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How Burpy Same Day Grocery Delivery Works In 2023

Burpy is a grocery delivery service operating within Texas. Personal shoppers take your grocery list, shop for you and place the items at your door.

Are you tired of standing in line at the grocery store, looking resentfully at the self-checkout that promises a quicker experience, but knowing you’re simply too exhausted to get through it by yourself?

Are you the type of person whose stomach lurches at the prospect of having to carry pounds of groceries up to your apartment after the grueling experience of grocery shopping?

Well, many grocery store delivery platforms have popped up over the last decade to solve this problem, and Burpy is a promising one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This article will discuss what Burpy is, how to use it, compare it to other providers, and answer some quick FAQs.

What Is the Burpy App?

The Burpy app is an innovative grocery delivery service.

It is a place for consumers to order grocery items and have them delivered directly to their homes from local stores.

How Does Burpy Work?

Here’s a breakdown of how a successful Burpy order comes to fruition.


After you download the Burpy app from the iStore or Google Play, you’ll enter some personal information such as your address and the card number you’re going to want to use for payment.

Following this, select your location or allow Burpy to find it automatically.

Next, peruse your local stores that are available to be used within Burpy.

Take that handy grocery list you scribbled out over morning coffee, and shop each item in the app, adding food to your cart.

(Don’t forget the avocado).

Your shopping partner will look at your instructions and follow through with them.

Once you’ve placed the order, Burpy routes your order to their staff, who are called Personal Shoppers.

They’ll give you a hand by shopping in your selected grocery store for each item you purchased, double-checking the order at the end, and communicating about any items that are up for replacement or simply are not in stock.

In as little as one hour of delivery time- that’s enough time for a bubble bath, some rest, and a glass of wine – your Burpy Shopper will make their arrival with your grocery items from your local grocery store.

You can even choose to have your Shopper simply leave your product at the door, which is a fantastic option for people like me who, at times, want to avoid all human contact.

When you’re ready, rip into those cookies, gifts and home essentials, and food.

Start basking in the convenience of letting someone else do the shopping, and don’t forget to wash those veggies!

Where Is Burpy Available?

Burpy was founded in Austin, Texas, and since their inception, they have expanded their delivery services to some major cities in the area.

These cities include:

1. Dallas
2. Fort Worth
3. San Antonio
4. Houston

Burpy professionals are available from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, and on holidays shopper hours are subject to the store hours in which they shop.

How Much Does Burpy Cost?

We’re here to get you answers.

That’s why we’ve found out that orders about $50 through Burpy incur no delivery fee, which is rare in the world of grocery delivery.

If you order below $50, there is a $4.99 fee for delivery, but there is no minimum order value for ordering with Burpy.

For groceries handled with care, that’s kind of a steal in terms of how much money you could save.

In addition, Burpy boasts a robust customer service channel, with the ability to contact someone for help in the app during the order and a 24/7 chat feature on their website.

I used this chat feature to build some aspects of this article and was elated by the urgency and accuracy with which they answered my questions.

Burpy Comparisons

There are several delivery applications for grocery shopping and delivery to customers.

We’ve taken the time to research competitors and reviews to see how other applications measure up to the Burpy market standard.

Each person has individual grocery shopping needs, so take a look to see which fits you best as a customer.

Burpy vs. Shipt

smartphone running the Shipt app and showing a Shipt tracking image for a delivery placed

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that claims convenience and ease for its consumers.

Like most grocery store delivery applications, Shipt aims to save you from the peril of entering the grocery store when you’d rather sit at home and watch Michael Scott humiliate himself for the umpteenth time.

Shipt boasts same-day delivery, but you can also schedule your order up to three days in advance to choose the most convenient delivery time for you.

Although your store selection depends on where you are in the country, Shipt aims to provide a variety of vendors to their clients so that they can price compare during online shopping.

There are some cons when considering Shipt’s services.

To place an order with Shipt, you will need to purchase an annual membership.

There’s also an option to buy “Shipt Passes”, which are only good for one order and cost ten dollars for each one.

Note that the in-store prices are a little higher to cover the cost of handling and processing your items, so plan to place more than an order a month to make those membership prices worth it.

Burpy vs. Instacart

vector graphic showing an instacart shopper loading groceries into instacart bags at checkout

Instacart is a delivery application that you can find on any app store.

It is convenient, with the capacity to place your order from any device like a phone or laptop, and you can track the progress of your order while receiving updates.

Instacart offers same-day delivery (in some areas, in as little as one hour), and you can schedule your delivery for a time window that is convenient for you.

Like Burpy, you can shop from a wide selection of stores, making it easy for you to compare prices as you go.

However, Instacart typically has higher prices on their app than their parallel product in-store.

The delivery fee starts at $3.99, and the service fee is 5%.

Those numbers, including a tip, would mean you’d be paying, on average, $6 more than going to the store yourself.

Burpy vs. Postmates

two mobile phones running the postmates fleet app against a yellow background with a ridester logo

Postmates is a popular takeout delivery service.

Did you know they offer delivery of groceries as well?

It’s simple to get an order started.

Just log in on the app as you would if you were ordering your favorite tacos, and search for the store where you want to order food and household items.

Ordering from Postmates does make you liable to pay a few fees.

The fees are dependent on where you are ordering from and the distance it will take to get to you.

Fees can range from one to ten dollars.

If the store you are ordering from is a “Postmates Partner,” delivery fees will cost less.

If your chosen grocery store is “out of network,” as one might say, prices will be higher. 

If you decide to utilize Postmates Unlimited, you will now have a delivery fee on your orders.

Burpy vs. Peapod

Peapod is a lesser-known application that offers delivery of goods to your home or business.

They boast offerings of typical items like meat, alcohol, and local items, including ready-to-eat meals.

To start with Peapod, a consumer must purchase an annual pass that costs $119 per year and provides you with free delivery all year long on orders over one hundred dollars.

However, Peapod is currently only available in major metro areas on the East Coast, such as D.C., New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

In addition, their fees are based on the size of your order.

The minimum order size is $30 with a ten-dollar fee.

The more you order, the more your costs decrease.

Frequently Asked Questions for Burpy Customers

Many consumers are interested in learning about various grocery delivery apps’ ability to deliver nicotine and alcohol.

After all, who doesn’t want whiskey to appear at their doorstep magically?

Here’s the answer to your questions regarding nicotine and alcohol delivery.

vector graphic showing a person selecting a burpy grocery delivery

Can I buy cigarettes through Burpy?

Burpy does not support the purchase of cigarettes through its app.

Can I buy alcohol through Burpy?

Burpy does not support the purchase of alcohol through its app.

Frequently Asked Questions for Burpy Shoppers

After reading all this, you’ll likely have some remaining questions. Are you curious about how to pay?

What about the personal shoppers; are their wages fair?

Read on for more info.

How do I pay for the items I buy?

The easiest way to pay for your groceries through Burpy is by entering your US debit or credit card when prompted using the app.

Currently, Burpy does not accept store gift cards or EBT cards.

Do I need a car to deliver for Burpy?

To shop for Burpy, you would need a valid license, a car, and insurance.

In addition, Burpy requires a recent smartphone and the ability to lift thirty-plus pounds.

How much do Burpy shoppers get paid?

If you’re looking to switch careers or trying to find something with a little more flexibility, you might be excited to find out that Burpy shoppers can make up to $25 an hour.

Wrapping Up

For the average consumer who finds themselves exhausted at just the thought of heading to the store, Burpy is a wonderful option.

Burpy is an easy-to-use app available for download from any app store.

Compared with other grocery delivery apps, Burpy stands out due to its low delivery fees.

Although you cannot purchase nicotine or alcohol products through the app, their service areas in Texas cover a lot of ground and partner with popular stores.

If you’re interested in becoming a shopper for Burpy, the pay is compelling, and qualifying is pretty simple.

If you’re tired of pushing yourself to go to the store at the end of the day, try Burpy on for size and spend the time you’d be shopping doing something you love.

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