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What are the Best Electric Scooters with Sinewave Controllers?

Learn everything you need to know about the Hover 1 electric scooter, an industry-leading product loved by all.

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One of the best things I love while riding an electric scooter is silent motors.

Electric scooters that feature sinewave (Field Oriented Control) controllers tend to produce low noise in the motors, which ticks my box. 

Unfortunately, finding a list of the best electric scooters with sinewave controllers is hard since most electric scooters we have today feature the squarewave type. 

Through riding different models today, I have been able to sample different models, which is why I am such excited to share them with you.

Below, let’s have a look at the top models you can choose from and more details about electric scooter sinewave controllers. 

1. Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro: The best electric scooter with sinewave controllers overall

The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter is one of the most feature-packed rides we currently have. 

One of the features I love about the Wolf King GT is that it features dual 50A sinewave controllers. 

When I was testing the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro, these are some of the things I loved about this king of speed and range:

  • The motor produces low noise even at higher speeds as compared to most of its competitors featuring the squarewave type
  • Controlling speed is buttery smooth even when negotiating corners
  • The acceleration is so smooth. 

For a beast that weighs 52kg (115 lbs), it’s easy for someone to conclude that its ride quality will be poor.

However, regardless of its fast acceleration that would see you hitting 50 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds, the smoothness of the king is something worth reckoning. 

Not to surprise you any further, let’s have a quick glance at the basic Wolf King GT Pro specs below:

Our tested top speed60.8 mph (98km/h)
Our tested top range 69.8 miles (112km)
MotorsDual 2000W
Battery72V 35Ah (Samsung or LG)
ControllersDual 50Ah; Sinewave
Tire size11X4”
SuspensionHydraulic shocks
Weight 52 kg (115 lbs)
Weight Limit150kg (330 lbs)

If you would love to enjoy smooth rides regardless of the terrain, then the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro features massive 11-inches flat-resistant tires.

These tires are self-healing in nature, which means they will seal any small puncture that affects the tire. 

Another recommendable feature about the Wolf King GT Pro is that it features an IPX5 water-resistance rating.

This means riding the King GT under light rain is okay.

However, we don’t recommend riding in moderate or heavy rains. 

In case you are accidentally caught up by rain, ensure that you dry your GT Pro properly to prevent the rusting of the electric components. 

Who is the Wolf King GT Pro scooter not for?

There are two features that once upgraded, can make the Wolf King GT Pro better:

Firstly, Kaabo needs to include a button for the rider to switch on the lights they want.

This is so because when you switch on the headlights, the deck lights also turn on.

This may not typically be good for those who would like to save on the battery. 

Secondly, the Kaabo Wolf King GT comes with a thumb throttle.

While most riders love the thumb throttle, I would have wished that Kaabo included a trigger throttle version. 

A thumb throttle develops a dead zone sometimes.

Also, the chances of having the thumb slipping are relatively high, especially while riding offroad. 

Where to buy the Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter with sinewave controllers

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can buy the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro from Voro Motors.

You can use ES-ARENA as your coupon code to save $50

2. Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro: Excellently stable scooter featuring sinewave controllers

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro sine wave controller electric scooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro comes with dual 40A sinewave controllers.

Unless you dive deeper into this scooter, you can actually confuse it for the Wolf King GT Pro we have featured above. 

The difference isn’t as much, but the Warrior GT Pro isn’t as feature-packed as the King.

It would be best if you have a look at the specs before we go further talking about this ride.

Our tested top speed48.7 mph (78km/h)
Our tested top range 59.8 miles (96.2km)
Motors Dual 1200W
Battery60V 35Ah (LG or Samsung)
ControllersDual 40A; Sinewave
Tire size11X3.5; Tubeless
SuspensionFront hydraulic; Dual rear spring
Weight 50kg (110 lbs)
Weight Limit150 kg (330 lbs)

The Wolf Warrior GT Pro is cheaper than the King GT Pro by over $500.

Owing to the fact that the Warrior GT Pro controllers are smaller (40A vs 50A), the battery is smaller (60V vs 72V) and the motors are smaller (dual 1200W vs dual 2000W), the pricing is justifiable to have such a margin. 

However, don’t dare think that the Wolf Warrior GT Pro is an inferior scooter.

This sinewave controller electric scooter has one of the most seamless ride quality we have seen so far.

The great ride quality is associated with the 40A sinewave controllers. 

Featuring an IPX5 water-resistance rating, there is also little to no worry about getting caught up in light rains.

The all-terrain tires in this scooter will also help you maneuver both on and off the road terrains with the least worries. 

Featuring front hydraulic suspension and 2 spring suspensions at the rear, the Wolf Warrior GT Pro electric scooter offers great maneuverability across different terrains, but not as smoothly as the Wolf King GT Pro we mentioned above. 

Another feature for you to note is that this scooter features an ergonomic thumb throttle which may or may not come in handy for you. 

The throttle is responsive enough with a little dead zone.

Again, it would be best if they included a trigger throttle version to make the scooter more versatile. 

A great point for you to note is that the Kaabo Warrior GT Pro features hydraulic brakes and an ABS system.

While electric scooters with hydraulic brakes are the safest option, the inclusion of an ABS system that has a generative system in this scooter makes braking not as smooth as when without the ABS. 

Where to buy the Wolf Warrior GT Pro 

You can buy this awesome sinewave controller electric scooter from Voro Motors.

To save $50 as you shop for the Kaabo Warrior GT Pro scooter, use ARENA as your coupon code on your checkout.

3. YUME X13: The top big-tire electric scooter featuring sine wave controllers

YUME X13 50A sinewave controllers scooter

Released in the first quarter of 2022, the YUME X13 electric scooter is one of the hugest rides you will see today. 

If you love massive-tire electric scooters, then the YUME X13 scooter is all that you need.

Featuring 13-inch offroad tires, you can rest assured that you will have one of the electric scooters with the topmost ground clearance you have ever seen.

Below are the most important specs of the X13:

Our Tested Top Speed60.5 mph (97km/h)
Our Tested Top Range68.7 miles (111 km)
MotorsDual; 8000 Watts
Battery72V; 40.5 Ah
Lights3 front LED, brake, and turn signals
Braking Hydraulic disc
Wheel size13 inches
ControllersDual 50A; sinewave
Charging time6 hours with dual chargers
Frame materialAluminum alloy
Hill climbing ability35°
SuspensionDual front hydraulic; dual rear spring
Water resistance ratingIP54
Weight141 lbs (64kg)

Featuring dual 50A sinewave controllers, the YUME X13 has a super smooth acceleration regardless of what terrain you subject it to. 

Having one of the largest batteries we have, this scooter is able to hit a top mileage without deafening the rider with the noise associated with a rolling motor. 

What we also loved about YUME X13 is that this beauty has one of the most unique build designs out there.

The frame is one of the sturdiest we have ever tested, and that is why we rate this scooter so highly when it comes to the rider’s safety. 

The hydraulic brakes in this scooter are some of the most responsive we have ever seen and these, when coupled with the plenitude of lights in this scooter make riding even in the dead of the night feel extremely safe. 

One of the reasons why I hate the X13 is that it is one of the heaviest rides out there.

Unless you are a massive rider, lifting the scooter while alone will undoubtedly leave you exhausted. 

Nevertheless, the heavy weight of the X13 is attributable to the massive battery and dual 8000W motors, so it’s understandable. 

Where to buy YUME X13

You can buy the YUME X13 electric scooter on the YUME scooter official website.

To save $100 off your order, use AMOS-X13 as your coupon code on the checkout page. 

4. Nami Burn-E 2 Max: The most premium sinewave controller electric scooter

NAMI Burn-E 2 Max 50A sinewave controller scooter

If budget isn’t a problem for you, then the improved Nami Burn-E 2 Max electric scooter is your best choice. 

Already a far much-improved version of the Nami Burn-E (Viper), the Burn-E 2 Max is the ultimate definition of a premium product. Below are the ultimate Burn-E 2 Max specs:

Our tested top speed58.6 mph (94.3/h)
Our tested top range 82.1 miles (132km)
Motors Dual 1500W
Battery72V 32Ah (LG, Panasonic or Samsung)
ControllersDual 50A; Sinewave
Tire size11”; Tubeless
SuspensionFull hydraulic
Weight 47kg (103 lbs)
Weight Limit150 kg (330 lbs)

The Nami Burn-E 2 Max is the smoothest electric scooter I have ever ridden so far.

The massive 50A sinewave controllers in this beast make it produce the least noise in its motors and also it doesn’t overheat. 

Another reason why this Nami version is a great choice is that it has a lighter weight than the other 3 models featured in this list.

Weighing 103 lbs, some heavy adults won’t find it a worthy struggle to lift it and probably keep it inside a car trunk. 

While I agree the Max E-2 is a great choice, it isn’t in any way budget-friendly, and as such, not many have been able to have the chance to ride it.

Either way, I highly recommend this version if you can manage to purchase it. 

Where exactly we would ask Nami to improve on the Max E-2 is that they need to include a more responsive throttle.

For the scooter I was testing, the thumb throttle had a relatively large dead zone and it felt like it was manufactured using cheap material. 

Where to buy the Nami Burn Max-E 2 electric scooter

I find that Voltage Motowerks offers the best customer service when it comes to buying your Nami Burn Max-E 2 electric scooter with sinewave controllers.

Buying an electric scooter for $5K should give you a perfect overall experience and Voltage Motowerks aims to please you at that point. 

5. Mantis King GT: The lightest electric scooter with sinewave controllers

The Mantis King GT is the latest Kaabo electric scooter in the third quarter of 2022.

Featuring dual 30A controllers, it certainly offers a great ride quality without compromising on factors such as maintaining the optimal heat and safety. 

Below are the main Mantis King GT specs: 

Top Speed70km/h (44mph)
Top Range110km (68 miles)
MotorsDual 1100W motors
Battery60V 25Ah; Samsung
ControllersDual 30A; 
Tire size10X3”
Weight 33kg (73 lbs)
Weight Limit140 kg (308 lbs)

The Kaabo Mantis King GT electric scooter is the lightest electric scooter with sinewave controllers I have seen so far.

Weighing only 33 lbs, portability isn’t an issue with this beast at all. 

The manufacturing components are of premium quality (think of the battery, motors, controllers, suspension, and hydraulic brakes). 

The Mantis King GT is currently on pre-order at the Kaabo EU warehouse and we are keeping tabs on when it will be available in the US directory.

Why buy an electric scooter with sinewave controllers?

While electric scooters that feature sinewave controllers seem to be higher priced than those that come with the squarewave version, there are several benefits of sinewave scooter controllers that beat affordability.

  1. The motor control is more sophisticated. This factor leads to lower noise and overheating when riding for many miles
  2. The acceleration is fast and smooth, which makes coming out of zero to the top speed seamless
  3. Maneuverability while negotiating corners is much easier with electric scooter sinewave controllers
  4. Brakes tend to be more responsive when a scooter features sinewave controllers as compared to the squarewave type
  5. The power consumption is relatively lower, which makes climbing slopes more controlled. 

For demerits of the sinewave type, we find that these types of controllers are relatively more expensive than their squarewave counterparts.

Besides, these controllers have to be fine-tuned and properly paired with the motor for them to work. 

In Summary: The Best Sinewave Controller Electric Scooters

An electric scooter controller is the primary component in a scooter that receives all the signals from the electric components.

After getting these inputs, the controller acts on what it has been programmed to do. 

There are different types of electric scooter controllers, with the Sinewave type being the best overall.

The best electric scooters that feature sinewave controllers include:

  • Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro
  • YUME X13
  • Nami Burn-E Max
  • Mantis King GT.
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