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Best Dash Cam for Uber: Top 5 Options for Rideshare Drivers

Last updated: May 25, 2021
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Anything can happen when you’re on the road. When you drive passengers as part of your job, that “anything” can turn into a big liability. Luckily, installing the best dash cam for Uber is an easy way to have all your vehicle and driving-related incidents on record, so false claims and rowdy customers will never cost you a dime.

Much like cell phone car mounts and car emergency kits, dash cams are must-have accessories for any rideshare driver. With video evidence to back up any claims or claim disputes, it’s less likely you’ll have a he-said-she-said situation. Your recording can provide the proof that Uber, rideshare insurance companies, and law enforcement may need to free you of any assumed wrongdoings.

Below, we’ll highlight some important dash cam features and introduce you to five of the best dash cams for Uber drivers.

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3 Dash Cam Features to Consider

When you’re looking for the best dash cam for Uber, the last thing you want to do is skimp on features that will make your product more effective. As you shop, consider these dash cam features:

1. Two-Way Recording

Dual camera dash cams are always ideal when you drive for Uber. These car cameras record everything that’s going on both in front of and inside of your car. This means whether you get into a car accident on the job or a rider accuses you of misconduct, you’ll have a video recording to show what really went down.

But before you put dual camera dash cams on your shopping list, make sure your local regulations allow these gadgets. Front-facing dash cams are never a problem, but some cities don’t allow inward-facing dashboard cameras for privacy reasons. Others require you to get verbal or written consent from riders or display signage inside your vehicle so passengers know you’re recording.

2. Recording Quality

A dash camera that offers high-quality audio and excellent video quality is the best option. The best dash cams for Uber will record at 1080 pixels, which provides a clear, high-definition video. This full HD quality is a necessity for your front camera, though you’ll still want at least 720-pixel recordings for your interior camera.

You should also prioritize great night vision so you can have clean video footage of your nighttime drives. Look for infrared night vision cameras.

3. Recording Format

Most dash cams will record on a microSD card or SD card. Make sure your chosen camera comes with or at least supports a card with at least a 32 GB storage capacity, though more is always better.

Most Uber drivers also prefer loop recording, which overwrites your oldest files as your storage space fills. That way, you don’t have to manually clear your memory card. However, higher storage capacity will help make sure you have important footage if any incidents or false reports do occur.

5 Best Dash Cams for Uber Drivers

Dashboard cameras with all the features we described above are increasingly common as technology advances and more Uber drivers become interested in rideshare-friendly dash cam options. Of course, not every product is as high-quality as the next, so we made a list of some of our favorite options.

Whether you’re an Uber driver, Lyft driver, or even a taxi driver, these five dash cams will provide you with some peace of mind. Remember, you can typically deduct dash cam purchases when you submit your Uber tax filing.

1. Vantrue N2 Pro

If you’re looking for the best dash cam for Uber drivers, the Vantrue N2 Pro is the gold standard. This camera is not only designed to start recording as soon as you turn on the engine — it detects motion when you’re parked. With this device, you can record any activity without leaving your dash cam on all night.

One helpful feature is the Vantrue N2 Pro’s G-sensor, which detects sudden shakes. When a collision occurs, relevant video files will instantly lock. This way, even if you forget to save it as you rush to contact Uber support or dial 911, the video and audio recording won’t be overwritten.

The Vantrue N2 Pro is also suited to all weather conditions, so it won’t get damaged if you park outside during extreme heat or in the snow.

Even at night with no lighting, this Vantrue model provides crisp, full HD picture quality on both the front and rear cameras. Though the product doesn’t include a microSD card or GPS, it supports up to 256 GB storage. You can also purchase a GPS add-on to track your speed, route, and location.

2. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem Dual-Lens

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem Dual-Lens model has one of the best front cameras on the market today. It records at 1440 pixels with great night vision so you get quality footage even in low light. Both cameras combined create a full 360-degree view thanks to Garmin’s extra wide-angle lens. But even more impressive than its high-quality video is its advanced tech features.

With built-in WiFi connectivity, the Garmin dash cam lets you view, save, and share videos right through an included smartphone app. It also comes with voice control capabilities, so you can safely record video with hands-free activation as well as through your Uber Driver app. In the camera’s parking mode, motion detection can also be turned on when the car is stopped.

Unlike the Vantrue N2 Pro, this product actually comes with a built-in GPS, which can also track speed. Another perk is its size. This camera is fairly small, so it draws less attention from your passengers.

3. Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam

This Pruveeo product is an affordable dual dash cam alternative to the Vantrue N2 Pro. This model offers similar features, like a parking monitor and an emergency lock on videos when the G-sensor is activated, for less than half the cost.

Though its low cost does mean some budget features, the Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam still provides 1080-pixel recordings on both cameras, which record a decent 300 degrees (you can easily rotate the cameras as needed). One drawback is it only supports microSD cards up to 128 GB, which is lower than what Vantrue and Garmin offer. However, thanks to the brand’s compression technology, this is enough to save up to 12 hours of loop recording.

The Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam also has a larger LCD screen than the Vantrue model, so it offers a clearer display.

4. Crosstour Dual Dash Cam

You might be on a tight budget and the Pruveeo dash cam seems a bit pricey. In that case, the Crosstour Dual Dash Cam is the best dash cam for Uber that gets you the basics, like 32 GB storage and great night vision, at a reasonable price.

The Crosstour model provides a front camera with a fairly wide viewing angle. It records at 1080 pixels and can cover a standard-sized car interior at 720 pixels. Though it doesn’t provide video locking, this dash cam turns on when its G-sensor (this detects acceleration changes) is activated. This means it collects evidence of damages that occur when you’re not in the car.

At this price, you can’t find a better option.

5. Blackvue DR900S-2CH With Power Magic Pro Hardwire Kit 2-Channel

This Blackvue product is the best option when you want to go all out. While the Vantrue N2 Pro may be the best dash cam for Uber drivers based on overall value, this higher-end option is the one to beat if pricing isn’t a concern.

The Blackvue DR900S-2CH model’s front camera records at an impressive 2160 pixels, 4,000 resolution, and the rear camera records at full HD. As footage records, you can use your smartphone to track what happens in real-time, back up videos, and receive push notifications. The dash camera can further be connected to Blackvue’s free cloud service, which includes an emergency alarm.

While a 16 GB memory card is included, the dash cam supports 256 GB microSD cards and includes a GPS.

The included Power Magic Pro kit ensures your camera has an external power source so it doesn’t drain your car battery and can operate when your engine is off.

Protect Yourself on the Road

Driving with Uber isn’t always easy. You can’t always anticipate when you’ll be hit by a car, matched with a passenger who damages your car, or faced with false accusations. Even if these incidents are rare, installing one of the best dash cams for Uber drivers can help you quickly resolve any issues on the job whether you’re driving or parked.

Want to get even more protection when you work with Uber? Learn how Uber insurance works, how much it costs, and where to buy it.

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  1. CDKotran Says:

    Regarding the Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam, the description above has the 2nd camera listed as being detached even though the picture shows is integrated. The camera is INTEGRATED into the main unit. Additionally, there is no infrared lighting for the rear facing camera thus without external lighting you see nothing inside the cabin of the vehicle. As per audio quality, I’m still waiting on support to address the fact that I’m unable to hear anything in the video other than the camera itself. I would bump this camera off the top 5 list.

  2. Yeh Mike Says:

    There are some models have the same tooling as Vantrue N2 Pro on Amazon and eBay, but with cheaper price. What Is The Difference? Crosstour/MASI M2

    1. Zac Says:

      How about the new Vantrue N3 Pro dash cam? If I’m not mistaken it records front, back and interior of the car and costs about $259. Has anyone had any experience to share about this Vantrue camera model? I am looking for the absolute best dash cam for my car as I’m a Lyft driver. I am willing to pay the price for the best and most reliable dash cam. If anyone has any suggestions or comments I would appreciate to hear them. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing suggestions from you guys! Thanks!

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