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The Best Places to Buy Used Cars Online

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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best places to buy used cars

Are you in the market for a new (or new-to-you) set of wheels? There are a lot of places to look, but before you trust just anyone, you should see our list of the best places to buy used cars online. Buying from a trusted source is crucial, especially when making such a big investment.

Buying a car is so exciting! Before you start hopping lot to lot to check out used cars, it’s worthwhile to browse online first. This way, you’ll have to spend less time traveling to each dealership and you’ll know the inventory before you visit. By shopping online for used cars, you are able to check out the virtual inventories of various dealerships in addition to by-seller listings. You will have your options at your fingertips so you can compare possibilities on your own watch and without a car salesman pressuring you.

On our list of the best places to buy used cars online, the websites not only give you used car search engines to help find your ideal vehicle, but they also have car history and other useful information readily available.

Best Places to Buy Used Cars Online

If you’re ready to see the best places to buy used cars online, you’ve come to the right place. Using research and experience, we compiled the top, trusted places to find used cars online. Enjoy browsing from the comfort of a desk chair! does a fantastic job of putting the user experience at the forefront. The website is very easy to navigate, with ways for you to search for cars by either style, price range, dealer, city, or more. All of this info is right on the homepage. Of course, you can also use their built-in search engine if you have a specific make and model in mind. You can also choose how far you’re willing to travel to pick up the car before sifting through results—this will help you narrow it down if you have limited options for current transportation.



best places to buy used cars

We like Edmunds for a couple reasons—one of which being the site’s ability to give an approximate value for your current car, if you plan on selling it or trading it in. All you have to do is enter the info about your current car into the website’s appraisal tool, and it will yield a fairly accurate value suggestion. This tool will come in handy for those who need to factor in a sale or trade-in value when deciding which used car they can afford. Edmunds also has easy-to-use filters for finding your dream car.

If you really don’t like stepping foot in a dealership, might be your best bet. This website offers an interesting feature—home delivery for test drives. If it’s available in your area, this feature allows you to complete the entire car buying process from home. Here’s how it works: Once you find the car you want, a customer specialist will call you and help work out the financing options. From there, you take photos and fill out information about your current car you want to trade in, and you’ll receive an offer. Then, they bring the car to you to test drive, and if you want to buy it, all the paperwork is digital. Yep, it’s an incredible time to be alive with options like this!



Another great option if you prefer to complete the whole car-buying process online is none other than Vroom. This savvy website exclusively sells used cars, and some of them have only a couple hundred miles on the odometer. To get your fresh set of wheels delivered straight to your door, here’s how Vroom’s process works: You find the car you want and buy it through their website. Within 48 hours, they will have completed the paperwork, and your new car will be delivered. If you want to trade in your old car, they can quote it and pick it up while they are dropping off your new one. Worried about not being able to test-drive it? Fret not: You have either a week or 250 miles to decide if it’s a good fit or not.

To us, there is no website with the absolute best used car search engine, but that’s only because each website’s works so well. With that being said, has a pretty solid used car search engine, and you’re sure to find a great vehicle on this site just like the others mentioned in this article. The true value of using this website is in the additional features. has lots of resources if you have questions during the process, and their monthly payment calculator is a nice touch for the budget-conscious. You can also opt to use the affordability calculator to help you decide if you can afford that monthly payment.


When it comes to picking the best place to buy a used car, it all depends on what matters most to you. Is it user interface, the ability to shop exclusively at home, or having extra educational resources? Hopefully this list has helped you make some discernment and you are well on your way to getting a great used car that feels like new.


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