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Best Colorado Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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It might be inconvenient but going to traffic school isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you. It’s mainly just incredibly boring. The good news is that you can go to traffic school online in most states. While it might take a few hours of your time, it’s about as painless of a process as you can expect. There are a variety of online traffic schools, but not all are considered valid in every state. So, when choosing the best Colorado online traffic schools for you, make sure that they are approved in your area, so you can have your ticket removed upon course completion.

The Best Colorado Online Traffic Schools

Overall, Colorado traffic school ranks somewhere in the middle of the terrible scale. Like in every state, it will be boring and may feel pointless. However, at the end of the day you may be able to remove a ticket from your record or to reduce points on your license. You may also be able to qualify for a safe driver discount with your insurance company.

There is no shortage of traffic schools available online, but not all of the courses you find will be available in your state. These are the best Colorado online traffic schools, but if you find others you’ll want to be sure that they are approved before you begin any coursework! Otherwise, after a few boring hours, you’ll be done with your course and rid of your ticket!



iDriveSafely is approved by the state of Colorado, for your traffic school defensive driving course. This school is established and has been around for years. So, if you’re looking for a name you can trust this is a great option. Length of time to complete an iDriveSafely course largely depends on your state. Many states only require about 4 hours, though some run longer. Classes are available in text-only (the cheapest option) or in video format. Our iDriveSafely review has even more details about pricing, course specifics, and more.



Aceable offers traffic school via an app. Anywhere your phone or tablet works you should be able to complete your coursework. Many find Aceable as enjoyable as traffic school can be. Classes are also available for online driver’s ed. Aceable classes won’t cost you much, and they are more unique than many schools that offer similar formatting. Aceable is approved in many states, but you’ll want to make sure that they are approved in Colorado. If you’re interested, you can learn more in our Aceable review.


Improv Traffic School

One option that is guaranteed to not be like any other online traffic school is Improv Traffic School. The school was made by the people behind the Improv Comedy Club. The goal was to make a boring subject a little less boring with humor. So far, it seems to be working! Improv Traffic School is affordable, and all of your coursework is online. The course includes a mix of simulations, videos, and reading.  You can do your work at your leisure, so if you need a break your work will be waiting when you get back. Our Improv Traffic School review can give you the rest of the important details. Remember to make sure that Improv Traffic School is an approved Colorado traffic school before you get to work!



GoToTrafficSchool has been operational since 1999. In that time, they have had over 4 million people complete their course! Our GoToTrafficSchool review will give you the finer details about this traffic school. You should know they are fairly priced and they will match any price lower that you find for a similar traffic school course. The class is a mix of videos, driving simulations, and reading. You can use your smartphone browser to do your work or use your computer. GoToTrafficSchool does not currently offer an app.


Colorado Traffic School FAQ

If you’ve made it this far, these probably aren’t the only Colorado online traffic school reviews you’ve looked at. If that’s true, you may even still have some questions. Luckily, the following FAQ answers the most common questions concerning the best Colorado online traffic schools and how defense driving courses work when you take them online.


Is Completing Colorado Traffic School Difficult?

No traffic school is truly difficult. Annoying, tedious, and boring maybe, but not difficult. As long as you go to an approved defensive driving course the class should be over in a matter of hours. Most classes take between 4 and 8 hours. You usually won’t be able to skip ahead, so expect to spend that amount of time. The good thing about online classes though is that if you need a break, you can take as many as you want!


Are These the Best Colorado Online Traffic Schools on the Web?

Yes. We feel these are the best Colorado online traffic schools. There are plenty of other options, but these schools offer the best prices and the most interesting class formats. You may not prefer going to traffic school, but these classes offer the most painless options. Just make sure when you pick a school that it’s approved by Colorado. If not, you may not get your ticket removed. You should also check with your insurance company as completing traffic school may get you a safe driver discount!


Is There Anything Else I Should Know about Colorado Online Defensive Driving Courses?

The best Colorado online traffic schools are inexpensive and will keep your most recent ticket off your record in most cases. You may be able to get points reduced on your license, as well. So, while traffic school may be boring, it does offer some positive points. Once you finish your course you’ll be able to submit it to the courts so that you can remove your ticket. All in all, it’s a process that should be able to happen in less than a day!

That’s all you need to know. Do you need to take an online traffic course, but you aren’t in Colorado? Find the best online traffic school in your state.

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