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While shopping for an electric scooter, the budget is one of the primary factors to consider. 

From our voluminous database of more than 150 electric scooters, we decided to go after each ride and come up with this list of the best electric scooters under $2000 as per our rigorous tests.

Let’s review these top rides. 

Our Tested Top 5 electric scooters under $2000: Summary

Electric Scooter NameBest ForPrice
Vsett 10+ 20.8Ah Best Overall$1,899
YUME Y11Offroading$1699
EVOLV TerraLeast maintenance$1307
EMOVE RoadRunnerComfort$1795
Kaabo Mantis Pro Se 24Ah 2022Versatility$1995

1. Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah: The Best Electric Scooter Under $2000 Overall

Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah

Best For: Those looking for an affordable e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 60V 20.8A battery
  • 2 motors with 1400W
  • 20mph speed
Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah product image

Vsett is one of the electric scooter manufacturers that make the best quality e scooters in the world. 

Their Vsett 10 line comprises the Vsett 10+ 20.8Ah, Vsett 10+ 25.6 Ah, and the Vsett 10+ R 28 Ah. 

Among the three, their Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah is the most affordable and the only one retailing below $2,000.

In case you are wondering what differentiates them, the battery Ampere Hours is the separating point.

Typically, the Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah electric scooter will provide you with the least range, while the 10+R 28Ah will offer you with the most. 

Below are our Vsett 10+ 20.8 tested specs and more details: 

Our Tested Top Speed47.3 mph (76km/h)
Our Tested Top Range 50.7 miles (82 km)
Battery 60V 20.8 Ah
MotorDual 1400W 
SuspensionFront spring, rear hydraulic
BrakingFull hydraulic
Tires10-inch, pneumatic
Weight 79 lbs (36 kg)
Weight Limit285 lbs (129 kg)

If you are looking for a premium-built electric scooter, then we cannot recommend the Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah enough. 

With a starting price of $1899, there are few scooters that can match up with what the 10+ 20.8Ah has to offer at that price point. 

With full hydraulic brakes, you are assured that this Vsett 10+ model offers the safest rating among electric scooters. 

Featuring rear hydraulic and front spring suspension, the Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah e scooter for adults weighing up to 285 lbs offers one of the most buttery smooth suspensions I have ever enjoyed.

These types of suspension, coupled with the 10-inch pneumatic tires propel the scooter to greater heights of range while providing the necessary comfort to the rider. 

Since the 10+ comes with dual 1400W motors, it’s an excellent all-terrain electric scooter of our time.

You can absolutely rely on this ride to keep you company regardless of the kind of terrain you subject her to. 

One thing we have to mention, though is that at 79 lbs, this isn’t the lightest electric scooter under 2000 dollars.

However, it is highly recommended for those who don’t find it as heavy or those who don’t lift it every other time. 

Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah Pros

  • A solid build quality that guarantees longevity 
  • A great all-terrain electric scooter for commuting 
  • Full hydraulic brakes enhance its safety rating 
  • The high-quality suspensions, functional controllers, and pneumatic air-filled tires make the scooter buttery smooth and fun to ride.


  • The trigger throttle is highly sensitive for some riders who need more time to get ready
  • The lights could be brighter. 

2. YUME Y11: The Best Scooter for Offroading under 2,000


Best For: Offroading

Top Features:

  • Dual motor of 3000W each
  • 50 mph speed
  • Front and rare hydraulic brake
YUME Y11 product image

Are you looking for a high-quality electric scooter that conquers offroad terrains without breaking a sweat?

Then the YUME Y11 scooter comes with massive 11-inch offroad tires. 

Featuring dual stems, you can rest assured that this isn’t the scooter that will give you any safety concerns or even break on you. 

While testing the Y11 electric scooter, we especially loved that it comes with balanced worlds of range and speed. 

As per our tests, these are the specs and more details we noticed about the Y11:

Our Tested Top Speed50.4 mph (80km/h)
Our Tested Top Range 52 miles (84 km)
Battery Panasonic 60V 31.5 Ah
MotorDual 3000W 
SuspensionDual front springs, rear shocks
BrakingFull hydraulic
Tires11-inch, offroad
Weight105 lbs (48 kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

The YUME Y11 is a massive scooter and actually makes the Vsett 10+ 20.8 Ah appear like a baby, LOL. 

The dual stems, massive motors, and a huge Panasonic battery lead to the overall weight of the Y11.

Weighing more than 100 lbs, most riders will often struggle with lifting the Y11.

Nevertheless, if you won’t be doing any heavy lifting, we highly recommend the Y11 if you do offroading for long. 

These 11-inch offroad tires are somewhat knobby while riding on smooth surfaces and as such, your Y11 will be best suited for any other types of rough terrains. 

While testing the Y11, we were actually surprised to hit a higher top speed and range than the manufacturer’s recommendations.

While YUME states that the top speed is 50 mph, we hit 50.4 mph. For the range, they also say that the scooter hits 50 miles but we recorded 52. 

I weigh 198 lbs and my top speed and top range may not necessarily be similar to yours.

Typically, the figures you will get depend on your weight, riding conditions, battery level, and the overall condition of your scooter. 

YUME Y11 Pros

  • Perfect electric scooter for offroading 
  • Massive tires that help in raising the ground clearance 
  • Full hydraulic brakes and dual stems make the scooter more stable 
  • An IP54 water-resistance rating makes the scooter fit for all terrains.


  • The offroad tires make the scooter knobby on smooth surfaces
  • The Y11 is bulky. 

You can save $50 when you use AMOS-Y11 as your coupon code while buying the YUME Y11 electric scooter for offroading.

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3. EVOLV Terra: The Best Solid Tire Electric Scooter for Under $2000


Best For: The best solid tire electric scooter overall

Top Features:

  • Charge Time: 5 - 7 hrs
  • Battery: 48V 15.6Ah
  • 50 km/h (Check local laws before use) 31 mph
 EVOLV Terra product image

If you stay at a place with pothole-filled terrains and would rather never battle with flat tires, then the all-new EVOLV Terra electric scooter is the best solid-tire e scooter of your choice. 

One of the top advantages of solid-tire electric scooters is that they require little to no maintenance and the Terra confirms just that. 

Contrary to the popular belief that electric scooters that feature solid tires have a very poor ride quality, we can confirm that the Terra is a somewhat different beauty. 

Coming with an 8.5-inch tire size, this e-scooter surprisingly aims to please and does its job pretty well.

Check the specs below:

Our Tested Top Speed35.8 mph (58km/h)
Our Tested Top Range 34.8 miles (56 km)
Battery 48V 15.6 Ah
MotorDual 600W 
Tires8.5-inch, solid
Weight 52.9 lbs (24 kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

While testing the EVOLV Terra from Urban Machina, I surpassed the manufacturer’s mentioned specs.

While they claim that this scooter has a top speed of 31 miles per hour, I recorded 35.8 mph on a GPS speed app.

If I were lighter, I would have definitely recorded a higher speed. 

For the top range, I recorded 34.8 miles before the battery died.

They claim a top range of 34 miles.

Typically, you can get near-similar specs like me or even better, depending on your weight and experience. 

What we have to commend EVOLV on is that they offer a premium build quality across their array of electric scooters and this is one of the sturdiest mid-budget dual e-scooters in the world. 

With a starting price of $1,310, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this Oh So Good boy. 

Since the Terra features drum brakes, you can hit thousands of miles without worrying about changing any component.

While I adore the hydraulic type more, I also hate the fact that the pads need replacements every hundreds of miles. 

While the Terra will offer you the longest service without any maintenance needed, we also have to mention that it comes with a very dim headlight, which means nighttime riders have to complement it with a bigger one. 

EVOLV Terra Pros

  • Fully flat-resistant 
  • Little to no maintenance needed 
  • The stem is adjustable; thus, the scooter can fit most riders
  • Very stable even at the top speeds.


  • The solid tires should have been bigger
  • The headlight isn’t bright enough. 

Use GOELECTRIC50 as your discount code while buying the EVOLV Terra and save $50 CAD.

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4. EMOVE RoadRunner: The Best Electric Scooter with Seat Under $2000

EMOVE RoadRunner

Best For: Those looking for a comfortable e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

  • 50 miles top range
  • 35mph speed
  • The battery is 48V and 26.1Ah

If you are a heavy adult looking for an electric scooter with a seat and a heavyweight limit, then the EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is your ideal choice.

Coming with massive 14-inch pneumatic tires with tubes, the RoadRunner is absolutely one of the most unique electric scooters with the biggest tires. 

From our tests, the EMOVE RoadRunner has the following specs:

Our Tested Top Speed32.7 mph (53km/h)
Our Tested Top Range 51.6 miles (83 km)
Battery 48V 21.6 Ah
MotorFront 350W, Rear 500W
SuspensionFront Spring
Tires14-inch, with tubes
Weight 55 lbs (30 kg)
Weight Limit330 lbs (150 kg)

The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is one of the first electric scooters to offer a swappable battery feature.

In fact, with an extra battery, you can actually hit a top range of more than 100 miles!

What’s even more fantastic is that this ride costs just under $1900, which makes it one of the top full-spec, yet affordable rides. 

Featuring massive 14-inch electric scooters and spring suspension, this scooter has a great ground clearance and offers a smooth ride. 

If you would rather ride your e-scooter while seated, then we recommend going with the RoadRunner.

Do you also wish to swap batteries and keep going without waiting for it to charge?

Then the RoadRunner has your back fully covered. 

Made like an Ebike, you can keep going while keeping the mad fun rocking as you would with your motorized bike.

This scooter is surprisingly lighter than most in its class, which makes it a great option for you to make it your commuting partner. 

Since the RoadRunner only features a front spring suspension, its ride quality isn’t as great as most e-scooters that feature front and rear suspensions.

If you are a perfectionist, then the RoadRunner may not ideally be your perfect choice. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pros

  • The swappable battery feature helps to extend the range twice after replacing an empty battery
  • One of the most comfortable electric scooters in its class
  • Light considering its weight limit
  • Ideal for riders of different weights.


  • The lack of rear suspension makes the ride quality not as great
  • Lacks a certified water-resistance rating. 

Use ES-ARENA as your coupon code while buying the RoadRunner and save $50.

5. Kaabo Mantis Pro Se: Most versatile electric scooter under 2000 dollars

Kaabo Mantis Pro Se

Best For: Those who love fast acceleration

Top Features:

  • 40mph speed
  • 45 miles top range
  • The weight limit is 330 lbs
Kaabo Mantis Pro Se

If you have been following news on electric scooters, then you know that Kaabo is one of the most reputable brands we have today. 

One of their top-selling models is the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se and we like describing it as one of the most versatile rides we can ever have. 

Coming in three different battery versions; 18.2 Ah, 24Ah (2022), and 24Ah (2021), you can never go wrong with any of the scooters. 

All of the three go for under $2000 and I would highly recommend the 60V 24 Ah (2022) model for its range and the upgrade made.

Below are our tested specs of the 24Ah 2022 version:

Our Tested Top Speed39.7 mph (64km/h)
Our Tested Top Range 43.5 miles (70 km)
Battery 60V 24 Ah
MotorDual 1000W 
SuspensionAir shocks
Tires10-inch, with tubes
Weight 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Weight Limit330 lbs (150 kg)

If you wanted an electric scooter with a high load capacity but would rather get a stand-up ride as opposed to the RoadRunner, then the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se is your ideal choice. 

Built in the same premium criteria as all the other Kaabo rides, you can expect the Mantis Pro Se to offer you the durability and service you could ever ask for. 

One of the main reasons I love the Mantis Pro Se is that it features a trigger throttle and as such, there is no worry about a dead zone as is present in most models featuring a thumb throttle. 

The ride quality is smooth enough and the ZOOM hydraulic brakes raise your expectations of the scooter’s safety rating.

The lights, and especially deck lights really stand out, which is what makes this beautiful beast as unique as the other Kaabo models. 

Kaabo Mantis Pro Se Pros

  • Three different models to choose from
  • Great responsive finger throttle
  • No stem wobbles regardless of the engaged riding mode
  • The accents of gold make the scooter more unique.


  • The scooter lacks a horn
  • Cheap rear fender. 

You can save $50 when you use ES-ARENA as your coupon code while buying the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se electric scooter.

Our criteria while choosing the best electric scooters under $2000

While choosing the best e scooter under 2000, we considered 30 models that cost anywhere between $1000 and $2000 and then narrowed them down to the top 5 we have featured in this list. 

We tested these scooters in the same conditions, all with full batteries and in great working condition, tested by the same rider, and in dry conditions. 

Build quality, performance, and ride quality were the three primary factors that we majored in while doing our tests. 

We eliminated the other 25 models from this list since we felt they had fallen short in one or more of the factors we were considering. 

vector graphic showing the best electric scooter under 2000

Wrapping Up

Finding the best electric scooter for your budget is hard but shouldn’t be, especially when you know the exact tested specifications.

If you have a budget of up to $2000, then the Vsett 10+ 20.6 Ah is your perfect choice.

The other 4 scooters are equally great, and so going for any of those will offer you the best bang for the buck. 

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