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The Best Wireless Backup Camera: Our Top 8 Picks for [year]

Last updated: May 30, 2021
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Best wireless backup camera

Updated August, 2020

One of the biggest blind spots for any driver is directly behind the vehicle. This area is particularly troublesome while backing up and while parking – and is one of the several reasons that so many of us struggle with parallel parking!

The good news is that this blind spot is easy to fix – all you need is a backup cam. In this guide, we’ll go over our recommendations for the best wireless backup camera, for those who like to stay cord-free!


Why Wireless?

There are a lot of different types of backup cameras on the market, so why choose a wireless model? Simply put; because they’re easier.

Using a wired model typically requires running a long cable through the length of your car, doing your best to hide it out of sight.

For longer vehicles, like trucks, this can be even more difficult. Wireless options are way easier to install, and can often be setup without needing any tools or specialized knowledge.

A good wireless backup camera, on the other hand, installs easily and functions wirelessly, either via built-in WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities. Essentially, the camera is equipped with a wireless transmitter, which sends the live video feed to your display, or even to your smartphone in some cases.

We think that everyone should have a backup camera, and wireless options are a great choice for simplicity!

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What is the Best Wireless Backup Camera?

To make the selections you see below, we utilized a combination of our own experiences, manufacturer specifications for different models, and third-party customer reviews.




The AUTO-VOX M1W is among the best wireless backup cam options out there. It’s got a smaller display than most, which makes it more appropriate for smaller vehicles. It consistently earns high review scores from customers and is quite versatile given its design.

  • Versatile uses
  • Wireless – no need to run a wire from the camera
  • 100-meter range transmitter (works for large vehicles)
  • 4.3″ LCD display
  • Waterproof camera housing
  • The camera has 6 LED lights for better video quality at night
  • Good reviews
  • Click here to learn more

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2. Accfly


The Accfly wireless backup camera is among our picks for the best wireless backup camera for a number of reasons.

First, it’s affordably priced for this style of camera.

Second, it offers a very versatile set of uses – use it as a rearview backup camera, full-time rear view camera, or even a security camera.

Lastly, the wireless range and versatile power options make this cam compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from consumer sedans to commercial semi-trucks.

  • Can be turned on all the time, or only when the car is in reverse
  • Versatile for use on cars, trucks, semis, vans, and more
  • Wireless operation
  • Easy installation
  • 7″ LCD monitor
  • Waterproof/all-weather camera housing
  • Night vision camera with 18 LED lights
  • Includes wireless remote
  • Great reviews
  • Click here to learn more

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The ZEROXCLUB W01 is a popular backup camera for trucks and RVs, but it can also be used for smaller vehicles. It’s a fantastic camera all around – the only reason we don’t have it ranked higher is that it’s a bit more pricey than our other recommendations.

It features advanced wireless technology to eliminate interference and keep your signal quality flawless, even over long distances.

  • Designed for RVs and trucks, but can be used on any vehicle
  • Advanced wireless technology to eliminate interference
  • Camera features 18 infrared lights for backup illumination
  • Advanced waterproof camera housing
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Click here to learn more

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4. B1W Dash Cam

This model of recording device which is promoted as a stealth camera is clearly smaller in comparison to other cameras of its kind. It features a 360 degree panoramic main and rear camera, meaning that you have the option to angle the camera body fully in order to get a complete view.

This wireless dash cam has a 150-degree lens coverage and, naturally, an internet connection with a paramount phone app.

It also contains parking surveillance that necessitates a separate kit that is not packed together with the camera. It contains all the characteristics of a regular dash camera (g-sensor and loop recording) for an affordable price.

Its WiFi connection combined with the smartphone application is decent together with the audio and video quality, although better options are certainly available.

In spite of receiving various reviews in recent months, the app seems to have improved. You may find it surprising that an app and the Wi-Fi connection of such an inexpensive camera work that fine.


  • Smaller in comparison to other units of its kind
  • All features of a regular dashcam at an affordable price
  • Good functioning app and WiFi connection 


  • The parking surveillance feature requires an extra kit


  • 360 degrees panoramic coverage
  • G-sensor and loop recording
  • Camera rotation
  • Using a capacitor instead of an internal battery
  • Click here to learn more

Chiefly, you will receive the amount you have paid. Despite being sold for less than $100 this camera is neither the best nor the worst camera available on the market.

This may be a considerable option for drivers of Uber or Lyft who wouldn’t mind using robust devices which may be a bit messy.

The camera rotation allows you to record the passenger too. The B1W would be a concrete option in case you are opting to use an affordable and easily installable device having a WiFi connection as well as a solid sound and picture quality. 

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5. YI Compact Dash Cam

This wireless dashcam model provides 1080p image quality at 30 FPS with an angle lens at 130 degrees. It’s f/2.0 aperture provides decent nocturnal vision together with a solid daytime quality of the image.

We are talking about the most affordable camera available for less than $50. One surprising feature of this device that is available for such a low cost is that it has its own WiFi connection and an application.

In addition, the camera is designed with a 2.7” sized display providing you with the ability to immediately watch the recorded files.

The camera may work in hot weather conditions due to its cooling design which may enable the device to last longer. 

The image quality is in accordance with the price and may even overcome the expectations as it is particularly easy to install and control via its interface.

Among the important things is to emphasize that this camera does not provide a clear vision of the license plate number but it still maintains proper image quality when its price is taken into account.

Despite being somehow slow, the Wi-Fi connection and the app have a meaningful price, particularly when there is a need to move files from the dashcam to the smartphone device.


  • Affordability of the unit
  • The camera is able to work in hot weather conditions
  • Easy to install and control via its interface


  • Slow WiFi and app features
  • Not the best vision (especially of details) is always available


  • 165 degrees angle lens in order to decrease blind spots
  • High-quality image including premium night-vision
  • G-sensor technology providing emergency recording
  • Integrated 2.7″ TFT LCD widescreen
  • Click here to learn more

The users of the device have been especially happy with it. This camera sells comparatively well in spite of being among the cheapest ones on the market.

We are talking about a camera that is once set up and then forgotten thus not requiring excessive engagement with the device.

We can say that this particularly affordable device meets the basic needs of the user and requires minimal commitment.

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6. Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K

This model is able to capture recordings of 4K at a speed of 24FPS. Despite being the maximum resolution option it still has a possibility of recording at full HD (1080p) at 30 or even 60FPS. For the purposes of further improvement of the image quality, this dash cam has a 170-degree angle lens and WDR.

This dashcam also provides a WiFi connection for the purposes of transferring and sharing videos to your phone. In contrast to many dash cams that are not packed with SD cards, this particular device has an integrated 16GD SD card.

With a fine working WiFi connection, the menus and their operation are particularly easy and direct. For the purposes of switching the recording off or on, you can use your phone.

When we are talking about the shortcomings of this wireless dash cam, it is important to mention that it is unable to perform UHD transfer of videos recorded at the best possible resolutions.

Although you can not perform the transfer using a WiFi connection, it is still possible to do this by taking the SD card out of the camera and loading it on a computer.

In case you find the WiFi connection very important, you should record the footage at the next best setting which will provide a clear image still better in comparison to regular HD videos.


  • Integrated SD card
  • Better image quality in comparison to other models of this rank
  • The menus and the operation of the WiFi is particularly easy


  • It doesn’t support the transfer of UHD files via WiFi connection


  • Ultra HD video resolution & wide dynamic range
  • Parking surveillance and impact detection via G-sensor
  • 170 degree angle lens with a discrete design
  • WiFi connection & loop recording
  • Click here to learn more

We are probably talking about a product which has shown great improvement during the time. In comparison to the previous generation, the third generation has shown a great deal of advance.

When compared to cameras previously mentioned in this text, this unit guarantees a drastic quality increase.

It is priced under $150 which means that it is not the best camera available, although it shows significantly better performance in comparison to cheaper cameras of its kind.

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7. Thinkware F800 PRO

The F800 PRO model produced by Thinkware can record 1080p videos at 30fps by using its main and rear cameras while using an integrated WiFi, GPS, as well as a parking mode.

This camera does not have a 4K resolution or 60fps option, contrasted to other cameras available. The features of cloud storage are what make the Thinkware F800 unique, although it is believed that it works somewhat differently than usual.

Rather than utilizing a Google Drive providing storage of documents and videos on various devices, the cloud function implies the connection of the device to the smartphone for the purpose of getting remote alerts and live video reviews via the internet.

For the buyers who are interested in the video and sound quality only, we recommend the purchase of much cheaper dash cams. It has a WiFi connection that has proven not to be always reliable and may also be of worse quality in comparison to other dash cams.

The app this dashcam uses can be a bit inapt and is considerably weaker in comparison to other producers. It is expected for this camera to be usable for a longer time but it also has unsatisfactory features while being very expensive.


  • Cloud storage available
  • Built-in WiFi, GPS, and parking mode


  • Very expensive unit
  • Unreliable WiFi connection
  • Does not have 4K resolution or the 60FPS option


  • Capability of simultaneously recording with both cameras
  • The Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor offers outstanding performance in low-light situations
  • Reduced power consumption due to Energy Saving Parking Recording
  • Integrated GPS for speeding alerts/red light
  • Click here to learn more

Despite offering exquisite image quality together with excellent parking surveillance, this dashcam is overpriced. It is certainly among the most expensive dash cameras available, as it costs more than $400.

Although it provides some novel characteristics, this camera still won’t be worth the money for certain people.

Thanks to the great advances technology has made in the previous years, you will still be able to purchase effective cameras for less money and they will still perform better in comparison to Thinkware F800.

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8. BlackVue DR750S-2CH

It represents a model of a dual dash camera. Its main and rear cameras include 1080p Full HD mode while they are utilizing the Sony STARVIS image sensor which provides a finer video quality. Its main camera is able to make recordings at more than 60FPS while the rear camera can reach a maximum of 30FPS.

Among the extra characteristics included are the GPS logger, WiFi connection, cloud storage, and movement and collision detection via its g-sensor.

The Black Vue DR750S-2CH is designed with some intuitive controls which maintain a more handy way to tune its settings. You can also switch the audio recording on and off by easily waving your hand in front of the proximity and arrange WiFi settings by simply pressing a button.

Information regarding speed can be watermarked over the footage as this model contains a map in order to find the location of the car while the video is played back.

BlackVue provides a cloud feature that is better in comparison to alternative cameras. This model will enable you to use the remote live view, your phone receives push notifications, the free cloud storage will be filled with backup videos, as it will additionally run and take over videos from the cloud or the camera memory slot.

Using the camera’s integrated speaker and mic, you will also be able to utilize two-direction voice communication with the driver.


  • Using Sony STARVIS image sensor
  • A handy way to tune the settings due to the user-friendly layout
  • Very useful cloud feature
  • Integrated speaker mic


  • The big cost of the product


  • STARVIS CMOS Sensor powered main & rear camera with high-capacity memory
  • The recorded file format is universal
  • Integrated GPS and G-sensor
  • 16GB SD card
  • Click here to learn more

It is a brand widely accepted for the exquisite quality of its products, and this dashcam is not an exception. The dashcam provides considerable experience along with its new features which make it contrast from both less and more expensive cameras.

Taking into account that the $400 price may not be satisfactory for everyone, it will certainly meet the expectations of the ones interested in upper lever dash cameras.

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How to Choose a Wireless Dash Camera

You will certainly have to research some fundamental characteristics in order to make sure you are buying the thing most convenient for your utilization.

In case you are purchasing a wireless dash cam, you certainly need to check:

The WiFi connection, image quality, design and constancy, capacity of storage, night vision, options for easy installation and mounting, movement detection, tolerance to high temperatures, GPS features, and G-sensor.

Streaming via cloud service – some of them are not free.

In case you are buying a wireless device, double-check that its WiFi connection functions well, as well as if its smartphone app is bug-free and safe for use.

The best source of information in these cases is user reviews.

The most critical aspect for determining good image quality is the video recording clearness. We recommend the purchase of the one which provides better video quality and an exquisite camera. If you can afford an HD camera or even 4K, search for it.

In addition to the resolution, you should be searching for a quality-lensed wireless camera. The camera will be capturing unusable low-quality videos in case the lenses are not good. 

In case you are aiming to utilize the wireless dash camera when it is in parking mode, make sure that it is connectable to an external power box. This device enables the camera to get an incessant power supply as it simultaneously prevents the draining of your car battery. 


How to Install a Wireless Backup Camera

how to install wireless backup camera

Source: Auto-Vox

Keep in mind that many wireless backup cameras are not truly wireless, as they still need to be plugged into a power source. Some units have solar power or other alternative power sources but are still quite expensive.

The difference between wired vs wireless backup cameras is that “wireless” options only need a short cord to be plugged into the power source for the vehicle’s brake lights. You don’t need to run a cord all the way through the vehicle like some other options.

If you are working with this type of setup, this guide covers the topic well.


Have questions about wireless backup camera options? Leave a comment! You also may find more information in our backup camera buyer’s guide.

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