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Best Indiana Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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best Indiana online traffic schools

No one ever wants to go to traffic school. It’s boring, it’s stuffy, and you’re surrounded by strangers that also don’t want to be in traffic school. However, if you’re here reading this it’s likely that you have to go to traffic school. Indiana traffic school works a little bit differently than a lot of states. You can take an Indiana online defensive driving course to satisfy your traffic school requirement. You can also take your course in a classroom or possibly through the mail. The quickest and easiest option is to go online. You can get some snacks, turn on the TV, and do your work at your leisure. It sure beats being in that classroom! With that in mind, keep reading so we can share with you the best Indiana online traffic schools.

The Best Indiana Online Traffic Schools

In Indiana you can go to traffic school for two reasons. You’re either required to go, or you can choose to go voluntarily. You may be required to complete an Indiana online defensive driving course if:

  • You have 2 or more traffic convictions in one year
  • You’re under 21 and have any points on your record

You can also decide to take the course voluntarily. You can complete Indiana traffic school every three years. This will remove 4 points from your record, which makes it worthwhile if you have points. If you are getting close to having your license suspended, traffic school is a great way to remove some points and keep your license. You may also be able to qualify with your insurance company to get a safe driver discount. Just make sure to check with your insurance company, as not all of them offer this unique traffic school discount.




iDriveSafely has a lot to offer where Indiana traffic school is concerned. First off, the course is completely online. Prices are competitive with other traffic schools and you can determine how much you want to pay by opting for a less expensive text-based course or splurging and getting one with more video content. Whichever option you choose you can begin the class before you pay so you see what you’re getting yourself into. Customer service options, if you need them, are top notch! You can even pause your coursework and come back to it, if you can’t do it in one sitting. iDriveSafely also offers a money back guarantee. You can discover more in our full iDriveSafely review.




Aceable offers a completely app-based approach to online defensive driving classes. They also offer online driver’s ed. Classes are taken on tablet or smartphone and progress can be saved as needed. Prices for each class are reasonable in comparison to other online traffic schools. Aceable classes are straightforward, and the unique approach used in creating them makes them a little easier to handle than some other traffic school content. Aceable is allowed as an approved traffic school in many states, but you should make sure it’s approved in Indiana before signing up. You can learn more in our Aceable review.


Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is more fun than traffic school should ever be! Just look at some of the positives of this online traffic school:

  • Good prices
  • Fun material
  • Hilarious videos
  • Complete work on computer or mobile device
  • Progress is saved during breaks
  • Work is easy to complete
  • Our Improv Traffic School review has more info

Keep in mind that while Improv Traffic School is approved in many states they have not been approved everywhere. You’ll want to be sure they are an accepted Indiana online traffic school before you start your course!




GoToTrafficSchool is another solid option! This is a particularly good choice for those looking for the most inexpensive option. In fact, if you find a lower price anywhere, GoToTrafficSchool will meet or beat that price. Using your browser, you can attend classes on your computer or mobile device. Since opening in 1999, they have provided traffic school to over four million drivers! Each class has a mix of content including reading, driving simulations, and videos. You can learn even more in our GoToTrafficSchool review.


Indiana Traffic School FAQ

If you’ve made it this far and have read all of the Indiana online traffic school reviews you could find, you may have just a few more questions. If so, the following questions and answers may be just what you need to help you decide on the best Indiana online traffic schools for you!


Is Completing Indiana Traffic School Difficult?

Traffic school isn’t really difficult at all. The classroom setting can certainly be more inconvenient, but in most cases traffic school is just a reminder of things you already know about operating a vehicle. This is why we recommend online traffic school. It makes something that’s a pain to go through a little less painful. At least with online traffic school you’re able to get things done on your terms with the freedom that you’d lack in a classroom.


Are These the Best Indiana Online Traffic Schools Available?

Whether or not any particular school is the best will have a lot to do with your own personal preference. In our opinion, the best online Indiana traffic schools cost less money, are easier to get through, and you have the advantage of attending traffic school on your couch in your pajamas, if you want. Once you find some traffic schools that you think will work for you, you’ll want to make sure they are approved options in Indiana. If a school is not approved your course will not count to the state.


Is There Anything Else I Should Know about Indiana Online Defensive Driving Courses?

As long as your online traffic school is approved by the state of Indiana, you should find the experience of going to traffic school online to be quick and easy. Completing traffic school can help you to get a ticket removed from your record, to reduce your license points, and to stop the chance of having your license suspended. Depending on your insurance company you may even find that you’re eligible for a safe driver discount after you finish traffic school.

Do you need to take a traffic course, but you aren’t in Indiana? Find the best online traffic schools in your state.

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