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What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Heavy Riders? [Top 5]

Are you looking for the Best Electric Unicycle for Heavy Riders? Be here as we round up a list of our top 5 based on our experience

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5 years ago, I would have agreed that electric unicycles aren’t tailored for heavy riders.

But I can’t say that anymore because, in our EUC riders group, half of them are heavy adults weighing more than 250 lbs. 

1. King Song S22 Eagle: The best electric unicycle for heavy riders overall

King Song S22 Eagle

Best For: Those looking for a unicycle for heavy riders

Top Features:

  • 40.7mph top speed
  • 97 miles top range
  • 3300W motor

While most EUCs in the recent past had smaller load capacities, the situation is different nowadays with some having weight limits of above 300 lbs. 

With many choices in the market, it’s easy to undergo analysis paralysis on what the best EUC for heavy adults is.

Worry no more, though, because, in today’s round-up, we are happy to introduce the rides we know will serve you well. 

image of king song s22 eagle

If you weigh a maximum of 265 lbs, then the updated King Song S22 Eagle electric unicycle is your best bet. 

One of the EUCs with sick suspensions, the S22 Eagle is the most buttery smooth Electric Unicycle I have ever ridden. 

After all, heavy riders deserve to ride a device with suspension and experience what smoothness in riding involves.

Below, find the adorable King Song S22 Eagle Specs:

Our Tested Top Speed40.7 mph
Our Tested Top Range97 miles
Hill climbing ability40°
Lighting5W Headlight, Rear Light
Charging time4 hours
Tires20 inches
Weight 66 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why King Song S22 Eagle?

Unlike the first batch of the King Song (S20) S22, the all-new King Song S22 Eagle has had tons of upgrades to make it near-perfect. 

Since cutouts are some of the serious problems affecting most EUCs, this is well taken care of with the S22 Eagle.

Featuring a massive Smart Battery Management System that is enclosed in a metal battery sheath, riders are always in the know about the remaining voltage and hence be in a position to determine how much range they can cover before the batt dies. 

Again, safety is paramount for heavy riders, and as such, this device features a premium build quality that will always let the rider stay as safe as possible.

Starting from the massive premium-grade DNM 240mm shock suspension with 130 mm travel ability to swappable bumpers, this ride commands a sense of class for heavy riders. 

The pedals are massive enough and spiked to contribute to a better riding experience since you will be much more focused on the actual riding than worrying about slipping. 

Lastly, the hollow motor has had its wires waterproofed to keep your ride in tip-top shape while riding across different terrains.

This work of a masterpiece is just too good to be true. 

King Song S22 Eagle Pros

  • Featuring adjustable spiked pedals, riders of different sizes and weights can focus more on their riding experience
  • Featuring high-quality dual battery pack (LG50LT), there have been no complaints about cutouts or poor range across these devices
  • Coming in a Red and Black color, this EUC commands a sense of style and uniqueness
  • For the features it offers, the King Song S22 is competitively priced
  • One of the few EUCs with a premium suspension to up the ride quality
  • A seat is part of the package. What a great way to add to your comfort!


  • With a peak output power of 7500W, the King Song S22 Eagle is somewhat slow as compared to other models in that category
  • There is no anti-spin function. 

2. Begode Monster Pro: The best EUC for heavy riders looking for range and speed

Begode Monster Pro

Best For: Heavy riders looking for range and speed

Top Features:

  • 58.2mph top speed
  • 152 miles top range
  • 3500W motor
image of begode monster pro

If speed and range are the two crucial factors you consider before trying out a new EUC, then the Begode Monster Pro could be where your search comes to an end. 

Below are the crucial specs you will need to know about the Monster Pro:

My Tested Top Speed58.2mph
My Tested Top Range152 miles
Motor3500W nominal power
Battery100V; 3600Wh
LightingHeadlights, Taillight, Front and Rear LEDS
Hill climbing ability35°
Weight88 lbs
Weight Limit290 lbs

From our Begode Monster Pro review, we noted that this is one of the most versatile rides we have today.

Do you want to update the firmware?

Connect with fellow owners? Configure the warning prompts? Just switch to the APP.

With a weight limit of 290 lbs, the Begode Monster Pro electric unicycle for heavy adults will effortlessly carry big dawgs without them having to worry about speed and range. 

Unlike the King Song S22 Eagle we mentioned above that comes with a 3300W nominal motor power, the Monster Pro does 3500W.

The peak power output of this ride is definitely above 7500W, which is why it effortlessly hits a top speed of more than 50mph.

(We recorded 58.2 mph as our ever best). 

Also coming with 4 battery packs (100V 3600W), the Monster Pro electric unicycle for adults is able to hit a top range of 152 miles without breaking any sweat (The manufacturer says 165 is their rated top speed).

With this particular EUC, you may find it wise to actually be using it as your commuting device as opposed to a gas-powered car.

As of the time of writing this, though, this EUC didn’t feature any suspension, which we think is somewhat unfair from the manufacturer.

If it did, we wouldn’t think twice but to offer it the top spot. 

Again, unlike the King Song S22 Eagle that comes with a seat by default, one has to get a factory seat and install it to their Begode Monster Pro.

Long ranges of above 100 miles demand the rider to sit as needed and stand-ride as per their wish. 

Begode Monster Pro Pros

  • Great balanced worlds of speed and range 
  • The anti-spin function comes really handy (You hold the handle, and the motor stops spinning right away)
  • It’s rare to encounter power cut outs
  • The many functions included in the EUC make it one of the few well-versatile rides we currently have
  • Coming with different tire types, the buyer can choose an offroad or a street ride.


  • The IP rating isn’t mentioned
  • This EUC for heavy riders is bulky. 

3. King Song S18: The Best Budget EUC for heavy riders

King Song S18

Best For: Heavy riders looking for an affordable unicycle e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 28.2mph top speed
  • 56 miles top range
  • 2200W motor

If you are looking for a budget EUC that can carry heavy riders up to 265 lbs, then the King Song S18 is right up your alley. 

This EUC has been available for more than 3 years now but has always gone through numerous upgrades as requested by the owners. 

Below, find the primary King Song S18 specs:

Our tested top speed28.2 mph
Our tested top range 56 miles
Battery84V 1110Wh
Hill climbing ability40°
Peak power output5000W
Tires18X3 inches
Charging time6 hours
Weight 48 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

We find the Kingsong S18 electric unicycle for heavy adults to be reliable for those who aren’t looking for neck-breaking speeds, but range without breaking the bank. 

For its weight limit, this is actually one of the lightest EUCs you can find out there since most of its competitors weigh more than 50 lbs.

Portability isn’t an issue for most big dawgs worth their salt, which is why we can’t recommend this ride enough for those who wish to own a EUC that can be carried upstairs without many worries. 

Just like most King Song devices, the S18 features suspension – air suspension to be specific.

With this kind of suspension, you can expect the ride quality to be near-perfect across most terrains.

To boost the looks, the King Song S18 comes with sheathed wires.

Again, you can choose it in either black or White.

One of the reasons we love the S18 is that the manufacturer has upgraded the components it initially had.

When they released the Beta version, there were complaints such as speed wobbles while braking and thin paddles that hurt the inner knees. 

King Song S18 Pros 

  • The air suspension with 100 mm travel makes the S18 buttery smooth across different terrains
  • One of the highest-quality budget electric unicycles we have today
  • This EUC is lighter compared to most models in its class
  • It has a multi-functional mobile APP to make the ride as versatile as possible
  • Looks so stylish.


  • Not ideal for those looking for speed
  • Not IP-rated. 

4. Begode EXN HS: The High-Speed EUC of choice for heavy riders

Begode EXN HS

Best For: Heavy riders looking for a high-speed unicycle e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 48.7mph top speed
  • 123 miles top range
  • 2800W motor
image of Begode EXN HS

The Begode EXN High Speed (HS) is one of the fastest electric unicycles we have in these streets.

While it doesn’t feature as much torque as the Begode EXN High Torque, this one is perfect for saving the battery voltage while achieving great power for speed. 

I have ridden the Begode EX.N High Speed for 8 months now and I only have great things to say.

But before then, let’s have a glance at the EXN HS specs:

Our Tested Top Speed48.7 mph
Our Tested Top Range123 miles
Motor2800W nominal power
Battery100V 2700Wh
Hill climbing ability25°
Weight 73 lbs (Net)
Weight Limit290 lbs

Just like the top-most Begode Gotway model – Monster Pro, the EXN High Speed has a weight limit of 290 lbs. 

In our Begode EX.N HS review, we describe this beast as one of the few top-notch rides in the world so far. 

Rated to hit a 65 mph no-load speed, you can nod that this isn’t a child play’s type of EUC.

It only deserves to be ridden by heavy adults, and not any heavy riders, but experienced ones at that. 

From our tests, we recorded 48.7 mph as our top speed, which is understandable as the top speed of any PEV depends on the rider’s weight, their experience, the kind of terrain it’s subjected to, and the overall condition of the device. 

With massive 3 battery packs (100V 2700Wh), we hit a top range of 123 miles before the batteries ran out of juice.

The manufacturer says the EUC can hit a no-load range of 140 miles, and we agree that that is possible.

If you are lighter and further from the top load capacity, you can get a better top speed and range than the ones I recorded. 

As with the other Begode Models, the Begode EXN HS electric unicycle can be connected to the Begode APP, and right there, you will access different functions and connect with fellow Begode riders. 

Begode EXN High Speed Pros

  • One of the fastest electric unicycles for heavy adults today
  • Great range for the price
  • The ride quality is excellent across different terrains
  • No cut-outs reported
  • With an APP, the rider can access multiple functions.


  • The lack of suspension makes the ride not as enjoyable
  • Heavy. 

5. King Song 18 XL: The best electric unicycle for heavy riders 300 lbs

King Song 18 XL

Best For: Heavy riders 300 lbs

Top Features:

  • 28.7mph top speed
  • 62.1miles top range
  • 2200W motor
image of King Song 18 XL

If you weigh around 300 lbs and are wondering whether there is a EUC for you, then you are lucky because there is your perfect fit here. 

With a weight limit of 325 lbs, the King Song 18 XL is one of the few big-dawg proven EUCs we currently have.

Below, find the specs:

Our tested top speed28.7 mph
Our tested top range62.1 miles
Tires 18 inches
ColorsBlack or White
Speaker typeHi-Fi
Charging portsDual USB
Weight 53 lbs
Weight Limit325 lbs

The King Song 18 XL is one of the oldest King Song models, yet among the best sellers.

They have continually upgraded it over the years and addressed most of the concerns, which is why even the ratings we see nowadays are mostly positive.

Closer to the 18XL is the King Song 16X, which has a weight limit of 330 lbs, but in terms of performance, the KS 18XL smokes out the 16X. 

This long-range EUC is relatively heavy (53 lbs), and most riders struggle a bit to lift it.

However, the weight is well-diversified since the components of the device are high-quality and relatively huge (think of the battery and the motor).

The performance isn’t as stellar as most pricy rides, but comparing it with those within its price categories, the King Song 18 XL excels with flying colors. 

If you are interested in any EUC costing around $2100, then this is it. 

King Song 18 XL Pros

  • Affordably priced
  • A desirable weight limit of above 300 lbs
  • Excellent performance for the price
  • The tires are big enough to navigate across different terrains
  • The EUC has many features to help the rider achieve ease.


  • The water resistance would have been better
  • Inferior torque.

Factors to consider when buying an electric unicycle for heavy riders

Weight Limit

An electric unicycle weight limit refers to the maximum weight a EUC can carry without getting worked up. 

As a rule of thumb, always buy a EUC with a weight limit way above your weight.

For example, if you are a heavy rider weighing 200 lbs, you can buy a EUC rated to have above 250 lbs load capacity. 

When the weight limit is way beyond your weight, you also take care of unforeseeable things such as when you gain more weight. 

Again, it’s not advisable to ride an electric unicycle with a load capacity below your weight.

Working up the device will make the performance to be crappy and in the worst-case scenario, some components end up breaking. 

Top Speed and Top Range

Weight affects the top speed and range to a great extent.

Under normal circumstances, lighter riders than you will always record better specs of these two. 

It’s recommended that you get a high-speed and high-range EUC to get great results.

For instance, a EUC rated to hit a no-load speed of 65 mph but tested to show a top speed of 50 mph by a 200 lb rider will offer you slower speeds if you weigh let’s say 265 lbs.

Similarly, you need to consider the top range.

If a EUC is tested by 200 lbs rider to hit 100 miles as the maximum range, it will be hard for you to record such range if you weigh 265 lbs. 

As always, critical thinking needs to be applied before settling for a specific EUC model.

From here, you can then go through the other specs. 


There are bare-minimum features a EUC meant for heavy riders should have.

Since most of these rides are expensive, having a couple of fancy features should be an industry standard.

It’s worthwhile that you check if your preferred EUC is compatible with any APP, has Bluetooth speakers, and has massive bright lights at the very least. 

Customer service 

While some manufacturers have a great product, their customer service sucks if not non-existent. 

It’s always great that you opt for reputable retailers before settling on a specific device.

In that case, you will get parts when needed as communication is at par and your warranty claims will be honored promptly. 


Some brands sell ineffective products or those that feel cheap and despite getting called out, they never do anything worthwhile to upgrade their rides. 

It’s always crucial for you to go for a reliable electric unicycle for heavy riders.

The worst that can happen is having a ride going at full speed breaking down on you owing to non-existent quality control. 

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