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7 Of The Best Austin Driving Schools: Why You Should Consider Each

Learn all about Austin driving schools, which help teach important driving skills, without the added pressure of in-class learning.

Driving school is a helpful tool and sometimes a necessary resource.

If you’re not a confident driver, attending a driving school can help build that confidence and make you more comfortable behind the wheel.

Checking out one of the many Austin driving schools might feel intimidating, but there’s no need to feel flustered.

With proper consideration, you can easily decide which Austin driving school is best for you and move forward with glad anticipation.

1. Austin Driving School

A screenshot of the Austin driving school homepage

Austin Driving School is an excellent place to start or continue your driving education.

With highly trained instructors who are dedicated to helping you learn, and online driver education available, Austin Driving School works for drivers of all ages.

Why Choose Austin Driving School?

At Austin Driving School, there is no age discrimination.

They offer training for teenagers who are interested in getting their license for the first time, and they work with adults over the age of 18 who want to improve their driving skills and increase confidence.

Austin Driving School is a place where drivers can feel safe and accepted.

Austin Driving School is an ideal choice with a stellar fleet and passionate instructors.

Classes Offered at Austin Driving School

The classes at Austin Driving School take place online, which creates a convenient situation for anyone unable to leave their home.

That means that adults with children or remote responsibilities can learn to drive from the comfort of their living room.

Austin Driving School offers teen classes for young drivers, including the DPS road test.

The school also works with adults who want to learn basic drivers education and defensive driving.

There’s even a parent-taught option for those interested.

Austin Driving School Prices

The prices for Austin Driving School vary by class.

Ranging from $59.99, $75, $155, and $455, the amount you pay will depend significantly on the type of class you decide to take.

2. Aceable

A screenshot of the aceable homepage

Aceable is the Texas driver’s ed choice for any and all driving students.

With classes 100% online, you can learn how to drive on your own time and at your own pace.

And with lots of fun, interactive videos, and stories, you’ll never feel bored while you’re working with Aceable.

Why Choose Aceable?

Aceable is an excellent convenient choice for the busy mom or the struggling teenager who can’t seem to find time to get out the door to attend driving school.

Since classes are completely online, there’s no need ever leave your house until it’s time to test and get your license.

Training with Aceable is also incredibly fun.

Known for its engaging activities and fast-paced environment, you spend needless hours staring at the screen as slideshows bore you to death.

Best of all, Aceable allows a completely legitimate test that you can take online through the app.

This will allow you to expedite the process and get your license even faster.

Classes Offered at Aceable

Aceable offers a variety of classes, including:

  • Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Adult Drivers Ed
  • Texas Instructor-Taught Drivers Ed
  • Texas Defensive Driving

Each class focuses heavily on creating a fun and convenient learning experience for teens and adults alike.

Aceable Prices

Prices for Aceable can vary depending on what class you want to take.

For example, Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed costs about $115, whereas Texas Instructor-Taught Drivers Ed costs about $134.

Texas Adult Drivers Ed only costs $68.

3. Easy Street Driving School

Drivers’ training courses from Easy Street Driving School will help prepare you to get on the road with ease and confidence.

You don’t have to worry about driving the busy streets of Austin, Texas any longer.

Why Choose Easy Street Driving School?

Easy Street Driving School team is fun to work with, understanding, and empathetic to every situation.

This is especially helpful for adult drivers who might feel ashamed for their late introduction to driving.

Training at Easy Street Driving School means you’re getting the attention of the best driving school in all of Austin.

Classes Offered at Easy Street

The school offers a range of classes, including comprehensive drivers education packages that include several helpful items you can’t get anywhere else.

Beyond the driver’s ed classes that the driving school offers, they also help students take written exams and pass the road skills test to ensure that they are road-ready and confident behind the wheel.

Easy Street Prices

Each course package is priced differently depending on the amount of work it contains.

However, all packages at Easy Street Driving School are reasonable and affordable.

No one is left in the lurch or clamoring to make ends meet.

4. ABC Driving School

A screenshot of the ABC driving school homepage

ABC Driving School in Austin is one of the best driving schools in the area.

With classes available at all times, there’s no need to rearrange your schedule when you need to get into class soon.

Why Choose ABC Driving School?

ABC Driving School is a fantastic place to learn the basics of road safety.

As a fully licensed and insured organization, the team at ABC takes safety and compliance seriously.

They take no chances with human life and offer training to assist you in real-life situations.

Because classes are available at all times, ABC Driving School is the perfect place for busy parents or professionals who don’t have lots of free time.

Classes Offered at ABC Driving School

ABC Driving School offers many different classes, giving you a nice selection to choose from.

You can take a parent-taught teen course, you can learn defensive driving, or you can take an adult course.

There’s also a service in Spanish, making the school better equipped to serve the Latin American community in Austin.

ABC Driving School Prices

The prices at ABC Driving School are reasonable and affordable.

Each package is priced slightly differently, but they are all geared toward providing an effective service that is reasonable and attainable.

5. Travis Driving School

A screenshot of the travis homepage

At Travis Driving School, you can receive personalized attention from professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in adult driving school.

Working with Travis Driving School, students are exposed to excellent care and gentle correction, all geared at making them the best drivers on the road.

Why Choose Travis Driving School?

The Texas Driving School offers online courses and an authorized road test from the Department of Public Safety.

This makes it one of the premier driving schools in Austin.

The school boasts a unique approach that makes for efficient class time and excellent road awareness.

Classes Offered at Travis Driving School

Adults and teens can take classes online for driver’s education.

There is also a defensive driving class for traffic ticket dismissal or insurance discounts.

Travis Driving School Prices

The price for each class varies, although all prices are highly affordable for the amount of service you’re receiving.

The defensive driving class is only $25, while the online driver’s ed for teens is $79.

6. Funny Bone Defensive Driving

A screenshot of the funny bone school homepage

Funny Bone Defensive Driving may not sound like the type of place you’d want to take a driving course from, but they do good work.

One of the premier online academies, Funny Bone Defensive Driving, is a stellar adult driving school option.

Serving the state of Texas for over 20 years, Funny Bone Defensive Driving is a certified driving instructor program that will help you gain confidence and control behind the wheel.

Why Choose Funny Bone Defensive Driving?

The courses at Funny Bone are fast and easy, communicating in a way that’s easy to understand and highly attainable by anyone interested.

All the courses offered at Funny Bone are approved by the State of Texas, making them legitimate no matter where you are.

With customer support seven days a week, you can always have your questions answered by friendly, helpful service.

Taking a driving course from Funny Bone Defensive Driving is simply the smart move.

Classes Offered at Funny Bone Defensive Driving

Funny Bone Defensive Driving offers defensive driving courses through an online platform geared toward drivers of all ages.

Upon completing the course, a certificate is immediately available for you to download and keep in your records.

Funny Bone Defensive Driving Prices

Boasting the lowest price in all of Texas, Funny Bone Defensive Driving only charges $25 for their course.

Such an affordable rate means that anyone can take the course at any time and not feel like it’s costing them an arm and a leg.

7. Austin Moto Academy

A screenshot of the austin moto academy homepage

Austin Moto Academy is a different kind of driving school.

While other driving schools focus on the four-wheeled kind of vehicle, Austin Moto Academy takes a turn and works with those interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Before you roll your eyes, check out the fun classes they offer for drivers of all ages.

Why Choose Austin Moto Academy?

Austin Moto Academy is a great place to learn about motorcycle safety and how to operate the vehicle effectively.

Motorcycles are notoriously dangerous when not handled properly, and this Austin academy is all about getting people trained correctly.

Even if you’ve never touched a motorcycle a day in your life, you’ll find yourself learning at a comfortable level at the Austin Moto Academy.

There’s no rush or pressure; the instructors want you to be comfortable every step of the way.

Classes Offered at Austin Moto Academy

The Basic Rider Class is a motorcycle class for beginners with little to no riding experience.

It focuses on helping new riders gain useful skills, information, and knowledge that can translate easily into their riding endeavors.

The Basic Rider Class meets all Texas requirements, meaning you can get your motorcycle license after successfully completing the course.

By the end of the class, you should expect to feel like a champion straddling your motorcycle.

The Intermediate Class is for experienced riders.

If you’re already fairly sure of yourself on a motorcycle and you want to expand your horizons, then this is the class for you.

Or maybe you need to get your license renewed or a ticket dismissed.

Either way, you’ll find helpful tools in this Intermediate Class.

Austin Moto Academy Prices

Each class is priced differently depending on the amount of work that goes into the course.

And each course is reasonably priced to allow anyone interested in benefiting front the effective driving school instruction of Austin Moto Academy.

Why Go to Driving School?

Driving school is for more than new drivers.

It’s the perfect place to learn how to drive, but it’s also an excellent place to improve your skills and become more confident operating a motor vehicle.

Studies show that proper education helps drivers avoid crashes, which makes attending a driving school particularly important.

Driving school can feel like a chore, especially for an adult.

But many superb benefits come from re-educating yourself.

Pursuing a course at an adult driving school can be a truly rewarding experience, as well as an educational one.

Ultimately, the best reason to go to driving school is to better yourself.

Even if it’s required for you to get a ticket cleared, you can still learn a lot and grow as an individual in an adult driving school class.

As long as you’re willing to have a good attitude and give it your best, there’s no reason why driving school can’t be a fun time.

vector graphic showing a person learning to drive at one of austin driving schools

1. Get Your License

The primary reason you might go to driving school is to get your driver’s license.

If you’ve never taken driver’s education or applied for a learner’s permit, then driving school may be necessary for you to get your driver’s license.

Having a driver’s license makes life more convenient, as you don’t have to depend on other people to get you where you need to go.

When you want to go out, you simply go out.

When one of your friends needs a ride, you can be the one to offer it to them.

Even if you’re in your 40s and you’ve never gotten a driver’s license, you can still attend adult driving school to get that squared away.

There’s no shame in the late bloomers out there, and you should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative.

Getting your driver’s license is one of the best reasons to attend driving school in the United States.

With the right driving lessons, you’ll be an experienced driver in no time.

And before you know it, you’ll be encouraging your friends to go to adult driving school as well.

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2. Defensive Driving

Another reason to attend driving lessons is to learn defensive driving, an extremely important skill to learn – especially for young drivers who are new behind the wheel.

Learning defensive driving will help reduce the chances of crashes and bad accidents.

Defensive driving is taught at traffic school to help young and inexperienced drivers better control their vehicles.

By teaching young drivers to anticipate situations and make safe, informed decisions, the odds of a bad accident go down dramatically.

A defensive driving school could help you handle stressful situations better.

It teaches you to keep an even head and think clearly when things get tough.

3. Adult Driving Education

Adult driving education, practicing driving, is another reason to attend driving school.

Even though most adults go through driver’s ed in high school, several people don’t get their driver’s license until later in life.

Adult driving education can teach adults how to properly handle a vehicle in quick, effective measures.

It doesn’t always take as long as educating new, young drivers.

And it often happens with other adults as well.

The environment of learning and camaraderie makes adult driving education a fun experience with lifelong benefits.

4. CDL

If you’re interested in getting your Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, you’ll have to attend a special driving school.

Under the supervision of a driving instructor, you’ll learn the difficulties of handling specialized vehicles that are usually quite large.

Driving school for CDL applicants is required before they can earn their license.

This is in the interest of public safety and the safety of the individual applying for the license.

Operating a standard motor vehicle can be difficult enough.

Commercial vehicles require even more precision and understanding.

Wrapping Up

Driving school does not have to be a chore or a waste of time.

If you find the right courses to take, you can get through them quickly and cheaply.

And who knows, you might even have fun and make some lifelong driving friends in the process.

When you’re ready to take your classes, make sure you check out one of these Austin driving schools.

They’re reasonably priced, offer a variety of courses, and are all led by trained professionals who take their jobs seriously.

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