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Best Idaho Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Idaho online defensive driving courses are also known as Idaho traffic school. Basically, you’ve done something wrong like speeding or running a light and now you’re being punished. It used to be that you’d have to sit in an unbearable classroom and get chastised by a teacher that wants to be there even less than you. To you and the others in the class it would feel like detention. Luckily, now you can take Idaho traffic school online. So, if you’ve recently ended up with a ticket and you’re looking for a way to remove it, you should keep reading. The following article offers all the details you’ll need on the best Idaho online traffic schools!

The Best Idaho Online Traffic Schools

In Idaho you have the option of completing Idaho online defensive driving classes every three years to remove up to three points from your driving record. If you have so many points that you receive a letter about possible license suspension, completing Idaho traffic school can also prevent that suspension from happening. Keep in mind that while you may be able to prevent a suspension, if you’re license is already suspended, a defensive driving course won’t get your license back for you.

Whether you go online or in a classroom your traffic school class will include the same information:

  • Safe driving behaviors
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Traffic laws and regulations in Idaho
  • How to properly share the road with others
  • The consequences and violations associated with drug and alcohol abuse

Looking for driver’s education and not traffic school? Here’s our list of online driver’s ed classes!




Idaho approves a number of online traffic schools and iDriveSafely is one of them. The benefits of iDriveSafely include:

  • Inexpensive
  • Great customer service
  • Name you can trust (5 million people have taken traffic school with iDriveSafely)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Short chapters with ability to pause as needed
  • Course is free to start
  • Our iDriveSafely review has more details




Aceable offers an app-based approach to traffic school. Your class will be able to be completed completely on your smartphone or tablet. Many find the pace of Aceable to be faster and their course to be more unique than some. Classes are held online from start to finish and can be paused if you need a break between lessons. If you prefer using your phone over the computer, Aceable may be the right option for you. Keep in mind, not all online traffic schools are approved in every state. You’ll want to ensure that Aceable is approved in Idaho before beginning your coursework. If you’re ready to learn more, you can check out our Aceable review here!


Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

People that want a good laugh should thoroughly enjoy Improv Traffic School because it’s certainly the most entertaining of all the traffic schools online. Improv Comedy School created this traffic school to give some laughs to a subject no one wants to be studying. The classes are affordable and offer plenty of funny videos and some reading material that will get you through the course in no time. You can use the device of your choice permitting it has an Internet connection and you can take your class from just about anywhere. Improv Traffic School is an approved Idaho online traffic school, so if you want a good laugh read our Improv Traffic School review to learn more!




GoToTrafficSchool is one of the more cost-effective options on the list. This is because they will meet or beat any price that is lower than theirs. You can use most browsers, on a phone or computer to complete your course. If you need to pause your work your progress will be saved so that you can continue when you’re ready. Your course includes driving simulations, as well as reading and video-based content. You can learn even more in our GoToTrafficSchool review.


Idaho Traffic School FAQ

If you’ve spent your day reading Idaho online traffic school reviews, and you still have questions, we created this FAQ just for you! These are many of the common questions that are asked when people are looking for the best Idaho online traffic schools.


How Long does Idaho Traffic School take to Complete?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you go online or in a classroom. In both cases, your traffic school course should take about 6 hours to complete. Keep in mind that this is the minimum amount of time. When you take a class online they will time it so that you cannot complete the work faster than the minimum six-hour clock. One way to cut the boredom if you’re moving faster than the clock is to have a book or TV nearby for some supplementary entertainment.


Are These the Best Idaho Online Traffic Schools Available?

There are plenty of Idaho online traffic schools that are approved by the state. We recommend the ones we do because the prices are fair, and the content tries to be different enough to make a boring subject a little more interesting. The thing to remember is that not every traffic school is available in every state. So, before signing up for a specific course you should make sure that it’s approved as an Idaho online traffic school.


Is There Anything Else You Can Tell Me about Idaho Online Defensive Driving Courses?

You’re going to be bored. The good news is that you can be bored at home instead of in a classroom. When you consider the fact that the prices are similar, and the class length is the same, there’s no reason to force yourself to pretend you care enough to sit in a classroom for the better part of a Saturday. Instead find an approved Idaho online traffic school and you’re your class. When you’re done you have your points reduced, your ticket removed, or qualify for that safe driver discount you want!

Are you in search of an online traffic course, but you not from Idaho? Find the best online traffic schools in your state.

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