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Best Electric Scooter With Seat For Heavy Adults

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While shopping for an electric scooter, comfort should be a critical factor to consider.


Electric scooters come in different manufacturing designs and one of those is having a seat to enhance comfort while riding. 

One of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive almost daily is, “what is the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults?” 

Today, we are going to present to you our list of the best electric scooters for heavy adults with seat based on their weight limit, seat comfort, and overall riding experience. 

Our Top 6 electric scooters for heavy adults with seat

1) EMOVE RoadRunner: The overall best electric scooter with seat for adults 

EMOVE RoadRunner

Best For: Those looking for a comfortable e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

  • 50 miles top range
  • 35mph speed
  • The battery is 48V and 26.1Ah
An image of EMOVE RoadRunner

The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is one of the most unique electric scooters for heavy riders with a seat. 

The RoadRunner’s seat is a long one with memory foam.

While riding, it is one of the most comfortable electric scooter seats you can find out there. 

With the ability to carry heavy adults weighing 330 lbs, the EMOVE RoadRunner is not only perfect for riding on-road but also offroad.

Featuring dual motors (350W at the front and 500W at the rear), you can expect to hit a top speed of 34 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. 

The RoadRunner features 14-inch tires, which, when coupled with seat helps to navigate even the toughest terrains without having your bums complaining.

Comfort at its best here!

One of the primary reasons why we feature the EMOVE RoadRunner as the best electric scooter for heavy adults with seat is that it is among the few gadgets that feature swappable batteries.

The top range of this e-scooter is 53 miles and this means in a single battery swap, you can ride up to 106 miles.

This EMOVE model features a Dynavolt 48V 21.6 Ah battery and as you perhaps are aware, Dynavolt is one of the most reputable battery manufacturers out there. 

If you love riding at the dead of the night, the RoadRunner is relatively a safe ride since it features a bright headlight, rear brake lights and turn-signal lights.

This means other road users can see you from a distance and this could help prevent a would-be electric scooter accident. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Pros

  • Features a long comfortable seat that perfectly fits heavy adults
  • It has swappable batteries
  • More riding comfort enhanced by the massive tires, dual spring suspension, and thumb throttle
  • It can carry heavy adults weighing more than 300 lbs.


  • The brake light should be brighter for more safety. 

2) YUME X7: The top range adult electric scooter with seat


Best For: Those who love offroading

Top Features:

  • 90 miles top range
  • 60 mph speed
  • 330 lbs is the weight limit
YUME X7 electric scooter with seat for heavy adults

If range and speed make your heart melt without compromising on quality, then the YUME X7 electric scooter is the perfect choice for you. 

The YUME X7 foldable electric scooter with seat for adults has its saddle made of some black ergonomic leather.

The supporting material is aluminum, which means the seat is perfect for fat and heavy adults. 

One of the many reasons why we find the X7 a perfect choice for 330 lbs is that along with the ergonomic seat, it also has a motorbike-grade spring hydraulic suspension.

As you chew the roughest terrains, the stability of your ride is fanciable enough. 

For offroading, YUME X7 is perfect for each and every big rider since the ground clearance is ideal for riding across most if not all the terrains.

The tires measure 13-inches, and the X7 is one of the few electric scooters that feature massive tires along with the dual front and dual rear suspensions. 

The best thing about YUME X7 is that the seat is detachable.

This adds convenience to the mix, especially for those who would like to carry their scooter in their car’s truck.

(Sometimes a seat that isn’t detachable can prove futile to fit inside a small car). 

For the night rides, YUME X7 e-scooter is closer to none, all thanks to its array of light colors.

Featuring 4 Front Led Lights, Deck Lights, Brake Lights, and Turn Signals, the X7 always stands out against its competitors. 

For the top speed, you can expect to hit 55 miles per hour within no time and get a top range of 80 miles. 

YUME X7 Pros

  • One of the most unique electric scooter seats
  • Killer top speeds for speed enthusiasts
  • Great ground clearance, near-perfect suspension and a colorful lighting system that leaves a mark
  • Killer features for the pricing. 


  • This specific scooter is bulky. You can read more on the X7 on our detailed YUME X7 e-scooter review.

Save $100 when you use AMOS-X7 as your coupon code as you shop for the YUME X7 e-scooter with seat for adults.

3) Fiido Q1S Seated Electric Scooter: The best budget electric scooter for heavy adults with seat

Fiido Q1S

Best For: Heavy adults

Top Features:

  • Has a comfortable seat
  • 15mph top speed
Fiido Q1S electric scooter with seat for  heavy adults

If you are looking for an affordable choice for your up to 150 kg worth of weight, then the Fiido Q1S Seated electric scooter with suspension is your perfect choice. 

This electric scooter is perfect for those who would like to travel for a couple of miles and at moderate speeds.

This specific Fiido Q1S scooter has a maximum range of 18 miles and a top speed of 15 miles per hour. 

Featuring a geared motor, the Q1S has more torque and goes at a faster speed than its brushless motor counterpart. 

This scooter has both front and rear suspension, which brings it at par with more premium models as far as the suspension design is concerned. 

The Fiido Q1S electric scooter with seat for heavy adults has its saddle manufactured using memory foam.

Along with the dual suspensions, the riding experience is further better and the comfort is further enhanced.

After all, it would be really tiresome to go for a distance of more than 15 miles and at a low speed while standing. 

Another advantage with the Q1S is that it is one of the most portable electric scooters for heavy adults.

Regardless of its ability to carry more than 300 lbs adults, it is manufactured using lightweight, yet sturdy materials, which makes portability as convenient as possible.

This specific model weighs only 44 lbs, which is a third lighter than most electric scooters with the same loading capacity. 

Fiido Q1S Pros

  • One of the most portable electric scooter for heavy adults with seat
  • Highly affordable for teh features
  • Very little charging time (at least 3 hours)
  • Bright front headlight and reflector at the rear side 
  • Expertly manufactured 36V 10 Ah battery. 


  • The top speed and top range are low for speed and long-distance riders. 

4) YUME D5: Best casual adult electric scooter with seat


Best For: Those looking for a dual-motorized e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

  • 40mph top speed
  • 23.4Ah 52V battery
YUME D5 adult electric scooter with seat

YUME D5 is a perfect mid-range electric scooter for big riders with seat.

With the potential to go at a top speed of 40 miles per hour and a top range of 40 miles, then the YUME D5 e-scooter is a must-have for most enthusiasts. 

Some of the features that set apart the D5 from most electric scooters is that it features 4 spring shock absorbers at the front and another at the rear.

With these and the seat, the YUME D5 is one of the most comfortable e-scooters at that price. 

The seat in YUME D5 is detachable and this means that you can turn your electric scooter into a motorcycle within no time. 

Featuring dual 2400W motors (1200W each), then the D5 can tell you why it can hit up to 40 miles per hour in gear 3 without breaking any sweat.

The battery is 52V 23.4Ah, which also makes the top range something to envy about. 

However, note that the weight limit for the D5 is 264 lbs and so it is perfect for heavy adults who don’t surpass that capacity.

Another thing to note is that the D5 comes in 10-inch offroad tires and as such, this scooter excels both on-road and offroad.

Along with these pneumatic tires, seat, and suspension, you can hit some tough terrains without worrying about any disappointment from your YUME D5 electric scooter. 

YUME D5 Pros

  • A perfect mid-range electric scooter for the price 
  • The super strong spring suspension makes the scooter conquer even the toughest terrains
  • An affordable pricing point 
  • Excellent seat build design.


  • The tires could have been bigger for better offroad use. 

You can save $80 when you use AMOS-D5 as your coupon code while shopping for the YUME D5 seated electric scooter.

You can read our YUME D5 e-scooter review here.

5) YUME X13: The best premium electric scooter for heavy adults with seat


Best For: A top offroad electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs

Top Features:

  • Top speed of 63 miles per hour
  • 70-mile range
  • Folds in 5 seconds
yume x13 electric scooter product image

The YUME X13 electric scooter with seat for heavy riders is the most unique ride I have ever seen.

Featuring dual 8000W motors, you can expect to hit a top speed of a whopping 63 miles per hour within no time. 

Coming with a massive 72V 40.5 Ah battery, you can hit a top range of 70 miles before your battery asks for more juice. 

With a killer sit-down manufacturing design and the potential to attach/detach the seat when need be, you can absolutely not go wrong with YUME X13. 

While seated, comfort is synonymous to this beast, all thanks to its massive memory foam electric scooter seat.

Besides, the front side has dual hydraulic suspension while the rear features a spring suspension.

These, along with the massive 13-inch tires make the X13 electric scooter the best for offroading. 

Removing the seat from the X13 is one of the simplest and as such, there is really no worry about having a sticky seat with you. 

YUME X13 seat

Made of sturdy aviation-grade material, the X13 is a sturdy beast that is self-sufficient to carry adult riders weighing up to 150kg. 

One of the downlights of the X13, though, is that it weighs a whopping 141 lbs.

This means it’s impossible to describe this scooter as portable in any way. 

Regardless of its weight and manufacturing design, this scooter is able to fully charge in just 6 hours, specifically if you use the dual charging ports. 

YUME X13 Pros

  • Very decent features for an electric scooter
  • Very sturdy with little to no stem wobbles at all
  • A quick-release portable seat
  • Great for on-road and off-road. 


  • Premiumly priced. 

You can save $100 as you buy YUME X13 when you use AMOS-X13 as your coupon code.

You can read our full YUME X13 e-scooter review in this article.

6) YUME D4+ with seat for heavy adults: The best city electric scooter


Best For: For those looking for an affordable e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

  • 40 miles top range
  • 40mph top speed
  • Dual motor with 1000W each
YUME D4+ electric scooter for heavy adults with seat

If you are looking for an affordable city electric scooter, then the YUME D4+ scooter with seat for heavy adults could be what you are looking for. 

With the potential to carry heavy adults weighing up to 264 lbs, the YUME D4+ comes with dual 2000W motors.

These propel the scooter to hit a top speed of 40 miles per hour while at gear 3. 

The battery of this scooter is 52V 23.4 Ah, which makes the beast hit a top range of up to 40 miles.

Featuring 10-inch pneumatic road tires, the D4+ is perfect for commuter riders who aren’t interested in doing any off-roading. 

The YUME D4+ scooter also has a comfortable detachable seat.

When coupled with the front quad suspension, the D4+ scooter aims to please any rider regardless of what the road’s terrains looks like. 

Not to worry, though, the YUME D4+ electric scooter with seat for adults can do a bit of off-roading but since the tires aren’t off-road, it may not excel as its older sibling – the YUME D5 does. 

About its weight, the D4+ is one of the lightest electric scooters ever manufactured by YUME.

It weighs 60 lbs only and this means portability isn’t an issue for heavy adults.

Besides, placing this e-scooter in your car’s trunk is easy and fast, regardless of keeping it with the seat or not.  


  • Relatively lightweight for its load capacity
  • Impressive road tires make city riding mad fun
  • Features hydraulic brakes, which is a safe option
  • The seat is large and comfortable enough to fit heavy riders. 


  • This scooter struggles off-road because of its road tires. 

Save $80 when you use AMOS-D4 as your coupon code while buying the YUME D4+ electric scooter for adults with seat.

We have our detailed YUME D4+ e-scooter review right here for more details.

How did we decide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults with seat?

As a heavy adult, one of the most important factors to consider as you buy an electric scooter for adults with seat is dual motors.

A single-motor ride will arguably struggle to haul your weight and as such, going for dual motors is perfect.

Besides, dual-motor electric scooters will mostly go faster than single-motor gadgets. 

Also, there is the issue of the seat design.

Before we narrowed it down to the 6 rides we have featured in this article, we trialed on 10 electric scooters and the other four which didn’t make it in our mentions had the other features standing out but the seats were not as comfy.

Heavy riders absolutely deserve comfort and as such, the seat manufacturing designs and the overall quality of those saddles were vital factors for us to take into consideration. 

Thirdly, the overall features mattered a lot to us.

For instance, You need a great ride with killer suspension and shock absorption features.

Everyone does.

The scooters we have featured here have either road or off road tires to make your choice easier and faster. 

Lastly, it’s all about value for money.

There are other adult electric scooters with seat that are far much cheaper than what we have featured here but then they offer little to no value for money.

You can fully rely on us for what we have presented to you. 

FAQs about heavy adult seated electric scooters

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults

Are electric scooters with seat for heavy adults safer?

Yes, electric scooters for heavy adults with seat are generally safer.

This is so because most of the weight is concentrated in the seat and so controlling the scooter in case it hits uneven terrains or even bumps is easier as compared to standing. 

Additionally, it’s really tiresome to keep on standing.

Sometimes you can easily lose focus when fatigue kicks in.

With sitting, you already feel comfortable and can conquer rough terrains with a sense of safety. 

What is the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults?

The YUME X13 is the best premium electric scooter with a seat for carrying heavy adults.

For the best overall ride with the potential to swap the batteries, then the EMOVE RoadRunner e-scooter is your best choice. 

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