent camera model. 

Yet, the absence of certain features brought us disappointment so we’ll have to admit that it belongs to the average class.

Video Quality

According to certain testings, the recordings brought by the Apeman C450A have not shown to be great. Most of the issues arise in the aspects of clarity, color, or saturation. 

This is the reason why it doesn’t receive very high scores in the reviews. Yet, the video quality is decent in many situations thanks to the WDR format it provides.

Many users are bringing some issues about the appearance of an odd orangish tint on some footage of theApeman C450. Yet, this occasional flaw doesn’t affect the general impression of the dashcam footage. 

What also sometimes appears on the footage is fisheye distortion. 

This one is quite small due to the narrower view angle of 150 degrees.


What can be very disorienting is watching a car going around a bend. 

It is the reason why many users complain about the absence of GPS and Wi-Fi on this camera. 

This camera also shoots at a 1080p resolution. 

Yet, the professional cameraman will agree that it is not only the pixels that matter when it comes to recording quality.

This may sometimes lead to some serious flaws like the inability to detect license plates of cars. This is particular during night-time. 

To get a readable shot of a license plate with the Apeman C450A at night, you almost have to stop behind the car.

Night-time Vision

This becomes a problem because the resolution of the camera gets worse during the night. In low-light conditions, the contrast between the bright street lights and dark skies may become more problematic. 

Yet, we don’t expect such situations to occur very often.

As a rule, we expect full low-light conditions during the night. Yet, occasional drastic change in lighting happens very often. 

We are lucky that the camera setting will adjust when a sudden bright light washes out the recording image. 

What you have to expect is that the image won’t be visible in detail when you approach a car from behind. 

Yet, the image tends to improve very soon.

Video Capture

We can sum up that theApeman C450 offers a quite basic video package. 

It starts recording straight after you turn your engine on which is like all other models we have tested before. Its G-sensor is powerful in crash detection and this is also emphasized in many reviews of this device.

Whenever the Apeman C450 receives a signal about a crash, it will protect the important clip from overwriting. 

The length of those clips can be set to three, five, or ten minutes. 

This feature is quite better in comparison to the competitors which have only three-minute-long options.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Apeman is the absence of a Wi-Fi connection. This means it is impossible to connect it with your phone and send clips.


The screen of the Apeman dashcam is particularly large. 

It has a three-inch screen with three buttons turned on the side of the camera. It serves for changing settings and navigating menus. 

When it comes to managing and viewing footage along with changing the camera presets, this setup leads to a pleasant user experience.

Visual Footprint

Although this is not quite a stealthy camera, its visual presence is not that visible. 

When you look at its design, you get the hint to place it behind the rearview mirror. Our opinion is that many people won’t have an issue with the conspicuousness of the Apeman C450. 

Yet, we are sure that there are stealthier options although with a higher price-tag.

There is a plus here as the rearview mirror will block most of the quite large suction cup mount from being visible. 

This also adds up to a decrease in the possibility of theft which is a great worry for many dashcam owners. 

It is pretty difficult that the Apeman will distract or annoy you during driving.

Of course, the picture taking option is also available, as in any other decent dashcam device.


Will the dash cam continue working after I turn my vehicle off?

The camera will continue to work even when you turn your car off if you plug your cigarette lighter as a constant charger. 

During this time, our recommendation is to press the power button to turn the recorder off after you switch the car off.

This is also related to your car’s DC outlet. In some cars, the power outlets are still on when you switch the car off.

It is quite different from other cars where the power outlets go off with the car itself. 

You should yourself turn off the dashcam by the power button in case the cigarette lighter power is still on when the ignition goes off.

Can I view the video on the dashcam?

The playback mode is always available for your recordings. 

If the video you want to watch is a locked one, a “lock” sign will appear as a hallmark on it.

What should I do if the SD card is full and the machine stops recording?

The first step you take is checking if the loop recording option works. 

If that’s OK, check if your card is Class 10. The capacity must be 32GB or less. Finally, your G-sensor must be of low sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

We must admit that the price-tag of the Apeman C450 is fantastic. 

Yet, most of its performances are average and below. All in all, such a situation makes this camera an excellent product given the attractive cost. 

Our opinion is that it can be a good solution if you aren’t looking for some special features.

If you want more options to consider, check out our massive 2020 guide for the best dash cam.


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