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If you’re reading this, you probably already know the importance of having a dash cam.

They can help protect you from liability in accidents, traffic stops, fraud schemes, and more.

There are several different styles of dash camera, with one popular style being rear view mirror dashboard cameras.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best rear view mirror dash cam for your needs!

The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam (Overview)

Our Pick
Pruveeo D700

7" touchscreen, 170 degree wide-angle lens, two cameras - one front and one inward-facing

Falcon Zero F360+

High-end product that is durable, easy to use, and innovative - night vision included

Budget Option

Mid-range dsh camera that consistently earns great reviews for the price point

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Pruveeo D700
  2. Falcon Zero F360+
  3. AUTO-VOX M6
  4. KDLINKS R100 Ultra Dash Camera

Why Choose a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam?

With so many styles and models on the market, one might ask the question – why go with a dash cam rear view mirror style?

Well, there are several benefits to this style of cam – here’s why:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Low profile, easy to hide (such as cameras from our pick of best hidden cams)
  • Offers front-and-rear cameras
  • Toggle to change from a standard mirror to rear view mirror camera
  • Allows you to monitor more of the road around you in real time
  • Can double as a backup camera for parking

Keep in Mind When Purchasing One for Yourself

With so numerous cars taking to the roads each moment of each day accidents are often inevitable.

Of course, no one wants to get into accidents, but you can nearly ensure that in case you’re in one you’ll need footage of it just in case.

Dashcams are the surveillance on the streets and can provide drivers peace of mind while driving(especially dash cams with parking mode). 

There are numerous of mounting types for conventional and mirror mounted dash cams. 

Rearview mirror dash cams have the easiest installation of all the car cameras because it’s ordinarily required just to strap it to your existing car mirror, which can be set up in less than a minute. 

These mounting straps are commonly fixed to the mirror cam itself and come with the dashcam.

Other than that you should consider if there is a store where you can buy replacement parts and mount kits like resellers or you can find it on amazon as always (put a link from parts of the products replacement parts if there are any

Plus, consider that the mirror cameras are a lot bigger than they appear to be when you are scrolling online and searching for one to buy.

This means that they can can take a lot of space on your windshield once you install one, because of that please reconsider to read the dimensions and specs of the rearview mirror camera that you want to buy.

And if you are looking for a small dash cam, check our review.

What is the Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam?

To compile our recommendations, we looked at tons of different models and used a combination of our own experiences with certain cams, third party customer reviews, manufacturer specifications, and more (such as Reddit’s pick of dash cam).

Enjoy, and let us know which one you pick!

6 Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams

1. Pruveeo D700

Pruveeo D700

The Pruveeo D700 is our pick for best rear view mirror dash cam of this year because it combines a lot of useful features into an affordable package.

The Pruveeo D700 is our pick for best rear view mirror dash cam of this year because it combines a lot of useful features into an affordable package.

It’s made by a reliable company who is known for quality dash cams across all styles, and this model consistently earns high review scores from professionals and consumers alike.

  • 7″ touchscreen
  • 170-degree wide angle lens
  • Innovative parking mode automatically displays rear parking view when car is in reverse
  • Records in 1080p HD
  • Two cameras; one front-facing, one for the rear dash
  • Installs over your existing rear view mirror
  • Picture-in-picture display
  • One-button toggle
  • Excellent reviews


2. Falcon Zero F360+

Falcon Zero F360+
  • 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens
  • 3.5-inch LCD screen allows a preview of what is being recorded unlike other DVRs
  • Night vision for interior clips and shots, Built-in microphone / speaker function, 1 Year Manufacturer warranty included. SD CARD INCLUDED
  • Supports up to 32GB high-capacity SD cards; TV and HDMI HD output. Loop recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files,
  • Note: When inserting SD card, It is strongly recommended that it's a Class 10 due to the amount of data transfer between the F360 and the card. If the F360 prompts an "SD Card Error" message, this is most likely due to the card inserted either not being sufficient or you have not formatted the SD card, which is necessary before usage

The FalconZero F360+ is a high-end option for those who want a premium product and don’t mind spending a bit more.

If you can afford it, it’s perhaps the best rear view mirror dash cam on the market.

Keep in mind that it’s best for recording in front of the car and inside the car – it doesn’t have a true rear-dash camera for filming behind the vehicle.

Instead, it offers a rear-facing cam on the mirror itself, which is ideal for rideshare drivers (see is this camera is in our top Uber dash cam or maybe in our best Lyft dash cam pick) and others who want to record inside their car.

  • Easy operation with built in controls
  • Easy to install and use
  • Front and rear facing camera
  • Record in front of your car and inside your car
  • No backup cam/parking camera
  • Night vision dash cam for better night recording
  • Comes with an SD card (consider checking our best SD card for dashcam article for expanding the memory)
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty included
  • Great reviews



The AUTO-VOX M6 is a mid-range mirror dash camera that consistently earns great reviews.

It records in HD, doubles as an excellent backup camera, and is feature-rich.

The touchscreen interface makes it super simple to operate, and it’s quite easy to operate as it is installed over your existing rear view mirror.

  • Simple to use touchscreen interface
  • Wide-angle front-facing lens
  • Dual channel with front and rear facing cameras
  • Parking mode automatically engages when the car is in reverse
  • Easy to install and use
  • Records in 1080p HD
  • Great reviews

4. KDLINKS R100 Ultra Dash Camera

KDLINKS R100 Ultra Dash Camera
  • Rearview Mounted Camera - A standard review mirror with built-in 5” IPS screen, our dash cam mount offers single front or front/dual cam modes with hands-free, high-definition recording clarity at 30 fps in a continuous loop.
  • Automatic Motion Detection - Once movement is detected, the R100 begins recording for a short period of time—and shuts off automatically—even if the vehicle is off. This advanced parking mode is essential for protecting parked cars!
  • Superior Night Vision - The 6-glass lens design and wide dynamic range (WDR) give you high-definition video recording both day and night. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a digital 1296P front camera and 1080P wide angle rear camera for full HD coverage.
  • High-Power, Built-In Battery - Each dash cam system not only features an HD IPS screen, it supports a 64GB or 128GB micro SD card and boasts an 800mAh internal battery to provide long-lasting support even without constant power input.
  • Trusted 1-Year Warranty - Every KDLINKS R100 dual dash cam kit is backed by premier customer support, unbeatable craftsmanship and quality, and a reliable 1-year warranty to ensure you get the best product and year-round support.

The KDLINKS R100 Dash Cam records Full HD videos in 1296P at 30 fps with H.264 and full HD (1920*1080P) from the rear camera!

With that said be ready for some high-quality and smooth videos and not that anyone wants that and no one wishes to happen to anybody but just in case you are in an accident and the insurance companies are known for giving a hard time, believe that with this rearview mirror dash camera it will never happen because of the quality and the range and the angles of the footage.

The R100 Dash Cam has a number of high tech and modern solutions, useful for all drivers in their everyday lives on the road.

This dashcam starts with recording immediately after turning on the ignition.

The dash camera has a night mode ensuring high quality recordings also in poor lighting conditions.

When not in use, the display continues to work as your rearview mirror.

The mirror image also appears outside the edges of the video display.

Basically, you’re getting a video monitor within a rearview mirror.

Most of the time you get what you pay for, but this camera shows that you shouldn’t just buy the most expensive camera and expect the best quality.

This camera is a truly great buy and is not the most expensive of the cameras out there on the market which makes it one of the best deals for what you get for the money spend (even better deals can be found on our top cheap dash cam article).


  • The built-in mirror helps to see even when the camera is off.
  • The features really come in handy.
  • Long lasting battery
  • Compact-camera with an outside GPS-antenna.


  • The rear camera is not weather resistant and cannot operate if placed outside the car.
  • The display isn’t touch responsive

Rear View Camera Mirror- How It Works?

Advantages, to begin with, you’ll be able to see so much more than with an old reflective mirror,  the view was restricted by the view offered out of the back window of the vehicle.

So if you put three adults or a full load of vacation cargo within the back of your vehicle the view will be blocked.

Meaning your rearview mirror, in that case, is useless to you. Rear camera mirrors are behind the vehicle, so it doesn’t matter what you’re pulling.

You’ll be able to see the entire view all of the time.

Another thing that we tested and took it as an advantage is that the view you get with a rear camera mirror is much wider.

In reality, it is so wide that you simply truly no longer need to use your side view mirrors when driving on the highway or along a multi-lane road. 

In our testing, we carefully distinguished how an approaching car looked because it would surpass us on the side. 

The car’s image appears for just as long in the rear camera reflect as it does within the side view mirror.

The view is additionally taller within the camera mirror than that advertised by a reflective mirror.

And the last advantage that we like to mention is the resolution and the brightness of the rear camera mirror.

Basically, it is significantly way better than what you see with the bare eye in a reflected mirror.

Within the daytime, the picture appears brighter like a smartphone photo filter has been connected to the image.

At night the distinction is most noteworthy. 

Most of the cameras are working well in all weather conditions (some are heat resistant dash cameras), or during the day or at night.

We did notice that at night, most of the rearview cameras the image does not blind us with glare, but that glare from headlights can distort the view a bit… 

Still, what you are seeing is better than what a traditional reflected mirror would offer.

Here we suspect that future versions of such cameras will apply added optical filters that will cancel out glare distortion from vehicles behind you.

Disadvantages, more and more drivers reflect the problem that it is not easy to get the card off in some of the dashcams.

But we have to mention that the memory is not often taken, which has little impact.

Due to the dashcam and their plenty of functions, you will not adapt to it for a few days, but with using it for a while you will see that it will be better with the rearview mirror cam and the back-up cam than the traditional reflecting mirrors.

In general, the rearview mirror dash cam has more advantage than the disadvantage. 

Frequently Asked Question:

How Do I Install Rear View Mirror Dash Cams? 

The products we recommend all come with instructions for installing the unit.

Generally speaking, dash cams are easy to install.

They need a power source (usually your car’s cigarette lighter), and you’ll want to organize the wiring so that it’s out of sight.

This WikiHow article does a good job of explaining the basic installation process, but you should also check the instructions on your product manual.

How Much Does a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Cost?

Good mirror dash cams are typically fairly affordable.

The options we recommend range from $60 to a few hundred dollars.

You can get several good options in the $60-$120 range.

Will a Dash Cam Record When the Car is Turned Off?

Some dash cams have the ability to record when the car is powered off, IF you have your dash cam hard wired to the car battery.

Not all dash cams offer this feature, though.

Can You Get a Auto Insurance Discount for Using a Dash Cam?

Generally speaking, no.

No major US auto insurance company has yet offered a dash cam discount to subscribers.

There are still some notable benefits of using a dash cam, however.

Best thing to do is clean your dash cam rear view mirror on a regular basis to make sure it is in prime operational state.

How We Chose the Picks for Best Mirror Dash Cam

A mirror dash cam offers plenty of versatility as far as dash cams go.

No matter why you’ve decided to buy a dash cam, there are a wide range of things you’ll need to consider when making your purchase.

We considered a lot of the same things.

We wanted to ensure that you got the picks that we’d be most likely to use ourselves.

Of course, as you’ll learn in the section below, we also took third-party reviews and a number of other factors into account when coming up with this list for the best rear view mirror dash cam products.

Value – We’ve found plenty of great deals on mirror dash cams.

Obviously, you’re going to want the best price possible.

There are some cheap cameras and a few expensive options out there, but there are a lot of cameras in between the two price points.

These mid-level options usually offer great camera specs and features for a fair price.

If you find you’re on a budget, the benefit to online shopping is that you’re more likely to find a sale, discount, or coupon code to bring your price down.

Picture Quality – We looked at a variety of cameras and the picture quality varied for each one.

Many of the best rear-view mirror dash cams offer HD quality video.

Best of all, thanks to their positioning, they can work as a backup camera, too.

Make sure you check the camera specs on whatever models you’re interested in.

Another good idea is to look up some camera footage, so you know what you to expect from the model of your choice.

Ease of Setup – One benefit of a mirror dash cam is that they are usually pretty easy to install.

If you’re uncomfortable with the installation process, you can have it installed through most tech squad services.

That said, most mirror dash cams offer simple instructions to get things ready to use.

With this in mind, we wanted to find something with easy-to-follow instructions and ready access to customer service, if you had a problem.

Display – You can find smaller display screens and larger ones, depending on which rearview mirror dash cam you choose.

On the whole, many of the ones we found were around the seven-inch mark, give or take a little.

Some of the more expensive models offer larger displays.

Of course, this is going to be somewhat of a personal preference.

You’ll want a display large enough to see what’s going on around you, but also to make some quick changes to the settings, when and if you need to.

Added Features – Most dash cams come with a range of optional special features depending on the one you choose.

A mirror dash cam is no different.

Many of them offer options for Wi-fi and are GPS dash cam combo.

Other offer time and date stamps or location details in the videos.

Parking surveillance is another popular option.

When you’re taking price into account, it’s worth it to look at all the features each dash cam offers.

This ensures you’ll pay a price you can afford for the mirror dash cam that has the features you want.

Warranty – The majority of the rearview mirror dash cams we encountered come with a warranty of some kind.

The actual length of the warranty varied quite a bit.

The longest we found was for around two years and the shortest was a few months.

This is going to come down to what you’re comfortable with.

Of course, you should make sure there is a warranty and what it covers, so you’re prepared if you end up needing it.

Why Our Opinion Counts

At Educated Driver, we strive to ensure we only recommend the best products for your need.

In order to find those products, in this case, a mirror dash cam, we start by doing extensive product research.

We spend hours with as many products as we can, to learn the ins and outs of each dash cam.

After sampling the features and learning as much as possible, we begin to narrow down the top options.

At that point, we look at as many third-party reviews as we can to see what verified customers think of those products.

Finally, the manufacturing process is concerned.

At the end of the process, we’re confident of the best rear view mirror dash cams available and are able to make lists like this one!

More Info on Dash Cams

For those who want to review all the options, our guides can be very useful. Some of our reviews are:

If you still have questions or concerns, shoot us an email or leave a comment below!

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