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What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Adults? [Top 5]

Looking for the Best Electric Unicycle for Adults? Look no more because we have compiled our tested EUCs to match your like.

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More and more adults are turning to electric unicycles as their primary means of commuting and it’s easy to understand why.

These devices are affordable to buy, maintain, and also contribute big time to going green. 

While the EUC space is fairly new, there are more and more rides getting introduced into the market as the days go by. 

As such, it’s easy to undergo analysis paralysis on what the best electric unicycle really is. 

From the research conducted on our EUC database, group rides, and relevant forums, we hereby present to you the best EUCs adults are going for and look deeper into why they are going for only those. 

1. King Song S22 Eagle: The Best Electric Unicycle for Adults Overall

King Song S22 is one of the EUCs that have undergone tons of upgrades to make it in line with the customers’ demands. 

Major upgrades were done on the S22 Eagle and it is currently one of the best-selling electric unicycles in the market today.

Below, find the ultimate King Song S22 specs:

Our Tested Top Speed40.7 mph
Our Tested Top Range97 miles
Hill climbing ability40°
Lighting5W Headlight, Rear Light
Charging time4 hours
Tires20 inches
Weight 66 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Heavy adults can comfortably enjoy this ride all thanks to its 265 lbs weight limit.

Weighing only 66 lbs, this beauty has pulled a surprise as most of the EUCs in its class weighing above 70 lbs.

For those looking into lifting the S22 Eagle, the weight isn’t much of a turn-off, especially for physically fit adults. 

Why King Song S22 Eagle?

If you are one of the riders interested in diversified worlds of speed and range while purchasing a EUC, then the S22 Eagle could just be it.

I weigh 189 lbs and I recorded a 40.7 mph top speed from my GPS tracker. 

Before the battery ran out of juice, I hit a top range of 97 miles, which is, in all honesty fantastic.

Lest you forget, the King Song S22 EUC is rated to hit a no-load speed of 65 mph and a top range of 125 miles. 

So, depending on your weight, experience, and kind of terrain, you may find reaching near the top-rated specs possible.

Rev Rides ships the King Song S22 with a seat, and we feel like this is a generous gesture.

After all, it’s simply so hard to ride up to 125 miles while standing. 

Adorable King Song S22 Eagle Features

Coming with massive 20-inch tires, you can expect the S22 Eagle to excel across different terrains.

Big tires are an absolute must for adult electric unicycles and getting one with them is advantageous. 

For a EUC that has the potential to hit a top speed of more than 50 mph, the suspension should be an industry standard and it seems King Song didn’t sleep on the job while manufacturing this ride.

It features adorable 240mm shocks with a 100mm travel distance to make the ride quality as great as possible. 

The massive dual-pack LG50LT battery has the desired quality to give you the peace of mind you rightfully deserve, no thinking about power cutouts. 

Again, this wheel has tons of alarms and sensors to always keep the rider in the know.

These come really handy to not only save you but the ride’s overall health and performance. 

King Song S22 Eagle Pros

  • Lesser charging time than its competitors
  • The Matrix Display is one of the most unique, offering the much-needed convenience 
  • Superb build quality
  • The adjustable spiked pedals make riders of different sizes focus more on riding than worrying
  • The pricing is competitive for the features it offers.


  • While this wheel has competitive pricing, the price is relatively steep
  • The torque is lower than some of its competitors. 

2. King Song S18: The Best Value Adult Electric Unicycle

King Song S18 is one of the oldest EUC models for adults.

It has stood the test of time and quality, with numerous upgrades having been made to this beauty. 

Adults looking for a EUC for around $2200 have almost always settled for the S18, which tells you it is the best bang for the buck out there. 

Before we can go further, find the ultimate King Song S18 specs below:

Our tested top speed28.2 mph
Our tested top range 56 miles
Battery84V 1110Wh
Hill climbing ability40°
Peak power output5000W
Tires18X3 inches
Charging time6 hours
Weight 48 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

One of the many reasons why many love the Song S18 wheel is that it’s one of the lightest.

Under most normal circumstances, adult EUCs weigh way above 50 lbs, and as you can see, the King Song S18 is an exception. 

While most riders won’t need a portable device since they come with a convenient handle for pulling them around, the portability equally comes in handy since you can lift it upstairs or keep your device in a car’s trunk alone. 

Why King Song S18?

Like most King Song EUCs, the S18 model features an adjustable pedal design.

Ideally, riders can adjust these pedals by 2cm, which makes riders of different sizes more comfortable. 

For riders who are looking to get from point A to B relatively fast, then this ride features a 30 mph top speed and a top range of 62 miles.

From our tests, though, we recorded a top speed of 28.2 mph and a range of 56 miles before the battery died.

As mentioned above, these two specs depend on different factors.

One of the few EUCs featuring an air suspension, the ride quality of the King Song S18 is one of the best.

Regardless of where you subject this wheel, I have only had great things to say about it.

The S18 also comes with different types of protection such as low battery protection, roll protection, and protection against extreme temperatures.

Again, it has an array of sensors and indicators to keep alerting the rider on what’s basic for them. 

King Song S18 Pros

  • King Song S18 offers the best value for money
  • One of the constantly upgraded models and all customer concerns addressed
  • Its air suspension makes the ride quality buttery smooth regardless of the terrain
  • Lightweight in nature; thus, ideal for all types of handling situations
  • Comes with a multi-faceted Mobile APP to offer the convenience riders expect. 


  • Not IP-rated
  • Not one of the fastest electric unicycles for adults. 

3. Begode EXN High Speed: The fastest electric unicycle for adults

For this list, Begode EXN HS emerged at the top when it comes to speed.

In fact, just a few negatives such as its heavy weight made it not clinch the sweet first spot. 

If you are more interested in Torque than speed, though, you can look into its twin version – The Begode EXN High Torque electric unicycle

Below, find the ultimate Begode EXN HS specs:

Our Tested Top Speed48.7 mph
Our Tested Top Range123 miles
Motor2800W nominal power
Battery100V 2700Wh
Hill climbing ability25°
Weight 73 lbs (Net)
Weight Limit290 lbs

If you are a heavy adult weighing around 250 lbs, then the Begode EXN HS model would be your perfect choice.

With a 290-lb load capacity, you can undoubtedly nod that this ride would be perfect for your weight. 

Why the Begode EXN HS EUC?

Featuring a massive 2800W hollow motor, the EXN High Speed has a no-load speed of up to 65 mph.

From our tests, we recorded 48.7 mph as our utter best, but you may get better if you are lighter than I am. 

As of the moment, only the Begode Monster Pro outdid the EXN HS, where we recorded a top speed of 58.2 mph.

You can refer to our Monster Pro review if you are looking for something beefier than the EXN HS, but for a higher price. 

Featuring triple packs of 100V 2700Wh LG battery, the Begode EXN HS is one of the longest-range EUCs we currently have on our database.

Rated to hit a 140-mile range, this is not a EUC that will leave you stranded on the road owing to cutouts or even a lack of sufficient voltage. 

It also features multiple alarms that kick in within clearly stipulated timelines.

For instance, the EUC will beep 5 times per second when the motor produces a peak output power of 75%. 

It also comes with an anti-spin function where the motor won’t rotate after you hold the handle.

We find this feature incredibly useful as it adds big time to the already sorted safety. 

Begode EXN HS Pros

  • A massive high-quality branded battery keeps the rider focus more on the actual riding than worrying about the range 
  • Massive pedals offer riders of different sizes the much-needed comfort
  • One of the fastest rides favoring adrenaline junkies
  • A multi-purpose Begode APP helps to upgrade the firmware and make the rider connect with more Begode EUC owners
  • Excellent all-terrain electric unicycle.


  • This EUC is heavy
  • The lack of stating the IP rating is in bad faith. 

4. King Song 18XL: The Best Budget EUC for adults

Just like King Song S18, the King Song 18XL adult electric unicycle is one of the oldest King Song models. 

This EUC is perfect to not only adults looking for an electric unicycle for around $2K, but also heavy ones weighing more than 300 lbs. 

With a load capacity of 325 lbs, heavy adults find solace in this premiumly-built device without having to break the bank. 

Our tested top speed28.7 mph
Our tested top range62.1 miles
Tires 18 inches
ColorsBlack or White
Speaker typeHi-Fi
Charging portsDual USB
Weight 53 lbs
Weight Limit325 lbs

Ideally and realistically, this EUC is ideal for getting from point A to B without a huge consideration on speed.

Rated to hit a 30mph top speed, we recorded 28.7mph as our utter best and I am nowhere near 325 lbs (compare 325 lbs load capacity to 189 lbs weight). 

As a heavy adult, here is where we say that you get what you pay for and as such, if you consider class and performance, you would rather buy the King Song S22 Eagle as compared to the 18XL. 

Nevertheless, the 18XL has its points of strength.

One of those is that this device features a premium-grade 1554Wh battery, that can get fully charged within 5 hours (with a fast charger).

This EUC is rated to hit a top range of 70 miles, but we found 62 miles to be our sweet spot. 

Below the ladder, you can have the King Song 16X, which is also rated to have a maximum range of 70 miles.

The 16X is somewhat more dated but then goes for $600 cheaper.

This is ideal for those who wish to have an adult EUC with a 330 lbs weight limit, but again without feeling to have overspent. 

The King Song 18XL is one of the most comfortable electric unicycles in its class and we owe that to its massive pedals and consistent upgrades that seem to have addressed any previous complaints. 

King Song 18XL Pros

  • One of the most comfortable electric unicycles for adults under $2000
  • Long-range and comfortable for the price it offers
  • With a weight limit of 325 lbs, it caters to adults of different weight segments
  • Features a superb build quality
  • Adorable tire size to help in different terrains. 


  • The water resistance rating isn’t as great
  • The torque should have been better. 

5. Begode Monster Pro: The feature-packed EUC for adults worth their salt

If you adore features more than anything else while shopping for an electric ride, then your search might have come to an end, especially because the Begode Monster Pro is here commanding the kingly respect it rightfully deserves. 

My Tested Top Speed58.2mph
My Tested Top Range152 miles
Motor3500W nominal power
Battery100V; 3600Wh
LightingHeadlights, Taillight, Front and Rear LEDS
Hill climbing ability35°
Weight88 lbs
Weight Limit290 lbs

True to the name, this heavy adult electric unicycle is a monster.

Chewing different kinds of terrains to reach a tested top speed of 58.2 mph is certainly no child’s play, and I only have many great things to talk about the Monster Pro. 

It is a EUC I have admired for long ever since it was released and from the table above, you can see the specs are mouth-watering. 

As of the moment, it is the only EUC I have reviewed with 4 battery packs, which is why attaining a range of above 150 miles is certainly possible.

Should you be looking for a EUC focused more on the speed and range and then torque, then there is no better choice out there than the Begode Monster Pro. 

Since the Monster Pro has tons of features and specs to talk about, why not head over to our Begode Monster Pro electric unicycle review and see what it has to offer? 

This EUC could have easily clinched the top spot, but the problem is that it commands a hefty price tag. 

Begode Monster Pro Pros

  • It is the perfect EUC for adults focused more on performance than anything else
  • Massive battery packs make the EUC cover long range and evade any power cut-outs
  • Riders are able to choose the tire option they wish their Monster Pro to have
  • Lots of alarms make the rider always updated on what needs to be done
  • The universal Begode APP comes in handy for different functionalities of the EUC.


  • One of the most expensive EUCs
  • Weighing 88 lbs, talking of portability is a myth. 

Factors to consider while buying an electric unicycle for adults

Your weight

I sometimes tend to think that one’s weight should primarily determine what EUC one can get. 

See, it’s always crucial for you to buy an electric unicycle with a weight limit way beyond your weight. 

Weight affects the specifications of PEVs big time and the worst you can do is to complain about achieving less than ½ claimed range or top speed.

If you weigh around 200 lbs, it’s prudent that you buy an adult electric unicycle with a weight limit beyond 250 lbs. 


What’s the main reason why you are getting a EUC? Do you want a perfect commuting electric unicycle? A long-range one will do. 

Do you wish to use it as the primary transportation to work? A fast one will do (You may sometimes wake up late and need to achieve the timeline to get to work, boy). 

Build quality

The worst that can happen is to have a EUC breaking on you or the battery causing a fire.

It’s perfect if you opt for a supremely built one (regardless of the price) and save your skin someday or even the money you would otherwise spend on a replacement. 

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