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Best 2 Channel Dash Cam For [year]

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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Best 2 Channel Dash Cam For 2020

We can name the combination of front and rear dash cam setup as dual-channel dashcam or dual-lens dashcam. Yet the “dual dash cam” version is the best. “Dual” means there are two cameras set in one system i.e. two-channel dashcam.

For these purposes, we compiled a list of the best 2 channel dash cam for this year. These combined dashcams contain all the features you would like to have in a high-end dash cam model. Among those features are the night-vision, 4K and 1080p video-quality, GPS, cloud storage, and Wi-Fi connection.

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5 Best Two Channel Dash Cams

Rexing V1LG Dual Dash Cam

The Rexing V1LG is recording at 1080p at 30 frames per second, setting a norm for these types of cameras. It offers a panoramic view with the front camera capturing 170 degrees and the rear camera with 140 degrees. 

Among its extra features are collision detection and loop recording. It is quite light in weight and has a discreet design preventing detection by thieves.

The device can stand on the top of the windshield and hide behind the rearview mirror. It will widen the driver’s view as much as possible. You can adjust both the front and back camera lenses. This allows for more flexibility in the installation process and setup of the device.

The leading features of this camera are pretty like other cameras in this category. The installation is pretty easy, providing an extraordinary quality of the video. The interface is easy to use, containing a small image viewer to see recording footage while the vehicle is in motion.

This mode has an extra computer software able to track the route. It does it with the usage of Google Maps for extra verification. This is like many other camera models.

Unlike many other models which are 5 Volt USB based, the Rexing V1LG is a camera running on 12 Volts. This is a major plus. It allows connection to almost every source in the car without a necessity for an adapter.


  • It has a discreet design making V1LG your personal tool. 
  • Dual-channel HD recording & WDR – the front camera enables videos with 1080p and @30FPS and it does this well in low-light situations.
  • HD REAR CAMERA making records in 720p @ 30fps, giving a good vision of both sides of the road.
  • INTEGRATED GPS which keeps track of time, location, date, and speed.
  • LOOP RECORDING: new recordings will immediately overwrite older ones when the storage limit is full.
  • Supports MicroSD cards (up to 256GB); UHS-I/Class 10 or higher.
  • G-SENSOR with an ability to identify a collision and lock the actual video so you can use it when you need it.


  • Stealth design with a wedge layout
  • Integrated GPS
  • 310 degrees panoramic view of both cameras
  • MicroSD capacity of 256GB


  • Worse quality of the rear cam 720 degrees
  • Not powered by a capacitor but a battery

It lacks some characteristics which are pretty usual in other camera models. Some of them are the motion detector which is crucial in Parking Mode. The anti-glare feature is also not included. 

We hold these features as important even though they vary among different users. The Rexing V1LG will be a solid solution for you if you find these features unimportant. This is relevant if you find them irrelevant in comparison to the video quality, the weight, or the size of the unit.

AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

Among all the models we mentioned, the AUKEY Dual Dash Cam stands out. You can buy it online for only 140 bucks which is an excellent price point. Although the second cheapest camera, it will yet manage to deliver a decent quality for its users. It is a camera recording in 1080p quality, having an extra option to record voices inside the car. Not to mention that it also operates at night. 

To view the live footage while still in the vehicle, you may use the preview feature of the dashcam. It has an excellent angle coverage with 170 degrees of a front angle view and 152 degrees with the rear camera. This means it can cover six traffic lanes at the same time. If you opt to buy a higher-end dashcam in comparison to this one, the ability to perform in extreme temperatures will be your biggest motivation.


According to its producer, this device can operate on a temperature range between -22 and -167 Fahrenheit. It has a particularly longer lifetime than cameras with regular batteries. The manufacturer will provide you with a 2 years service warranty. This applies to all their products.



  • Captures Clear Video Recordings – here is a complete dual-dash camera system. It will back you up at any road accident. Utilizes Sony Exmor Sensors in both cameras.
  • View in All Six Lanes – it will give you what other lenses can’t. Peripheral action may be crucial. Panoramic view offering 170+152 degrees of coverage. 
  • Emergency Recording – this is what captures unexpected incidents and protects your recordings.
  • Loop Recording provides continuous use writing over old footage. 
  • Operating on Extreme Temperatures – working with a supercapacitor for greater heat & cold endurance (-30°C – 75°C / -22°F – 167°F).
  • Also included in the Package: Dual-Port USB Car Charger, USB Mini-B Cable, Two Sticker Mounts, Six 3M Stickers, Six Cable Clips, and a User Manual.


  • Discrete/sleek all-black stealth layout
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Sony Exmor Sensor on both cameras
  • Powered by a capacitor


  • Lack of remote Wi-Fi connectivity

We can mention many benefits that this unit may bring you. Among them is its weight, which allows you mobility and simple installation. Its tiny size makes the unit difficult to detect so you can be secure when it comes to thieves. Yet, the limited night vision is one large drawback. It is not different from many other cameras affected by poor lighting.

The inability to connect with a cellular phone is also a serious shortcoming. A way to connect it to a PC is by using an SD card. Yet, mobile support is not an option. Some users may find the rear extension to be short. 

This depends on the vehicle it gets installed in, but in most situations, it proves to work fine. This is a great option for a small dual dashcam which gives a quality image and doesn’t need much effort for setup.

Blackvue DR750S-2CH Dash Cam

We have a cutting-edge model here which brings excellent video quality. It is a feature resembling more expensive dual models while it has some extravagant features that are not present in economic models. It has outstanding proximity sensors effective at the front and rear cameras. They allow the vehicle to stay safe in parking mode by guarding it without anyone inside. 

Some of the users may find the lack of a display on the device an important shortcoming. The users who like watching the captured footage while they drive may find this unacceptable. Yet, such an option makes the camera size larger and more noticeable. 

Having no integrated display will allow the camera size to be smaller. This will make it fit into smaller and more discrete places. This model won’t bring you 4K videos, but let’s hope this will be the case with future models. 

When it comes to storage, the BlackVue model can work with micro SD cards with 128GB storage. Yet, the package provides a memory card with only 16GB. Buying an extra high-quality memory card is a must since this card won’t provide you with much available storage.

A great advantage is the integrated Wi-Fi connection and cloud storage. Yet, reviews about these features are not unitary. According to some, the Wi-Fi connection is not reliable and works with interruptions. Others claim that the cloud service is not always usable.


  • Dual-channel FHD Recording.
  • BlackVue Over the Cloud provides you with notifications and remote viewing.
  • Capacitor powered – enables operating at 70C/158F.
  • Integrate WiFi and GPS – simple manipulation with the settings and downloading videos on your phone.


  • Designed as an all-black tube shape
  • Utilizes integrated Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Powered by Sony STARVIS image sensors
  • 60 FPS recording which is excellent for capturing license plates


  • Particularly small lens angle (139 degrees)

All in all, the core functions of this camera perform especially well. The front and the back camera will provide excellent visuals for the user. The device is very easy to install and performs with a collision detection feature. The price may be a bit expensive in comparison to other models of this class. Many may find the impermanence of Wi-Fi and cloud storage problematic. Yet, the camera itself is steady and durable.

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo Dual Dash Cam

The popularity of the A129 Duo Pro 4k model dashcam is becoming bigger throughout the years. This one comes after a successful line of economic single dashcams by VIOFO. The A129 follows suit with its stealthy wedge-layout dashcams. 

This long-awaited model provides full 4K image quality on the front camera unit combined with 1080p with the rear camera. It is one of the few dual dashcams that may capture recording in 4K. Both ends of the camera have an extravagant Sony image sensor. Other models use the Sony sensor only for the main camera.

This will help in getting a clear video recording for both front and rear cameras. The main camera can cover an angle of 130 degrees. This is less in comparison to many other dashcams. This still won’t make a problem since you have coverage of the whole field in front of the car.

Regular parking mode features, like impact and motion detection, come with this exquisite model. A hardwire kit to power the dashcam will be necessary to power the dashcam when the engine doesn’t work.

The mount has an integrated GPS. All your videos will have a watermark showing you the speed and geographic coordinates. In case you don’t want to use your GPS, you’ll have the option to disable it.


  • Top-quality Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor on the front camera and Sony IMX 291 sensor on the rear camera. 4K resolution offers amazing video quality – four times better than a regular Full HD recording. 
  • Upgraded Super Night Vision & WDR. Packed with an 8 MP image sensor, it provides a better night-time image than most dashcams. 
  • Buffered Parking Mode – can record events leading up to a detected impact/motion. The car camera will save 15 seconds of video before and 30 seconds after the event. 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi – 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi function in two different standard frequencies. 
  • GPS logger – dash camera can log the current speed and GPS location, and correct the time by synchronizing with the satellite.
  • Premium Features – Emergency Recording, Loop Recording,  Motion Detection, and Time-Lapse.


  • Provides 4K video quality
  • Powered by a capacitor (rather than a battery)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Operates with 8MP Sony image sensor


  • Doesn’t provide the widest angle of view

The integrated Wi-Fi provides useful options. You can connect your A129 Duo Prof with a smartphone or tablet via the Viofo application. The dashcam settings are changeable from your phone. You can also view a live video feed or download videos to show them to others.

All in all, we have an excellent dual dash camera that still maintains a fair price. It can shoot in real 4K. It is quite difficult to find a solid dash cam with Wi-Fi and GPS at this price point.

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dual Dash Cam

Among the few 4K dash cams on our list, this one is the best real 4K dashcam sold on the market. Not to mention that there are many dashcam producers claiming that their models record at 4K, although the quality drops to 2K or even lower. Some of them resize as the video stores itself in the memory card. 

If you want to get a real 4K video, you will need an 8MP image sensor, which is the case with the DR900S. Blackvue has features of cloud storage and remote access. Using the Blackvue App, you can pair the dashcam with an internet connection in the car or a cellular phone.

It comes with an integrated GPS which is not the case with other dashcams. This is why you won’t have to buy any extra GPS module. These addons are not only expensive to buy but will occupy a large space on your windshield.


  • Has a small size and all-black color adding up to its stealth-like appearance. This option makes it less noticeable to thieves. 
  • It can support a microSD up to 256GB.
  • More than 24 hours of recording space for both cameras at mid-quality. Will capture 15 hours of video material in the highest video quality mode.
  • Has an integrated Wi-Fi. It allows access with a cellular device and watching the stored videos. You can also delete files or change settings on the device.
  • You’ll have the ability to view videos from the cloud and communicate wherever your vehicle is.
  • Provides you with the GPS location on a map with the Blackvue Cloud option.


  • True 4K HD Video resolution
  • Usable on both iOS and Android APP’s
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Cloud storage option


  • Intricate price

You may commit some time to the online communities trying to find an answer to the following question “What is the best dash cam”. The answer you will get is that Blackvue DR900S is “the best” dash cam you can find on the market these days. This is the best option if you can afford its higher-end price.

What Is The Best 2 Channel Dash Cam For 2020?

It is probable that you have the impression that every solid dash cam has a sleek design and begins recording a video when a collision occurs. This is generally a characteristic of some cheaper models. When we talk of other models, they definitely have an extraordinary extra technology which makes them act as help systems in driving.

If you somehow get out of your lane, the system will help you get back on track by alerting you. You will also get a notification if a car in front of you sets off. There are some models of dash cams that can even call emergency services by providing your actual GPS location. It can be quite useful if you can’t reply immediately after the crash.

There are also models packed with a second camera keeping track of the view from the rear windscreen. If you have an interest in such models, you may check out separate guides for the best front and rear dash cams.

We are all aware of how fast video technology progresses. The image quality shows rapid improvement. Today we have so many models of dashcams providing 4K image quality. This adds up to the quality of your recordings.

In general, the technology for the production of dash cams is present in some paramount action cameras. This is true for GoPro models, as well. You can find similarities in the features of video resolution, viewing angle, or frame rate. 

Yet, what is missing in the dash cams is the image stabilization. Action cameras have this option while lacking night vision. If you are into some futuristic features, many of these models offer voice control options.

A useful thing to point out is that dash cams are better plugged in for having constant access to the power supply. We are noting that their internal batteries are not of great quality when it comes to battery life.

There are two options to supply your dashcam with power. One way is to plug them into a 12V socket or your car’s USB port. Another option is to leave this job to a professional to do it for you.

The latter method has its advantages for the wires not being visible. As you switch your ignition on or off, the power of the dashcam will switch. This means they will be able to record possible incidents when you are away from the car. It is due to the constant power supply.

Don’t panic if you see these options somehow overwhelming! The best dash cam models are in the list below. By reading the reviews, you will choose which one fits your necessities and budget the best. 

Things to consider when buying a dual dash cam

What is a dual dash camera?

This means we are having two cameras in a single dash camera setup. One of them, the main camera, can stand on your front window connected with a wire. You can also link it with an extra camera standing on the rear window. 

Both of them share a microSD memory card that stores the recorded material. A better option is to have a front-facing camera with a second interior facing camera standing on a mutual camera unit.

Having a dual dash cam setup is always better than separate dash cams

Dual dash cams were not always so popular and cheap as they are today. To get the same effect, people would get a car charger adapter splitter. They used it to plug in two different dash cams for the front and rear of their vehicles. 

This approach was effective, but it needed two separate camera units to supply with powers and two separate microSD cards. With the rise of technology, you can afford an actual two-channel dash camera.

Pick a position to mount your rear dash cam well

Generally speaking, cars and pickup trucks have a similar windshield size and shape. This means the majority of dash cams can mount to almost every windshield. Many users ask the question of how to mount the rear camera as well. 

It might be challenging to get a rear camera mount rotating well to point out to the rear window. It is so in the case when your rear window is almost straight up and down.

One way to find out that it will work with your back window is to contact your seller. Yet, you may have been making an effort to mount the dashcam on the rear window of a truck canopy. As their design is more for cars, most dash cams will not have a long enough wire to reach that far.

Parking Mode

You will always have to double-check the parking mode while making the buy. This is a case although most mid to higher-end dual dash cams will record on the rear camera as well as the front.

Memory storage for a dual dash cam

Most dual dash cam setups work with only one memory card. This one is set up on the main recording device. In this case, you’ll have twice as many video files to store because you are running two cameras at once. 

You may want to consider buying a larger memory card, although the dashcam will have loop recording and write over the oldest files. It depends on how much video material you have for saving. You will be fine with a smaller microSD card if you only want to save videos when there is an incident. 

Looking for 3 cameras in one unit?

The dual dash cam setup is a solution for many uber, Lyft, taxi, and other rideshare drivers. Besides a front and rear camera, some users also prefer having a third camera inside their vehicle. This one will be pointing into their passengers. Yet, we haven’t put any of these on our list.



Why many high-ended dashcams don’t have displays?

Having a display will make the whole design more robust and the unit will become more noticeable. Having no display makes the camera smaller but stealthier. This is important since the dashcam will be in your vehicle and prone to theft.

Why are many high-ended dashcams rather capacitor-based?

Dashcams are often positioned below the windscreen and are prone to work under high temperatures. This can be bad for battery-based dashcams because their power-base gets exhausted or even damaged.

What type of vehicles use dual dashcams?

They are especially useful for Taxi or Uber drivers because they keep recordings of what is happening inside the vehicle. They not only provide the driver with external, but internal safety as well.



As we mentioned, our number one pick for the top dual dash cam in 2020 is the DR900S from Blackvue. It has a stealth-design, quality of the recording, as well as the possibility to observe and transfer the recordings. These features remain its biggest advantage. It is a model that will meet the needs of those users who can afford the pricing.  

Yet, the Rexing V1LG Dual Dash Cam is the best option for budget-oriented buyers. It remains the most economic option with all of its shortcomings. By your needs, you may find some of the remaining models more adequate.


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