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Aukey Dr02 Review: [year] Buyers Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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As a fellow driver and a person who always respects and follows the road signs and road regulations I sometimes still feel the dangers of driving, although doing everything that the authorities suggest, an accident is still bound to happen due to other reckless drivers. So how are we supposed to make things easier if it does happen?

One of the ways to make your life easier if an accident does happen is to have a dashcam like the Aukey DR02 installed in your car. It could be a great solution, a survey does show that more than 80 percent of people who owned a dashcam said that it offers them peace of mind if they are involved in a traffic road accident, so maybe this could be the solution we are hoping to find. There’s a lot of dash cams on the market today, but today we are going to review the one that really stood out lately: the Aukey Dr 02 dashcam.

The DR02 Basics 

The Aukey Dr 02 is an entry-level dashcam. It’s wedge-shaped and It’s pretty straightforward and easy to install and use. The Aukey dr 02 comes with the basic features of a car camera, it offers a loop recording and a G-sensor, but on the other side, it doesn’t have a lot of extras like Wi-Fi which means you can’t send videos to your smartphone and it also doesn’t have parking mode.

When buying the Aukey dr 02 you could also think about getting the external GPS antenna. It’s sold separately for around $20, but it offers you the possibility to record your location and speed data along with the video. If you are worried about the time and date stamps on the video, it’s included by default on almost every dashboard camera.

Video Quality

The DR02 also offers a great front viewing angle of 170 degrees and a 152 degrees rear view, which is a great feature on a dashboard camera, but the issue that comes with the wide-angle feature is that it adds a notable fish-eye effect to the video. 

Video quality is one of the most important features of any dashboard camera. The DR02 has some struggles with providing finer details, such as license plates on cars that are not in close distance to your car, which might be crucial if you are ever involved in a situation where you need to find the identity of the other driver. Although at first glance the video quality of the dashcam seems very good, it allows you to see clearly in front of your car, all due to the vivid colors it provides.

Daytime video quality of the DR02 is particularly great since it provides 1080p full HD resolution. Besides the issue that sometimes happens with providing details such as license plates, the dashcam creates a very clear image of your daytime driving. One of the arising problems that tend to happen on most dashboard cameras is that on a very bright day when the camera is pointed towards the sun, it has difficulties in providing a very detailed picture. This issue is very common in this type of camera and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Nighttime video quality looks great as well, the DR02 has great resolution and provides good details. It also makes the most out of any light around. It did show some difficulties with details on cars that were moving very fast.

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Features At A Glance

Transferring the data on the DR02 is possible in two ways, by using the SD card and transferring the data to your laptop, or you could use a USB port cable. The USB port cable also acts as a charging source.

As I mentioned earlier the DR02 does come with the G-sensor, it’s very useful because when the G-Sensor detects a crash or something similar it will automatically save the video clip, and make sure the video isn’t overwritten. The clip’s length can be between 3.5 and 10 minutes, which can come in handy if you are trying to save some space on the memory card, or if you like to be sure that the video contains every minute of the footage you need. This feature on the DR02 is better than most of the other models.

An emergency recording is another interesting feature that the DR02 offers. All you have to do is press the emergency button when you want to start recording and press it again when you are done. The video made with the emergency recording is protected from overwriting. You can use this feature if you want to capture something that’s happened on the road or maybe simply a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

The interface of the DR02 is very simple, it has 3 buttons, with 2 of them are used for scrolling up and down the menu and the third one is for selecting the options menu. There’s also the emergency button used for protecting the ongoing footage. The menu is very simple and pretty well-designed, making it easier to manage footage and changing settings. The only thing that might make u feel annoyed is the small 1.5-inch screen, it tends to make using the display a little more difficult. 

Another feature that isn’t supported by the DR02 is the parking mode, but if there’s a will there’s a way. You can go around this issue by selecting the time-lapse or motion detection mode option in the menu, you will have to do this manually every time you want to leave or enter surveillance mode. Also, you will have to hard-wire the camera to the car battery, this way it will keep working while your car engine is off.

The DR02 does not include a memory card, but it supports SD cards up to 128 gigabytes capacity. A 128 gigabyte SD card will let you record over 23 hours of video material before the loop recording happens.

A little feature that is important with dashboard cameras is the heat resistance, and the DR02 has a high maximum operating temperature. According to the manufacturer, the DR02 can withstand 75°C or 167°F which is great for an entry-level dashboard camera.

I found the visual of the DR02 interesting, it’s uniquely curved body allows it to most of its frame into the slope of the windshield. The body is fully made of plastic, it might not seem as high quality or solid as some of its competitors, but when asked it does the job. It’s 3’’x 2’’ dimensions makes it perfect for people who find it annoying seeing objects in their periphery while driving.

Along with the DR02 comes the user manual, which is just 7 pages long per language, and it comes with a variety of languages:  English, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and French.

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  • Its size. It doesn’t get in your line of sight and it just slopes into the windshield.
  • The DR02 provides a lot of interesting features, which is rare for an entry-level dashboard camera.
  • The video quality is very impressive for a dashboard camera in this price range.


  • The bulky cables. The bulky cables can cause some difficulties while installing the camera.
  • The only video quality problem I stumbled upon was showing off details on fast-moving cars. This might be an issue when you are trying to get the license plate of a fast-moving car.
  • The camera could not start in extremely cold weather.


How long can the Aukey DR02 record for?

The hours the Aukey DR02 can record for depends on the size of your SD memory card. The estimated hours are the following. If you own a 128GB micro-SD card the DR02 can continuously record for 20 hours. On a 64GB micro SD-card, it’s around 10 hours and on a 16GB micro-SD card, the footage is around 4 to 5 hours. These times can only vary depending on the ambient light and other factors.

Is the Aukey DR02 easy to dismount?

Yes, you can dismount the DR02 quite easily. You can dismount it within seconds, all you have to do is unplug the power cable and instantly unclip the dashboard camera from the mount.

How is the Aukey DR02 powered?

The Aukey DR02 is powered by a standard car socket 12/24 V via the included dual-port USB car charger. The dual-port USB car charger comes with the package along with a USB Mini-B Power Cable.


In conclusion, the Aukey DR02 seems impressive at first sight, and not just on the first sight, it’s simplicity, size, and promising features makes it a great dashboard camera. You also won’t be disappointed with the video quality, which might be crucial when dealing with your insurance company. In other words, the Aukey DR02 is one of the best cameras in its price range you can purchase on the market.

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