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The Best Trailer Backup Camera: Our Top 3 Picks for 2021

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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Best trailer backup camera

Here at EducatedDriver, we are all about safe driving and making our readers’ driving experiences more pleasant. To help stay safe on the road, we often recommend that readers pick up good backup camera. These cams are particularly useful for anyone who tows a trailer, so we put together this list to help you find the best trailer backup camera for your needs.


Why is a Trailer Backup Cam Important?

When you’re towing a trailer, you need to be acutely aware of any blind spots you may have – which are a lot bigger than many folks realize. One obvious blind spot is directly behind your trailer. This area is particularly important when backing up, parallel parking, etc. A trailer rear view camera can help eliminate this blind spot and make your life easier (and safer!)

Some people also use backup cameras on the back of the vehicle that will be towing the trailer, in order to help with hitching up. Lining everything up without a clear line of sight can be a challenge, even for the most experienced drivers – but a backup cam can help. If you regularly tow a trailer, it might actually be worth it to get a setup with 2 cameras – or two separate units – to have a view from the back of your truck and the back of your trailer.


What is the Best Trailer Backup Camera?

To make these selections, we based our recommendations on our own experiences, third party trailer backup camera reviews, and manufacturer specifications.


1. eRapta ER0202

eRapta ER0202

The eRapta ER0202 is a versatile camera system that includes 4 different cameras to be placed at strategic points on your vehicle and trailer. This allows you to almost completely eliminate blind spots. You can place them wherever makes the most sense for your setup, but the manufacturer provides suggested placements. All 4 cameras broadcast to the same display. Overall, this is the best trailer backup camera 2019 that we’ve come across.

  • Features FOUR different cameras for optimal blind spot coverage
  • Versatile – can be used on trucks, trailers, RVs and more
  • Waterproof cameras with LED lights
  • Eliminates common blind spots
  • Monitor displays feeds from all 4 cameras
  • 2 year warranty
  • Great reviews
  • Click here to learn more




The ZEROXCLUB W01 is an excellent single-camera setup for RVs, trailers, trucks and more. It features some impressive high-end bells and whistles, like advanced wireless technology that minimized interference. It’s a wireless setup, which means there’s no need to run a wire through your vehicle and trailer – simply install in a matter of minutes, and it works automatically.

  • Includes one camera and monitor
  • Versatile great for use with for RVs, trucks, trailers, semitrucks, and more
  • Wireless operation (no cords required)
  • Advanced wireless tech minimizes camera signal interference
  • Optimized for night vision with 18 LED IR lights on camera
  • 7″ display
  • Automatically turns on when vehicle enters reverse gera
  • Advanced waterproof tech
  • Simple installation
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fantastic customer reviews
  • Click here to learn more



Swift Hitch SH04

The Swift Hitch SH04 is a great option because it allows you to use your smartphone (iOS or Android) as a monitor. It operates wirelessly, with the camera sending a signal via WiFI to your smartphone. You can mount your phone on your dashboard with the included mount, making setup a breeze.

  • Includes camera with wireless transmitter
  • Your smartphone functions as the monitor
  • For use with iOS and Android devices
  • Up to 200ft range
  • Camera installs using a magnet – no damage to your rig
  • Includes a free monitoring app for smartphones
  • 1 year warranty
  • Excellent reviews
  • Click here to learn more


Trailer Backup Camera Installation Tips

Wondering how to install backup camera on travel trailer or any other type of trailer?

The best method will depend on the style of setup you go with, as well as what type of trailer you are towing. Here are some general guidelines.

Consider your needs – do you need a backup camera on the back of your trailer to improve safety, a cam on the back of your truck to make it easier to hitch up, or both? Your truck may already have a backup cam, but it if it doesn’t we recommend a 2+ camera setup.

Scope out installation locations – you’ll want to consider where on your truck or trailer makes the most sense for installation. Choose a place with clear visibility and a location that you can put bolts in without damaging your rig.

Do a trial run – before fully installing your camera, consider doing a dry run. Place the camera where you plan to install it, and tape it in place with removable tape. Then, test the camera angle and do a trial back-up. Is that the right place for the camera? If not, adjust as needed.

Consider wiring needs – some backup cams need to be wired, while others are wireless. You’ll want to consider the length of your rig, available power sources, and other factors before installing the unit.

Looking for a camera setup for your travel trailer or RV? Check out our guide to the best RV backup cameras. You may also be interested in our best backup camera guide, which covers top options across all categories.

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