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Burpy is a grocery delivery service that is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for food shopping.

You may have several questions about Burpy.

  • But what is Burpy?
  • How does it work?
  • Where is it available?

And how does it compare to other delivery services like GoPuff and Instacart?

In this article, we will answer all of those questions and more.

We will also provide a tutorial on becoming a Burpy shopper and earning extra income.

What Is Burpy?

Burpy is a grocery delivery service that offers same-day delivery.

Delivery is free for orders over $50, and there is only a small delivery fee of $4.99 for orders under $50.

The Wall Street Journal and USA Today have written feature articles about Burpy, and Fox News and NBC have covered Burpy.

How Does Burpy Work?

Burpy works by partnering with local grocery stores in each city.

The company has built strong relationships with these stores to offer the best possible prices to their customers.

Customers go online to the Burpy website or use the app to select grocery orders.

The Burpy app is available for Android and iOS.

A Burpy shopper will then go to the grocery store, purchase the items, and deliver them to the customer’s door.

Where Is Burpy Available?

Founded in Austin, TX, the company continues to expand across Texas.

List of Available Cities

Here are some of the top cities in Texas where you can find Burpy operating.

  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Missouri City
  • Georgetown
  • Sugar Land
  • Katy
  • Irving
  • Cypress
  • Plano
  • Spring

You can also drive for Burpy if you live in several states across the East Coast, such as New York, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Georgia.

Here are examples of other cities outside of Texas where you can drive.

  • Ballston Lake, NY
  • Avon Lake, OH
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Ackerman, MS
  • Bangor, ME
  • South Orleans, MA

As Burpy expands, you can use this page to check if the company delivers in your area.

What Do Burpy Shoppers Do?

Burpy shoppers are responsible for delivering groceries orders to the homes of customers.

As a shopper, you will receive a payment for each order you complete.

You may also receive tips from customers, which can increase your earnings.

The company breaks down the responsibilities into these two categories.

  1. Pick up groceries
  2. Deliver groceries
vector graphic showing a burpy shopper inside of a store

Pick up Groceries

Shoppers will go to the grocery store, shop for items, and purchase the items on the customer’s list.

Deliver Groceries

Shoppers will load up their cars with the items from each order.

They will then drive to the customer’s address and deliver the groceries right to their door.

Who Can Be a Burpy Shopper?

Let’s review the basic requirements for becoming a Burpy shopper.

Be 18 or Older

You can only drive for Burpy if you are 18 or older.

Have a Car, License, and Insurance

You will need to own a car to become a Burpy shopper.

You’ll also need to show Burpy your auto insurance information.

Of course, you can’t drive unless you prove that you have a valid driver’s license.

Have a Smartphone

You will need to own a smartphone to receive orders and navigate to customer locations.

You will download the Burper app to your phone.

The app provides the required order information, customer name and address, and navigation options.

Lift 30+ Pounds

This requirement is necessary because you may need to lift heavier grocery items during your Burpy adventures.

You need to be able to lift and carry these items without any problems.

How Much Do Burpy Shoppers Make?

Are you getting interested in driving as a Burpy shopper?

You might wonder how much you can earn as a grocery delivery driver.

Average Rates

As a Burpy shopper, you can earn $15-$25 per hour.

The range of income will depend on a few different factors.

The two things that will affect your earnings are the number of orders you complete and whether or not you receive tips from customers.

When you open the Burpy app to accept an order, you will see the estimated amount of income you will earn.

Here are tips for maximizing your Burpy earnings.

Be available during peak hours: You can make more money by being available during the busiest shopping and delivery times.

It means remaining available on nights and weekends.

Take on as many orders as possible: The more orders you complete, the more money you will make.

Learn to navigate quickly through the process: The faster you can complete each order, the more orders you can take on.

Over time, you’ll learn which zones and stores you like working in.

Get familiar with store layouts so you can work quickly, complete the order, and get back to the store for the next order.

Follow all instructions carefully: It will help you avoid mistakes that could slow down your delivery times.

Stay in contact with your customers so you can replace unavailable items that please them.

Offer great customer service: Customers will be more likely to tip you if they have a good experience.

Plus, it’s just plain good karma.

Do Burpy Shoppers Earn Tips?

The answer is yes! Burpy shoppers earn 100% of the tips they receive from customers.

Customers can tip through the app after receiving their grocery orders.

You will see the customer’s name, photo, and order information in the app.

After you deliver the order, you can rate your experience with that particular customer.

As a Burpy shopper, your success will depend on your customer service skills.

It’s not simply a shopping and driving gig.

Focus on making each customer happy.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve a higher tip rate.

Be On Time

Customers want their groceries delivered on time.

If you’re running late, communicate with the customer so they know what’s going on.

Be Friendly

Customers like it when you’re friendly.

Greet them with a smile when you deliver their groceries.

Take the time to chat with them for a few minutes.

They’ll appreciate your pleasant demeanor, and it could lead to a higher tip.

Help With Bags

If you see that the customer has trouble carrying all the bags, offer to help.

It’s a great way to show that you care about the customer’s experience.

They’ll remember your act of kindness and could reward you with a better tip.

Overall, you’ll receive excellent tips if you keep your mind focused on being patient with customer requests and going above and beyond to make the customer happy.

Burpy Shopper Comparisons

There are other options when it comes to driving for income.

Let’s review how Burpy stacks up against three other delivery apps.

vector graphic showing the logos of apps like Instacart

Burpy vs. Instacart

Burpy and Instacart are both delivery apps that will pay you to shop for and deliver groceries.

They are similar in many ways.

You can make money by delivering groceries for Instacart.

You will need a car, driver’s license, and insurance to drive.

You will also need a smartphone to receive orders and navigate to customer locations.

The difference between Burpy and Instacart is that Burpy specializes in grocery delivery while Instacart also delivers other items like alcohol, pet supplies, and household items.

Burpy vs. Shipt

Like Burpy, you can make money delivering groceries on the Shipt platform.

Shipt promises same-day delivery to its customers.

Or, customers can schedule their orders three days out to plan exactly when the items will arrive.

Unlike Burpy, Shipt asks its customers to sign up for a monthly or annual membership.

The annual membership costs $99, and the monthly option comes in at $10.99 per month.

It works out well for customers who use Shipt often.

The memberships eliminate delivery fees.

For drivers, you can work the same schedule with Burpy as you can with Shipt.

The pay comes out to a similar $15 to $25 per hour.

Burpy vs. GoPuff

GoPuff is a delivery app that specializes in delivering convenience store items.

Most customers using the GoPuff app use it to purchase food, drinks, snacks, and even some household items.

To become a GoPuff driver, you need to be at least 21 years old.

You also need a car, auto insurance, and a valid driver’s license.

GoPuff also requires each driver to have a high school diploma.

Apps like Burpy, Instacart, and Shipt don’t include the high school diploma requirement.

The GoPuff app is only available in select cities across the United States.

The company plans to expand to more markets in the future.

GoPuff drivers can make up to $20 per hour.

The pay will depend on the number of orders you complete and the distance you travel for each order.

The biggest difference between Burpy and these three other grocery delivery apps is availability.

You can find Shipt and Instacart in almost every city across the United States.

GoPuff operates in over 100 major U.S. cities.

To this point, you can’t drive for Burpy unless you live mainly in southern states like Texas and Louisiana.

How To Sign Up To Be a Burpy Shopper

Like other delivery apps, it’s not hard to become a Burpy shopper.

vector graphic showing a person selecting a burpy grocery delivery

Step by Step Instructions

You first need to sign up online at the Burpy website.

Fill in the form you see on this page.

It asks for the following information.

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Cell phone number
  • Password
  • Select your market

You will also need to take a picture of your driver’s license and upload it to the Burpy website.

You will give Burpy permission to conduct a background check on you during your online application.

Here’s what the background check will look into.

  • Your criminal history: It checks to see if you have any felonies or misdemeanors on your record.
  • Your motor vehicle history: They will look at your driving record to make sure you don’t have any major violations.
  • Identity verification: Burpy needs to make sure you are who you say you are.

If everything comes back clean, Burpy will contact you to schedule an online training session.

The training helps new shoppers gain an understanding of the Burpy platform, how to perform shopping duties and provide excellent customer service, and other important aspects of the job.

Next, Burpy will schedule you for an interview.

The interview works to learn more about you.

It also helps you learn the ropes from a more experienced Burpy employee.

After the in-person training, you’ll be ready to start shopping and earning money.

Burpy will instruct you to set your schedule so they can give you your first delivery order.

Burpy Shopper FAQs

You might still have questions about how to work for Burpy as a grocery delivery driver.

Let’s review three commonly asked questions.

How do you pay for groceries?

When you become a Burpy shopper, the company will provide you with a credit card to use for shopping purposes.

You don’t need to put any money down or have good credit to get the card.

Can you deliver alcohol?

Burpy doesn’t allow its shoppers to pick up and deliver alcohol to customers.

You also can’t deliver tobacco products.

If a customer needs alcohol delivered, they can try another service like Instacart.

What stores do you shop at?

Burpy shoppers can shop at any store in the market they work in.

In most cases, Burpy shoppers will be able to shop at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Albertsons, Sprouts Farmers Market, Costco, Tom Thumb Grocery, and other major retailers.


Becoming a Burpy shopper is an easy process that only takes a few minutes.

Look for your city on the signup page to ensure the company delivers in your area.

Then, all you need to do is fill out the online form, pass the background check, and complete an online training session.

Visit the Burpy site to apply today.

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