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Blueskysea B1W Dash Cam Review

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Updated: July, 2020.

Dashboard devices become very popular for their practicality which offers safety during journeys. Being equipped with some additional features, they also provide security when the vehicle is parked and the driver is absent. Since they became omnipresent on the market, their acquisition for a decent price became crucial.

This Chinese company is a super-popular producer of dashboard devices that has been dominating the markets for some period. They have released their first camera with a unique design already in 2017.

The company also offers a very responsive and efficient customer support service. In sharp contrast to numerous no-name dash cams shipped from China, all individual issues are concluded instantly, as the updates are released on time.

Review of Blueskysea B1W

Among the things which are greatly recognizable on this camera, the device is its small size, elegant feeling, and extreme stealthiness. Being laid out in such a way, it doesn’t have any space for a screen.

You can either watch videos through its relatively slow Wi-Fi connection or stick the memory card into a computer or a phone. It gives you the possibility to change the configuration of the camera over a user-friendly mobile app connected with Wi-Fi.

Blueskysea has produced a small camera with a rotating cover lens which can turn in a full circle and is providing a lens angle with 150 degrees of coverage including an integrated Wi-Fi connection. Having its parking monitor, this tool still requires a hardwire equipment which can be purchased separately from the camera package. To store video footage, the user will have to invest in a Class 10 microSD card.

The device also has a loop recording feature, as well as a G-sensor, which are typical characteristics found in many dash camera models nowadays. However, this unit is publicized as a mini camera although it exceeds the limit of 3.5 inches by an inch.

We can count many gains for this tool and the first one worth mentioning is its size. This camera can fit discreetly in your car without drawing any attention which can lead to theft since it is not equipped with an LCD screen.

Knowing that many users want an LCD for easier access, we assure you that its video transmission is pretty neat and can be maintained with WiFi connection through your smartphone or tablet. Not to mention that this device is particularly user-friendly.

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By just pushing a button you can enable the saving of the video as the other functions can be controlled via the accessory smartphone/tablet application. You can use the mobile application easily since it has quite a basic interface.

It also enables you to transfer videos from the camera to another device due to the integrated Wi-Fi connection, which is another good feature. It is nice to see such options being available on these types of cameras since they are generally available on high-end devices.

The user can see if the camera is recording by looking into a LED on the back of the camera. The light glows green when the connection is on as it glows red when it is turned off. When the Blueskysea unit is in stand-by mode the light is solid, as it turns to flash when it begins recording.

Among the excellent characteristics useful for people residing in locations with warmer climates is the capacitor-based powering. The capacitor helps this camera show excellent performance in very hot or cold climates, instead of utilizing a lithium-ion battery which can be pretty problematic at high temperatures.

It is practically impossible not to have some drawbacks or lack features when you are purchasing a device at this price point.

The quality of the picture (which is not the ideal) will nonetheless be satisfactory for most of the needs of the drivers. The recording quality of the device is solid during the daytime. It certainly isn’t the sharpest possible but it still gives the possibility to discern license plates by pausing the video file.

The night video quality is still solid as you can see what’s going on, but it’s impossible to read any license plates of other cars.

The audio quality is one of the areas which deserve your caution. This won’t represent any kind of a problem if you belong to the group of drivers who don’t use the audio option which can sometimes be poorer even on more expensive cameras.

However, many drivers choose to have access to the audio after events of an accident or when they interact with the law. Unfortunately, the audio quality of this camera is not good enough to capture such important pieces of information.

The non-inclusion of the LCD monitor may still represent a problem for some users who require to follow a direct recording.

As far as the integrated Wi-Fi connection is concerned, there are also some criticizing comments which note that this feature sometimes works well while being difficult to reconnect once it gets disconnected.

Moreover, users have made several complaints about the integrated WiFi connection. The feature sometimes works well but other times it gets easily disconnected and reconnects with difficulty.

The current file is going to be stored in the “Emergency Videos” folder in case the G-sensor detects a collision or the user pushes the end button. It will protect your file from being overwritten by the loop recording feature.

As one of the most important features of the camera software, it makes sure that necessary footage or accident recordings are saved. On the other hand, you can’t erase a video through your mobile app without deleting the footage from the memory card.

This feature can be pretty annoying as many users prefer deleting videos via a mobile app. Despite all this, we think that it is a manageable shortcoming.

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The preference is greatly influenced by the appeal of this device. A portion of the drivers will like it for its completely discreet appearance which makes it fit into almost any vehicle. The camera can be placed virtually anywhere due to the flexibility of its 360 degrees swivel design.

The Blueskysea B1W device will be a great camera for the money for the users that are ready to deal with the bad audio and video quality and who don’t prefer certain cutting-edge features. They will have to look into more expensive units in case they are keener on excellent video quality and sound.

You can replace most of the voice notifications with beeps, in case you don’t like them. The user should consider that audio messages such as “Recording Start” or “Memory Card Detected” are still included.

It is easy to replace the audio notifications by downloading a file from the official website of the producer and copying it to the memory card of your device. The next time you start the camera, beeps are going to replace the voice notifications.

The smartphone/tablet app will also enable you to switch all the sounds off by turning the “Equipment Beep” slider.


  • Relatively good pricing minding its good features
  • The stealthy appearance which is useful for not being noticed by thieves
  • Being capacitor based makes it resilient to extreme weather conditions


  • One of the greatest negative qualities reported by the owners of the first products of the series was the bad audio on which background noise was dominating. The microphone was replaced with a better one in the later batches so this issue was resolved.


  • Maximum resolution of 1920×1080 at @30fps
  • 12 Mbps Bit rate 
  • F/1.8 Aperture 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 90mm x 38mm x 29mm dimensions
  • Extremely light – 75 grams
  • GM8135S processor by Novatek
  • 2M CMOS Sony IMX323 sensor
  • 150 degrees diagonal field of coverage
  • Its functioning temperature varies from -4 to 158 Fahrenheit
  • Video format: MP4
  • It can support Class 10 MicroSD Cards up to 64GB
  • Watermark of time and date on the video file
  • G-sensor included, as well as automatic switching and loop recording
  • Parking mode activated by an impact detection (requires a hardwire set)
  • Lock file button for saving any video file
  • Android and iOS apps available for smartphones/tablets
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • Sticking mount
  • Audio notifications

There are a few extra features that are making this camera play the role of a parking monitor, like the integrated WiFi connection and the mobile application while it’s audio and video quality are decent.

This type of feature is frequently featured on high-end devices, but you can get the same possibilities at a pretty lower price by getting the Blueskysea B1W device.

Logically, the user has to know that the features of these devices are not functioning in the way they do in more expensive devices.

However, we are seeing that many high-end features begin to appear on less expensive cameras, meaning that most of these series will greatly improve in performance in the years to come.

Overall, the B1W dashcam will give you what you have paid for. Although this camera is not the best one on the market, it certainly isn’t the worse one.

Now, since we claimed this device is quite upgraded over others in its class, let’s compare it to one of them. Among the cameras that can be found for an amount of less than $100 is the A119 device from Viofo.

How does it perform when compared to the B1W device?

First of all, the Blueskysea model is pretty inexpensive but doesn’t include an integrated LCD screen, which in some cases may be seen as an advantage especially for drivers looking for a stealthier model.

Due to its higher pricing, the A119 is going to have a superior image quality during both day and night.

The Blueskysea B1W is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable, discreet, Wi-Fi-enabled camera with solid video quality. It does not occupy much space and can be placed at any position in your car or van.

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