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Renting an electric scooter has never been so simple, and renting a Bird scooter in New York City is incredibly easy when you have the app on your smartphone.

Bird, an innovative transportation company, launched in 2017.

Founded in Santa Monica, California, by Travis VanderZanden, Bird now serves areas all over the United States, the Middle East, and Europe.

The electric scooter company entered the world of dockless electric scooter sharing with the dream of creating better, cleaner mobility options.

Since its founding, Bird has launched electric scooters in New York.

What Are Bird Scooters?

Sometimes called the Uber of scooters, Bird scooters are the next big thing in the mobility industry.

Bird scooters are dockless electric scooters that customers can rent with a smartphone app and return at any drop-off site nearby.

Bird came into being as the brainchild of executives who once worked with Lyft and Uber.

The idea of dockless scooter transportation was in response to increased demand for eco-friendly travel options and solutions to city traffic congestion.

Bird scooters are a quick, easy, and affordable means of traveling through any city.

Since entering New York City, the scooters have changed the dynamic of New York traffic flow.

Are Bird Scooters in NYC?

Bird scooters came to New York City in 2021.

A city-wide ban prevented shared electric scooters from coming to the city until 2020.

The city council lifted the ban in 2020 and launched a new city-wide effort to introduce e-scooter sharing.

Concerns about parking, traffic, and sidewalk congestion had previously kept scooters out of New York City.

However, Bird stepping on the scene changed all of that.

When Were Bird Scooters Launched in NYC?

Bird’s electric scooters first appeared in New York City in 2021 as part of an NYC DOT (Department of Transportation) campaign.

Bird headed the pilot project for introducing scooters to New York City, along with VeoRide and Lime scooters.

The scooters from Bird first arrived in the East Bronx, where the pilot program launched.

By the summer of 2023, many in New York City expect the scooter program to double in size.

This means more transportation options for New Yorkers who want to escape the subway.

How Do Bird Scooters in NYC Work?

Bird scooters in New York City work the same as Bird scooters work around the country.

The first step is to sign up for Bird and download the app on your smartphone.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be ready to rent an e-scooter with the Bird app.

Your app will show you where scooters are available close.

You can reserve a scooter for up to 30 minutes.

The next step is to go to your scooter.

When you arrive, you’ll tap the “ride” button on your screen.

Then you will scan the QR code on the front of the scooter.

Once these steps are complete, you’re ready to ride.  

Where Can You Get a Bird Scooter in NYC?

Currently, scooters are available in the East Bronx area.

There are about 3,000 e-scooters in NYC from the 2021 pilot program.

With that number set to double in 2023, Bird scooters should soon be available in other areas.

You can easily find Bird scooters to rent in the Bronx, as well as many other locations throughout the United States.

The e-scooter pilot program was launched in the East Bronx, where the scooters still live predominantly.

The upcoming changes to the scooter program in New York City will bring new scooters to areas such as Parkchester, Castle Hill, Country Club, and Throggs Neck.

If the changes to the scooter program go over well, scooters will eventually have a place in each of the five boroughs of New York state.

How Much Do Bird Scooters Cost in New York?

Most electric scooters have the same basic pay structure for riders.

You pay a base fee to unlock the scooter and then pay a subsequent fee charged by the minute.

Every city where you might find Bird scooters will have a different cost for riding.

The per-minute fee usually falls within the range of 15-40 cents.

With a base fee of around one dollar, riders could spend anywhere from $3.25 to $7 for a 15-minute ride.

Start Fee

In New York, the starting fee for a Bird scooter is one dollar.

This is sometimes known as the unlocking fee since it allows you to use the scooter.

Most cities have the same starting fee of one dollar.

Most scooter companies have the same unlocking fee.

Since it only costs one dollar as a starting fee, it’s not hard to see why electric scooters are increasingly popular in New York City.

Per Minute Fee

The following fee associated with Bird scooters is the per-minute fee, charged on the Bird app based on how many minutes you spend riding the scooter.

Each city with Bird stations has a different per-minute fee, although they all fall within the same range.

In New York City, the per-minute fee is 39 cents.

Compared to other electric scooter companies, this fee is higher.

There are discounts available for low-income New York residents.

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How To Rent a Bird Scooter in NYC

Renting a Bird scooter in New York is easy.

You don’t need to worry about time or hassle when you need to rent transportation quickly.

The most tedious part of renting a Bird scooter is picking it up.

The scooter will hold for 30 minutes from when you reserved it until you unlock it.

So you need to get to your scooter within that time frame.

If you miss the 30-minute window, another Bird rider can reserve your scooter on the app.

So make sure you’re prepared to get to the scooter once you book it.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Reserving your scooter is simple:

  1. Download the Bird app on your smartphone
  2. Set up an account or log in to an existing account
  3. If setting up a new account, attach a payment method
  4. Find a nearby Bird location on the map
  5. Check the battery life of the nearby scooters
  6. Arrive at your scooter
  7. Tap the “Ride” button on your app
  8. Scan the QR code on the front of the scooter
  9. Enjoy your ride

How To Return a Bird Scooter in NYC

Getting started with the Bird scooter app is easy.

Once you’ve picked up your scooter, you have a range of about 30 miles on one charge.

It’s essential to stay out of the street on the scooter.

Remain in the bike lanes, obey all traffic laws, and don’t go past the scooter boundaries on the Bird app map.

When your ride is complete, you’ll need to return your scooter to an approved area.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Returning your Bird scooter is an essential part of enjoying the Bird service.

Remember that people travel around the city to collect these scooters and recharge them for new customers.

So it’s important to return the scooters to approved areas after use.

  1. Find the approved area on your map for scooter return
  2. Park your scooter upright
  3. Make sure the scooter is out of the way
  4. End your scooter ride on the Bird app  

Working for Bird Scooters in NYC

Since the Bird scooter pilot program launched in 2021, New York City has embraced the idea of electric scooters as a viable means of transportation around the city.

With more Bird scooters coming to the city, it’s reasonable to expect more jobs with Bird will be available in New York.

The company focuses primarily on operational excellence, meaning they seek to hire well-rounded professionals dedicated to serving the community and the riders.

What Jobs Are Available?

The Bird scooter company sees hiring locals as one of the primary services it can deliver to any community.

That means bringing New Yorkers into the mix as Bird employees.

There are several jobs available with Bird, including:

  • Engagement Manager
  • General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Driver Lead
  • Mechanic

Fleet Managers

The Bird Fleet Managers program is an initiative started by the company to promote growth, entrepreneurship, and local ownership of Bird fleets around the country.

The Fleet Manager program allows interested individuals to manage their Bird scooter fleets.

What Are Your Responsibilities

As the Fleet Manager, you will oversee the Bird fleet in your area.

You are responsible for finding a large enough warehouse from which to operate and bringing on employees to help your fleet grow.

You will also need a vehicle large enough to carry Bird scooters for relocation, collection, and transportation to your mechanic.

You will succeed as a Fleet Manager if you have experience running a business.

You will be in charge of your fleet’s daily operations, meaning you need to take a hands-on approach.

Working as a Fleet Manager means starting a career, not a hobby.

How Much Do Fleet Managers Make?

Fleet Managers make up to $1500 each week.

The money that you make as a Fleet Manager is paid weekly, and you have the opportunity to make money with every ride.

With $1500 each week, Fleet Managers have the opportunity to build a career with Bird that could last for decades.

A salary of $1500 each week adds up to nearly $80,000 a year.

How To Apply

It’s easy to apply as a Fleet Manager for Bird.

All you have to do is apply online.

You can begin the application process without submitting dozens of documents online by adding your personal information, country of residence, and phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bird scooters play a massive role in changing how transportation works in cities worldwide.

Most recently, New York City has experienced the Bird phenomenon.

Let’s look at some of the most common questions people ask about Bird scooters.

a city map with map markers showing bird scooter locations around the city

How long can Bird scooters go without charge?

Bird scooters that are fully charged can run for 30 miles before being recharged.

However, if terrain conditions are less than ideal, the scooter may only run for 15-20 miles on one charge.

Do you need a helmet for Bird scooters in NYC?

The Bird scooter company can only recommend you wear a helmet while operating the vehicle.

However, it is not required.

Do you ride Bird scooters in bike lanes or on sidewalks?

In New York City, you may ride your Bird scooter in the bike lanes.

It’s generally recommended to stay out of the roadways unless necessary and to obey all traffic laws as you travel.

You may not ride Bird scooters on sidewalks.

Final Thoughts

Bird scooters first appeared in New York City in 2021.

The successful pilot program meant more scooters ordered for the city, set to launch in the summer of 2023.

Bird scooters are a fun, affordable way to get around a city like New York.

And with traffic laws adapting to accommodate electric scooters, it’s an increasingly safe means of transportation.

And while you’re at it, check out the Bird One electric scooter that you can buy today.

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