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The Best Jump Starters: Reviews & Buying Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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NOCO Boost Plus GB40

What comes to your mind when you hear the word vacation? The beach? Or perhaps a chilling cruise with the family to the mountains?

All these sounds perfect, but a dead car battery may ruin it all.  They say prevention is better than cure. So, we check the tires, brakes, lights, batteries, baby seats, etc. beforehand. But the battery dies at the middle of the road. What do we do? Wait for hours for help?

Not if we have a portable jump starter. Yes, prevention is better but in this case, we also need a cure (jump starter). Our cars always seem to break down the least we expect it, we need to think ahead.

So now that it is decided that jump starters are vital, where and how would one look for the perfect choice?

Don’t worry, we’re here to save your vacation. We’ve listed down the best jump starters in our detailed buying guide for you to check out!


Our Picks for the Best Jump Starters

Check out our car jump starter reviews and buying guide to help you find the perfect product for your needs.


Tacklife T8 Car Jump Starter

tacklife t8

Key Features: 800 amps peak current: the equivalent of 18,000 mAh power bank, 12 months standby time, multi-functional life-saving machine, clear LCD screen

The Tacklife T8 Car Jump Starter is a life-saving multi-purpose device. The main selling point of this product is that it’s small, efficient and has a lot of functions. It has a capacity of 800 amps, reverse polarity connection protection, long standby time, dual USB charging ports, bright LED flashlight, and a built-in compass.

This is perfect for small to medium engine cars with its compact size and charge capacity. Aside from the functions above, it also has a multifunctional lifesaver with strobe, SOS signal lights, and red warning lights. It is the perfect emergency disaster carry when it’s not a jump starter.

The Tacklife T8’s design and rubber finish scream quality. The manufacturer claims that it is fire-resistant giving it another point for life protection for a price that will not break the bank.

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NOCO Boost Plus GB40

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

Key Features: 1,000 Amps – up to 20 jump starts/single charge; Spark-proof and reverse polarity protection; bright LED flashlight; USB port charger

The Noco Boost Plus GB40 is the literal definition of small but terrible. It can deliver up to 1,000 Amps which is equivalent to 20 jump starts with just a single charge. Plus, with only a weight of 2.69lbs, it can fit anywhere. Safety is their priority as the Noco Boost is spark-proof and warns the user if it is plugged improperly.

Its modern utility is also present as it can be charged using a USB cable or a car charger. Aside from that, it can recharge most devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more. The product is also equipped a LED flashlight that can function as an emergency strobe with 7 modes settings.

Lastly, with a 23-inch jump cable, it is one of the longest out there of the car battery jump starter. Its multipurpose functionality and compact but powerful design make it one of the best portable jump starters out there.

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Clore Automotive JNC660

Clore Automotive JNC660

Key Features: 1,700 Peak Amp; 46-inch long cables; Industrial grade, Hot Jaw clams;

The Clore Automotive JNC660 may be the heaviest one here, but that’s because it packs quite a punch. This is the best car jump starter for those with heavy-duty engines such as trucks, RVs, vans and more. It is capable of reviving dead batteries thanks to the Clore PROFORMER battery. The 1,700 Amps is a testament to the power that Jump-N-Carry is capable of which is by far the most powerful in this list.

These batteries are the definition of durability, power, and portability. It doesn’t rely on fancy LED displays, rather it has an indicator gauge that tells the remaining battery charge.

The Jump-N-Carry may not be a modern looking jump starter, but that may suit those who are looking for performance over aesthetics. Its powerful performance and sturdy battery mean that it has incredible electrical power and long-lasting life. And while it is heavy compared to the others on this list, it can still be fitted anywhere on your car thanks to its compact design.

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GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

Key Features: Can power most vehicles (7.0L Gas or 5.5 Diesel Engine); Quick charging 3.0; 5 advanced safety features; bright LED flashlight

The GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter is a lightweight but powerful jump starter. It can deliver up to 30 full power jump stars on one charge. It can charge most type of engines in cars, boats, RVs and more.

The GOOLOO is loaded with safety features  – 5 to be exact. The jumper clamp is super safe featuring technology such as overload protection, over-charge protection, high-temperature protection, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection. It also has an ultra-bright LED flashlight that can also function as a strobe and SOS light.

Lastly, it attracts the tech-savvy people out there with the quick charge 3.0 USB ports. You will never run out of battery ever again thanks to its 18,000mAh battery capacity. Safety and power plus portability and modernity, this product combines it all for an overall safe and convenient emergency experience.

Click here to learn more and to get the best pricing on Amazon.


Tips for Choosing the Best Car Jump Starter

Buying a car jump starter is a must for all who drive. Even the best car batteries don’t last forever. That is why jump car starters are a necessity.

But with so many products out there in the market, it’s easy to get confused as to which is perfect for you and your car. There are a lot of things to consider. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a simple buying guide to help you pick the best for you.



The priority when it comes to choosing the perfect jump car starter is its compatibility with your car. Know what the size of your car battery and the voltage of your car’s electrical system. Some cars are designed to use the 12-volt electrical system, and some use the 24-volt.

The cranking amps are the measure of the power of a jump starter so find the best one based on this. Also, the size of your car engine is also a consideration. Naturally, bigger engines require powerful jump car starters and smaller ones need not.



Most car jump starters especially the modern ones are filled with features to keep up with today’s technological demands. It’s vital to know all the features of a jump starter to know which ones are useful for you and those that aren’t.

If it’s a necessity to always keep your gadgets at full power, you may need a car jumper that can charge fast and has the power to do so.

Although one wouldn’t exactly know when an emergency occurs, getting a car jumper with an LED light may come in handy.



Modern jump starters usually have one or two safety features as the bare minimum. Of course, opting for the one which is loaded with these may seem like the best choice, and it is. This is especially true for those that are beginners when it comes to cars but still need car jumpers.

Always look for products with safety features such as reverse polarity protection as this will prevent unwanted accidents when clamps are connected improperly. It is also good to choose products that are covered in rubber as this is an insulator. Overload protection and high-heat protection features are features that are also worth considering.



The prices of car jump starters start from $50 upwards. When choosing the best one, it all depends on the quality, durability, practicality and your budget. If some features such as USB ports and LED lights are not a priority, it’s up to you. But always choose products that are quality tested, sturdy and with a long warranty.


Have any questions about choosing the best jump starter? Let us know by commenting below.

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