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BOYUEDA 28.6AH 60V 5600W Review: The Perfect Electric Scooter for Heavy Dawgs?

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Are you a heavy dawg who has struggled to find the perfect electric scooter to haul your weight?

Then the BOYUEDA 28.6 Ah 60V 5600W electric scooter aims to please adults just like you. 

Being one of the electric scooters that seem to feature the highest weight limits, BOYUEDA 5600W electric scooter is one of the most affordable rides yet with some of the most unique specs you can find around that pricing point. 

Gather round as we take you through this BOYUEDA 28.6Ah 60V 5600W review, say what impressed us, and what we feel is amiss. 

BOYUEDA 28.6AH 5600W

Top Features:

  • Tires11 Inch Tubeless Tires
  • Max Load 120-150kg
  • Motor Power 60V, 6000W
  • Weight About 54kg

BOYUEDA 28.6AH 5600W Specs

Top Speed53 mph (85km/h)
Top Range80 miles (130 km)
MotorsDual; 5600W
Battery60V 28.6 Ah
ControllersDual; 45Ah 60V 
Tires11-inch; offroad
Weight40 kg (88 lbs)
Weight Limit400 kg (882 lbs)
SuspensionOil front and Oil Rear Damping shocks
BrakingElectronic braking and Disc

BOYUEDA 28.6AH 60V 5600W Video Review

Is BOYUEDA 5600 Watts Electric Scooter perfect for me?

BOYUEDA 28.6AH 60V 5600W Review

The BOYUEDA 5600W electric scooter is rated for a weight limit of up to 882 lbs (400kg).

So, if you are a heavy rider who has been looking for an electric scooter with a high weight limit, then this BOYUEDA scooter can be the right fit for you. 

About the pricing point, this e scooter can also be ideal for you.

Retailing at less than $1500 as of the time of writing this review, this beast is one of the best mid-budget electric scooters for heavy dawgs you can find around.

Some scooters for heavy adults with a weight limit of half this one such as the Wolf King are priced at Northwards of $3000. 

If you are looking for an offroading ride, the BOYUEDA will do you justice since it comes already pre-installed with 11-inch offroad tires.

Splash that mud away as you climb your favorite hills with this piece of beauty.

Do you hate lifting heavy stuff?

Then we are sorry, but the BOYUEDA 60V 28.6 Ah electric scooter won’t do you justice.

Weighing a whopping 88lbs (40kg), this could be a reason enough for you to avoid it.

It even gets worse if you are to lift it to the upper stairs of an apartment. 

BOYUEDA 60V 28.6Ah Pros

  • One of the most impressive weight limits
  • A budget-friendly electric scooter for heavy adults
  • Wide 11-inch offroad tires excel at all terrains
  • Foldability enhances storing it 
  • Great specs for the price


  • No water-resistance rating provided
  • It’s heavy. 

Top BOYUEDA 60V 28.6Ah Alternative

We find that the YUME Y11 electric scooter has somewhat similar manufacturing as this BOYUEDA model.

In fact, we can confidently say that the Y11 is a better alternative since it features a Panasonic battery and since you can buy it from the official website, you will get a better customer service that way. 

Besides, YUME have a Directory in different parts of the globe, which makes getting parts simpler and faster. 

Value for Money

At a whopping $1499, does the BOYUEDA 60V 28Ah 5600W electric scooter offer any value for money?

We can confidently say it does.

At that pricing range, you are looking for electric scooters that can only hit a top speed of 40 mph or thereof, which makes this scooter beat them hands down. 

The range is also better for the price and likewise to most of the other manufacturing components. 

Nevertheless, the value for money offered by this BOYUEDA electric scooter will also depend on why you are primarily interested in an electric scooter.

Is it for its weight limit?

It has you covered.

Is it for the speed and range?

You are okay with it. 

If you aren’t looking for something beefy, you can get the EMOVE Cruiser at around that price point and it will be a perfect value for your bucks. 

BOYUEDA 28Ah 5600W Manufacturing

1. Handlebars

Since the BOYUEDA 28Ah 60V 5600W electric scooter is tailored explicitly for large adults, it comes with longer handlebars than the earlier versions. 

Folding in just 5 seconds, these handlebars not only provide versatility but also make it easier to handle the dashboard. 

For the handlebars, we are happy to let you know that there is no wobbling at all, which is a rare feature for most budget e-scooters. 

On the right-hand side of this BOYUEDA electric scooter, it features a couple of buttons.

That’s where you can select to engage a single or dual motor.

Above those, it features a comfortable trigger throttle which we find doesn’t have any dead zone. 

BOYUEDA electric scooter throttle
BOYUEDA electric scooter throttle

On the left handlebar, there are more buttons for the horn and lights, which is handy for all the riders. 

2. Frame 

Featuring a dual aluminum frame, you can perhaps understand why the BOYUEDA 5600 Watts electric scooter can carry up to 400kg worth of weight. 

One of the sturdiest frames we have ever tested, we can confidently tell you that there are no chances of slipping from the 28Ah owing to a wobbly frame. 

3. Wheels

BOYUEDA scooter offroad tires

I love massive wheels, especially when offroading since they offer the much-needed grip.

Coming with 11-inch offroad tires, the BOYUEDA 28Ah 60V electric scooter will sure be your mate. 

Do you wish to climb a hill or pass through sandy terrains? You absolutely cannot go wrong with big offroad tires. 

4. Deck

BOYUEDA 5600W electric scooter doesn’t come with the widest deck, but for sure it features a massive one.

For large adults who want to put their weight in front while accelerating or at the rear while braking, the deck in this 28.6 Ah 60V version won’t disappoint.

It offers much-needed comfort. 

5. Brakes

This BOYUEDA electric scooter comes with Disc and Electronic Anti-locking Brakes.

While these aren’t the best as compared to full-hydraulic brakes, they absolutely get the job done. 

As far as more safety is concerned, the BOYUEDA 28Ah Version also comes with an electronic immobilizer. 

BOYUEDA electric scooter disc brakes

6. Lights

Featuring two massive headlights at the front and an array of lights at the deck sides, there is literally no reason anyone would say they can’t see you properly.

We aren’t happy though that this beauty lacks turn signals and brake lights, which we believe that it should be an industry standard. 

BOYUEDA 28.6 Ah 60V 5600W riding experience

Among the most important things we would like to say is that you need to ensure that you tighten each and every nut once you get your ride. 

You can easily say that this electric scooter has some wobbles but if you tighten every bolt and nut well, then that won’t be the case.

One of the most important nuts you will need to tighten is beneath the red handle of the folding mechanism.

When I tightened that one, the ride was rock solid for sure. 

Applying blue Loctite to the nuts, screws, and bolts helps in ensuring that the threads are tightly locked in place to prevent any stem movement. 

For the actual riding, the BOYUEDA electric scooter is one of the most torquey rides we have ever ridden.

It just gets up and goes after you hit the throttle.

We would like to ask you to be ready before hitting that throttle. 

It excels in murram terrains and rough-terrain areas but is not as smooth when it comes to riding on tarmacked surfaces, which we owe to the knobby 11-inch offroad tires.

The suspension is okay but not the best since this electric scooter features just oil shock absorption at the front and the rear.

If only they could move to hydraulic suspension!

Since this electric scooter comes with a seat, we find riding it with the seat more comfortable both on-road and offroad.

While standing, the body will definitely ache if you don’t ride with the seat since the suspension in this ride isn’t the best. 

BOYUEDA Electric Scooter Tips

From our experience, while riding the BOYUEDA electric scooter, we noticed that it may come with a speed limiter depending on where you are.

For those in the EU, the speed limiter is set at 25km/h. 

To remove the speed limiter on BOYUEDA electric scooter, you can do so in the P-settings by clicking the P08 and altering it from the stock value of 017 to 100.

That way, you fully unlock its speed potential. 

If you are in ECO mode, then you need to also hit the RED Button (Sport Mode) and ride at your most comfortable speed. 

Quick BOYUEDA 5600W Electric Scooter P-Settings

P01 = 003 LCD Brightness 1 – 3
P02 = 001 0 : KMH 1 : MPH
P03 = 060 Battery Voltage
P04 = 000 LCD Timeout 0 No Timeout 1 – 60
P05 = 000 *Unused*
P06 = 112 Rim size 11.2 inch
P07 = 027 Magnetic steel
P08 = 100 Power Level
P09 = 000 1 Zero or 0 Kick Start
P10 = 002 *Unused*
P11 = 003 Regenerative ABS 0 : Off 5 : Max
P12 = 001 Acceleration 1 Soft 5 Hard Range: 0 – 5
P13 = 012 *Unused* Magnetic Sensor
P14 = 012 Current limit
P15 = 045 Automatic voltage shut-down
P16 = 999 Lifetime odometer reset
P17 = 000 Cruise Control 0 : Off 1 : On

In Summary: BOYUEDA 28Ah 60V 5600W Electric Scooter Review

The BOYUEDA 28Ah 60V 5600W electric scooter is the best bang for the buck for heavy adults weighing up to 400kg.

Since the scooter mostly ships from China, you will need to be patient before you receive it. 

If you would like to buy an electric scooter that can ship faster and with better customer support, then YUME Y11 is the perfect replacement for BOYUEDA 5600 watts electric scooter. 

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