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BEGODE EXN HS Review: The High Speed EUC of Choice?

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image of Begode EX.N HS

Begode doesn’t play when it comes to manufacturing feature-packed electric unicycles. 

One of the top-notch EUCs I have ever ridden so far is the all-so-good Begode EX.N HS (Begode EXN High Speed) and for reasons I will be mentioning in a few. 

When I was looking for a new EUC to purchase, I was interested in one that could hit a top range of at least 100 miles, and thankfully, I found the EX.N HS when it had just hit my nearest retailer – Rev Rides. 

After riding this specific model for close to 500 miles, I have now decided to come up with my unbiased Begode EXN HS review. 

While this ride won’t be as feature-packed as the Oh So Greatest Begode Monster Pro, it comes somewhat near, but at a much more affordable price. 

Nevertheless, let’s dive right in and look into whether the EXN HS will meet your needs ot not. 

Begode EXN HS Specs

Our Tested Top Speed48.7 mph
Our Tested Top Range123 miles
Motor2800W nominal power
Battery100V 2700Wh
Hill climbing ability25°
Weight 73 lbs (Net)
Weight Limit290 lbs

Our Full Begode EX.N HS Review

Begode EXN HS Top Speed

To begin with, the top speed you will record while riding a EUC depends on different factors.

These include your weight, the kind of terrain you are passing in, the battery voltage, the general condition of the electric unicycle, and lastly, your experience.

Since I have been riding EUCs for 3 years now, I am an expert and you may not necessarily record what I did if you are a newbie.

With that out of the way, I recorded a top speed of 48.7mph on my GPS speed tracker and I weigh 189 lbs.

A lighter, more experienced rider would have actually hit more than 50 miles per hour.

After all, this EUC is rated to hit a top speed of 65mph.

Begode EX.N HS top range

With a full battery and on a smooth tarmacked surface, I hit a top range of 123 miles before the battery ran out of juice. 

Again, the top range you will record depends on factors such as the battery voltage, your weight, riding conditions, and the health status of your EUC in general. 


If you love versatility, then Begode EXN HS might be the EUC made just for you.

As you purchase it, you can choose between two battery versions; LG M50T 100v 21700 cells or a Samsung 50G 100V 21700 cells.

As you are perhaps aware, both LG and Samsung are two reliable Lithium battery manufacturers and going for any brand is a perfect choice.

To be clear, I own the device featuring the LG M50T battery, but I have only heard good thing about the Samsung battery version from my fellow group riders. 

Further, the Begode EXN HS comes with 3 battery packs (900Wh each), which is why we say the battery is 100V 2700W.

If you would like something more beefier, though, their Monster Pro model features 4 battery packs (100V 3600 battery). 


This electric unicycle features a 2700W nominal-power hollow motor.

With the ability to produce a peak output power of more than 2700W, you can understand why the Begode EXN HS can hit top speeds of above 50mph. 

Ideally, if an experienced teenager were to ride such a EUC with this nominal power, you can easily agree that hitting 60mph would be a child’s play. 

Begode EXN HS Review: Features


Unless you are a big dawg, it’s hard to describe the Begode EX.N HS electric unicycle as portable. 

With a whopping net weight of 73 lbs and 84 lbs gross weight, the Begode EXN HS is a relatively heavy ride. 

Nonetheless, it would be ridiculous to think that you will ever need to lift this EUC and keep it inside your car’s trunk owing to running out of voltage.

The battery is massive enough to help you hit more than 100 miles. 


image of Begode EXN HS Headlight

Bright lights are crucial for your safety, that of other road users, and your ride in general. 

The Begode Gotway EXN HS electric unicycle features one of the most massive headlight in the EUC and for a great reason. 

Unlike the Monster Pro we mentioned above that comes with dual headlights, the EXN HS only comes with a single 1500lm headlight.

This EUC also features a 1500lm rear light, making bright visibility possible. 


As far as mad fun goes in the EUC sphere, Bluetooth speakers should be a standard requirement. 

The Gotway Begode EX.N HS comes with dual 25W speakers with Bluetooth playback.

With these, you can rest assured that you can rock the day during the group rides by just connecting your phone to the engulfed BT speakers. 


Customizing a EUC to fit your taste and preference is of the utmost essence and Begode seems to have clearly understood this assignment. 

With the EX.N HS model, you can easily and perfectly add a seat to add to your comfort list and keep going.

After all, it’s a tedious affair to ride for more than 100 miles while standing. 

Again, unlike most EUC models, this specific ride offers the owner the ability to change their tire choice and use one that fits their needs.

Two of the great tires that fit this model are the Kenda 340A and Begode CST-186. 


The Begode EXN HS comes with a GX 16-5 charging port.

With this one, you can expect to fully charge your device within 9 hours.

I would honestly have been happier if this ride featured dual charging ports, just as is the case with its senior sibling – Monster Pro. 

Like most high-spec Begode Gotway models, the EX.N HS comes with a standard 3A 100V charger.


Yours and your ride’s safety matters big time and Gotway Begode seems to have scored well here. 

This model features a ton of alarms to always keep the rider informed and alerted.

While riding on an incline (45° from left to right or when the wheel leans 35° backward or forward), the incline alarm automatically switches off to alert the rider that they are protected. 

Another alarm that beeps twice per second while riding is when the battery has a low voltage and the EUC is riding at a speed of 5mph. 

When there is a low voltage but the EUC goes faster than 4.3 mph, there are 2 beeps in 2 seconds to also alert the rider. 

When the motor reaches its 75% output, the EUC beeps 5 times per second to let the rider be in the know. 

Since this EUC has tons of alarms, it would be worth it if you go through the manual and get familiar with all of these. 

Mobile APP

Begode has a mobile phone APP tailored explicitly for making your ride more updated and up to your satisfaction. 

With this App, you can upgrade your ride’s firmware, connect with other Monster Pro owners, and select your preferred pedal calibration and the riding mode. 

Other critical functions of this app include:

  • Displaying the battery voltage, charge, and internal temperature
  • Configuring the front and rear RGB LEDs
  • Configuring the safety warning system. 

You can find the Begode Mobile App here.


image of Begode EXN HS Display

Most EUCs have the anti-spin function and the EXN HS isn’t an exception.

This means that whenever you hold the handle, the motor suddenly stops. 

That is a crucial feature as someone who isn’t knowledgeable about the device stays safe from getting hurt.

Again, the EUC is safe from damage that way. 


When the pedals are folded, this EUC measures 510 X 250 x 585mm.

With unfolded pedals, it measures 510X 460 X 585mm. 

The pedals are massive enough (13.1 inches), which provides adults of different sizes the comfort they rightfully deserve. 


As one of the most versatile electric unicycles, the EX.N HS comes with 19 to 20 X 3-inch tires.

Ideally, you can select from either Street K340A or the off-road K262 type. 

Recently, Rev Rides started shipping the EX.N HS with CST hybrid tires, which is essentially an upgrade to offer more tire choices. 

Some Begode EXN HS tips we find useful

For the time I have owned Begode EX.N and connected with fellow owners, I would like to share with you some tips you may find handy: 

  • Part of the EUC maintenance is to ensure that the screws are properly tightened. As such, it’s important to blue loctite some of the screws to always keep them tight.
  • This EUC is NOT waterproof. Its water-resistant rating won’t perfectly allow you to ride in the rain or in water conditions. If you ever think that you will ever be caught up in the rain, make sure that you seal it up with a silicone sealant. Again, you can find a EUC shop near you to help you drill a hole at the bottom of the shell, which will be useful to drain any water.

Begode EXN HS Pros

  • One of the most competitively priced EUCs
  • Excellent for both on-road and offroad terrains
  • Great range and excellent top speed
  • No cut-outs issues
  • One of the most versatile devices (think of the ability to add a seat and also features an APP to offer different solutions).


  • Currently not IP-rated
  • Heavy, especially for those who have to lift it in staircases. 

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