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Best Montana Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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best Montana online traffic schools

Usually a person takes defensive driving or traffic school because they have to. Maybe you got a ticket or are nearing a license suspension and you need to reduce the points you’ve accrued. In those cases, whether you’re required or go voluntarily you usually attend your class, graduate, and then submit the required documents to the court or DMV so that your record can be updated appropriately. Montana does things a little bit differently. First of all, you can opt for a Montana online traffic school and skip the classroom. Secondly, once you’ve finished your course some online traffic schools will submit the details of your class to the DMV on their own, so that you don’t have to. This is just one feature that many of the best Montana online traffic schools provide.

The Best Montana Online Traffic Schools

Generally, there are three main reasons that someone is going to take an online defensive driving course. You’re either trying to get a ticket dismissed, you want an insurance discount, or you need to reduce the amount of points attached to your license. If you’re trying to get a ticket removed from your driving record, the Montana courts will determine whether or not you’re eligible to do so. In terms of points, most moving violations equal points on your record. If you get more than 30 points in three years your license will be suspended. Attending Montana online traffic school can reduce your points and put that suspension on hold.

As far as insurance discounts, that is up to the discretion of your insurance company though many do offer a safe driving discount permitting you attend Montana online traffic school. While this discount is initially optional, once you turn 55, the discount becomes mandatory in Montana. So, if you’re 55 or older attending an online defensive driving class will automatically get you an insurance discount.

Whether you attend online traffic school, or you opt for the classroom setting, your class will last for about four hours. The online class is timed, as well, so you won’t get done any faster. The material is also the same that you’ll be learning:

  • Alcohol and drug safety
  • Proper safe driving techniques
  • How to properly respond in dangerous driving situations




iDriveSafely is a reliable option where online traffic schools are concerned. They have been around for years and millions of drivers have used this online traffic school to improve their driving record. Content is set in short chapters, so you have plenty of spots to take a break. Speaking of breaks, progress is saved so you’re good to stop and start as needed. Prices are fair, so you won’t spend a lot more than you would in a classroom setting. You can do your work on most computers or mobile devices, as long as you have an Internet connection. iDriveSafely is approved in many states, but it may not be approved in your area. You’ll want to make sure it is before you begin classwork. You can read our iDriveSafely review for more information.




If you’re most interested in convenience, Aceable and their app-based online traffic school might be right for you. All work is done on a smartphone or tablet on the Aceable app. Content is similar to much of what you’ll find in any traffic school, but it’s given in a more unique format. Based on many Aceable online traffic school reviews, people seem to like it. They also offer other driving classes, like online driver’s ed. Your work can be done from just about anywhere, at your own pace. The only thing you need to worry about is whether or not Aceable is an approved online traffic school in your state. If so, make sure to check out our Aceable review to learn more.


Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

If you want something fun, Improv Traffic School comes highly recommended. Some benefits include:

  • Easy navigation and short chapters
  • Many good stopping points for breaks
  • Progress is saved
  • Work on computer, tablet, or phone
  • Work from the location you want at the time you want
  • Content includes hilarious reading material and videos
  • Brought to you by Improv Comedy Club
  • Our Improv Traffic School review is filled with added details

If you think Improv Traffic School sounds great, you’re not alone. Still, before you sign up, you should make sure that Improv Traffic School is an approved online defensive driving school in your state!




A lot of online traffic school reviews mention the great prices offered at GoToTrafficSchool. It’s true the price is right. It gets even better because if you find a better price, GoToTrafficSchool will meet it. The content is straight-forward and easy to read and/or watch. The only real downside is that your course will be timed to ensure you spend the minimum amount in traffic school that you’re supposed to spend. Of course, this isn’t their fault. You can do your work on most devices that connect to the Internet. GoToTrafficSchool is approved in many states, but you’ll want to ensure that they are approved in your state before you sign up. Our GoToTrafficSchool review is another great way to learn about this online defensive driving course.


Montana Traffic School FAQ

Even the best Montana online traffic school reviews will leave you with some additional questions. If you’ve read some reviews and need a little help we’ve prepared some common questions to help make your search for the best Montana online traffic schools a little easier.


Is Completing Montana Traffic School Online Easier than in a Classroom?

Honestly, it’s not difficult in either situation. Online traffic school gives you more freedom and feels less like you’re stuck in detention or that you’re being punished. With online traffic school you will be able to do your class when and where you want. If you want to do it at night, that’s fine. You can also do your work in the morning. You could even do it while you’re on break or at lunch. The course is timed, and progress is saved so if you split up your work and do it in sections, that’s fine too. Really whatever works for you is allowed, as opposed to the one-shot deal of a classroom setting.


Are These the Best Montana Online Traffic Schools?

There are a lot of online traffic schools out there. In order to compile the list of the best options, we looked at Montana online traffic school reviews and took a lot of factors into consideration. Pricing was an important factor. As traffic school is boring, we also considered the uniqueness of the content and whether or not it was easy to get through. Things like the amount of ways to connect to an online traffic school, reputation, and overall quality of the program were also considered. In the end, these are the online traffic schools that we feel provide the best experience.

Looking for an online traffic school, but you’re not from Montana? Here’s where to find the best online traffic schools in your state. We also have details about how to attend online driver’s education!

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