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Best Nebraska Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

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Traffic school is the worst! Let me rephrase that. Being forced to spend a weekend day in a classroom sucks. Traffic school might not be so bad if it didn’t feel so much like a punishment. Luckily, you don’t always have to be in a classroom to complete traffic school. Instead of spending hours in a room with strangers, the best Nebraska online traffic schools make it easy to do your work when and where you want. Not familiar with online defensive driving courses in Nebraska? Just keep reading, we’re about to list your best options for online traffic schools!

The Best Nebraska Online Traffic Schools

In Nebraska there are a number of reasons why someone might take an online defensive driving class. Some of the more popular reasons include:

  • To obtain a driving permit for employment purposes
  • In order to reinstate your driver’s license
  • If you’re 21 or under and have 6 or more points on your driving record
  • You want to stop an increase on your insurance rate
  • You’re looking to get a minor traffic ticket removed

Every five years you can also voluntarily attend Nebraska online traffic school in order to get two points removed from your license. The length of your class depends on which specific Nebraska online traffic school class you’re taking. Timers will be used in the online defensive driving classes to ensure that you’re logging the appropriate amount of class time and not trying to skip the work to just take the test. Of course, online classes allow you to take breaks or to enjoy your favorite TV show while you’re waiting for that timer to tick down.


If you want an online defensive driving class that has been around for a while, iDriveSafely may be the natural choice for you. If you’ve been reading online traffic school reviews, you’re probably familiar with some of the benefits of iDriveSafely. Not familiar with iDriveSafely? Here are some facts:

  • Great pricing
  • Trusted customer service
  • Easy to read, short chapters
  • Progress is saved during breaks
  • Use computer, smartphone, or tablet to do your work
  • Work anywhere you can connect to the Internet
  • Our iDriveSafely review has more details

iDriveSafely is a great online traffic school, but it’s not approved in every state. Before beginning your class, you’ll want to make sure that it’s approved near you!


If you’re a fan of doing your classwork on-the-go, Aceable is perfect for you. With Aceable your traffic school homework is handled via an app. You can do your work anywhere you want, whenever you want, on a tablet or straight from your phone. Prices are comparable to other online traffic schools. You’ll be able to work at your own pace, taking breaks as needed. Aceable is a great option, but it’s not approved in every state. You’ll want to make sure it’s an approved online traffic school in your state before beginning any classwork. Make sure to look at our Aceable review for more information.

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School makes traffic school fun. Okay, not much can make traffic school fun, but Improv Traffic School is about the closest thing to fun at a traffic school. Brought to you by the creators of the Improv Comedy Club, this traffic school tries to make all of your content funny so it’s easier to get through class. The videos are the best part of this online traffic school. The cost is not any higher than any other online traffic school. You can do your work on computers or mobile devices as long as you have an online connection. Make sure to check to see whether or not Improv Traffic School is approved in your area before you take the course. Our Improv Traffic School review has added details.


GoToTrafficSchool offers some of the best pricing you’ll find for traffic school. In fact, if you find a lower price they will meet it or beat it! Despite the low prices, GoToTrafficSchool provides images, videos, and driving simulators that are on par with their more expensive competitors. You can do your work on any Internet-connected mobile device or computer. Your work is saved frequently so you can take breaks and the work will be ready for you when you return. As wonderful as GoToTrafficSchool is, it’s not approved everywhere just yet. The best thing you can do is make sure it’s approved in your state before you get started. You can also check out our GoToTrafficSchool review to learn more.

Nebraska Traffic School FAQ

Have you read your fill of Nebraska online traffic school reviews, but you still have questions? If so, you’re not alone. It’s common to have a few questions before choosing an online defensive driving course. This is especially true if you’ve never been to online traffic school. If that’s the case, keep reading and we’ll look at some of the questions commonly asked.

Is Completing Nebraska Traffic School Easier Online or in the Classroom?

While the work is pretty much the same, attending online classes is always going to be easier than heading to a classroom. With online traffic school you have the ability to do your work when and where you want. You won’t have this freedom with a classroom session because you’re working around other people’s schedules. At home or online you can take breaks and work at your own pace. In the end, it’s the better choice for most people.

Are These the Best Nebraska Online Traffic Schools Available?

If you consider Nebraska online traffic school reviews, these are some of the best options that you’ll find in online defensive driving. In addition to reviews, we considered how easy the programs were to navigate, how interesting the material is, the pricing for the class, and a number of other factors. In the end, these were the best Nebraska online traffic schools that we found.

What Else Should I Know about Nebraska Online Defensive Driving Courses?

The most important thing is that you choose an online traffic school that is approved by the state of Nebraska. If you’re required to attend traffic school, you can go online. However, if you choose a school that is not approved by the state they don’t have to accept or acknowledge your work. The best thing you can do for a quick and easy resolution to your traffic school experience is to choose a school that Nebraska recognizes.

Are you looking for a traffic school class, but you don’t live in Nebraska? Find the best online traffic schools in your state. You can also learn how to attend online driver’s education!

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