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Best Washington Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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best Washington online traffic schools

Washington traffic school can be taken in-person or online. You might be wondering why anyone would attend an in-person class if they could go to traffic school online. The main reason for many is to just get it over and done with. Of course, Washington online traffic school is becoming a popular choice because you’re able to complete class on your terms. If you want a bunch of breaks or just want it over and done with in one shot, you can do that. In-person classes are led by an instructor and they call the shots. With online classes, you can do your homework in your pajamas. While nothing takes the sting out of attending traffic school, having the comforts of home makes it a little better. So, if you find yourself in need of a traffic class, keep reading to learn about the best Washington online traffic schools.

The Best Washington Online Traffic Schools

Traffic school in Washington is a pretty easy thing to get through. Depending on your class you will spend four to eight hours going over simple driving rules and behaviors. At the end of class, you’ll take a multiple-choice quiz and you’re done. If for some reason you don’t pass, most schools even let you retake the exam more than once.

Once your class is over you may be able to get an insurance discount. The important thing to keep in mind is that any mandatory classes need to be taken through an approved Washington online traffic school. Additionally, if you’re attending to get an insurance discount you should check with your insurance company to find out any specifics or requirements you’ll need to know. A growing number of online traffic schools also offer online driver’s ed, too.




iDriveSafely has been in the traffic school business for over a decade. They have created a Washington online traffic school course that has short chapters, saves your progress, and gives you a chance to work with your schedule. You can use mobile devices or computers, so you can work from just about anywhere. If needed, customer service is available in a variety of formats and they are always willing to help. You’ll just want to be sure that Washington allows for iDriveSafely to serve as an approved online option. You can learn more in our iDriveSafely review.



Aceable offers a fully functional app where you can do all of your Washington online traffic school homework. In fact, everything is done on the app from start to finish, whether you’re watching a video or completing your final test. Prices are generally competitive in comparison to many of the best Washington online traffic schools. You’ll have the freedom to take your time and get things done on your schedule. You’ll just want to make sure that Washington approves Aceable as a viable online traffic school. Our Aceable review may have additional information if you find they are a good option for you.


Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is the fun choice where Washington online traffic school is concerned. All the work is prepared by the comedians behind Improv Comedy Club. This means you’ll get a chuckle from the reading materials and videos that you’ll need to watch. Still, work is done on your schedule and your progress will be saved and updated as you work. Everything is able to be done online. You can work on your computer or use a mobile device. Before you begin this course, you should make sure that Improv Traffic School is accepted by the state of Washington. If so, you can check out our Improv Traffic School review for added information.




GoToTrafficSchool has many benefits, one of which being that they will match prices to any lower-costing Washington online traffic school. Other benefits beyond price matching include:

  • Easy to read chapters with plenty of breaks
  • Videos and driving simulations are higher quality
  • Work at your own pace
  • Progress is saved as you complete your work
  • Use a computer or mobile device – you can even switch between devices as you work

While GoToTrafficSchool is approved in many states, you need to ensure that they are an approved option in Washington before you take the course. Another good source of information is our GoToTrafficSchool review.


Washington Traffic School FAQ

The best Washington online traffic school reviews can only tell you so much. Hopefully, you’re leaning towards one school or another, but it wouldn’t be a shock if you still had some questions. This is why we’ve added some of the more common questions we see when it comes to choosing a Washington online defensive driving class. If you don’t find the answers you seek, you can always let us know your questions in the comments!


How Hard is it to Complete Washington Traffic School?

The easy answer is that it’s not hard. There are two types of Washington online traffic school classes. One lasts four hours and the other is eight hours. Most classes will end with a multiple-choice test. Of course, if you don’t pass you’ll still be fine. In fact, most schools will allow you to retake the test more than once, if need be. As long as you pay attention you should be fine. Even if you don’t pay a lot of attention, most people still manage to pass without a problem.


Are There Requirements You have to Meet Before a Ticket is Removed in Washington?

Washington does not allow you to attend traffic school with the express interest of removing a traffic ticket. However, it is possible for the court to defer the ticket, which means that the court will not report the citation and it won’t be added to your driving record. For this to be done you need to contact the court, before you’re supposed to appear and have them defer the ticket, so you can complete traffic school. In order for them to do this, you can only have the one violation pending and it can only be for a minor moving violation.


What are the Requirements to Attend Washington Online Traffic School?

Almost anyone can attend Washington online traffic school. If you want to become a better driver an online traffic school class may be able to help you do that. Of course, there are also mandatory reasons that someone might be attending. With that in mind, there are some general requirements that need to be met to be eligible for Washington online traffic school.

  • You haven’t recently taken a traffic school class (this can vary based on location)
  • Your Washington license is valid
  • When you were cited you were not driving a commercial vehicle
  • You were only ticketed for one violation and not multiple

Do you need to find an online traffic school, but you’re not located in Washington? Find the best online traffic schools in your state.

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