How to Call Uber for Support: A Guide for Drivers and Riders

When you frequent the roads as an Uber driver, inevitable problems arise. Whether you experience a glitch on your Uber Driver app or rowdy passengers leave a mess in your vehicle, things happen that make you ask one big question: How can I get help?

Luckily for drivers, this question has a handful of great answers. Nowadays, Uber support is everywhere — even on your smartphone — to help you conveniently reach the experts for quick problem resolutions.

In this article, we’ll show you how to call Uber for driver support and emergencies, as well as additional ways to get help.

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Call Uber for Driver Support

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The ability to directly call Uber for assistance was a highly requested feature that was released to the mass driver market in October 2017. No specific phone number exists for driver support, but you can easily speak to trained agents straight through your Uber Driver app. To do so, follow this fast and straightforward process:

  1. Open your Uber Driver app.
  2. Head to the “Account” section within your app.
  3. Select “Help” within the section.
  4. Tap the blue phone icon, located on the upper right-hand corner of the Help section.
  5. Select “Call Support” in the pop-up. As soon as you tap Call Support, you’ll be connected to a member of Uber’s support team for an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics, including vehicle requirements, fare adjustments, and problems that arise during specific trips.

This service is available 24/7, which means your inquiries will be covered during any time of the day or week.

Call Uber for Emergencies

Call Uber for emergencies

While the company doesn’t offer a number for its general Uber driver support, drivers can make a phone call to Uber representatives when faced with an emergency. This is the fastest way to receive Uber support when truly needed, and it’s simple. Calling the Emergency Line for drivers is as easy as heading to the Emergency Line page or calling 800-353-UBER (800-353-8237).

It’s important to remember two things before dialing the emergency Uber phone number:

  • If you’re experiencing an emergency that requires police, firefighters, or medical support, making a phone call to Uber should come second to calling 911. Always ensure you are in a safe situation before calling Uber.
  • Respect this number as the emergency line it is. Calling the emergency number as a shortcut to receive faster customer service will increase response times for drivers who are actually in critical situations.

Other Ways to Get Driver Support

If a phone call away is still a little too far or inconvenient for you, Uber tries to accommodate all driver needs by offering a variety of support channels. Listed below are additional ways for drivers to contact support.

Uber Help homepage

Sometimes, your question can be answered faster with a quick search than over the phone. Uber’s help center for driver-partners is a catalog of questions and answers that’s easy to navigate. You can browse through categories of questions, including “Accessibility” and “Safety and Security,” or you can simply search for your desired topic to pull up results.

Though this channel won’t give you direct support, this is a great option to find solutions for common situations, learn about the many aspects of Uber as a new driver, or simply avoid human interaction after a long day of driving passengers around town.

Uber Greenlight Hub

Uber Greenlight location map

In-person support can be incredibly valuable when in need of high-quality help, especially for complex issues. Uber Greenlight Hubs and Greenlight Spots are brick-and-mortar locations that staff Uber experts who can help you with a handful of issues or questions.

New drivers can benefit from this if they need help navigating their app ahead of their first trip, or if they need help uploading important documents. Plus, many Uber Greenlight Hubs offer free on-site vehicle inspections, which conveniently helps drivers check off their to-do lists.

We’re going to be honest: This shouldn’t be your primary channel if your issue can be resolved over the phone or online. Wait times can be high at these locations (in larger cities, you can easily spend a couple hours there). However, if you use your best judgment and decide the Greenlight Hub approach is for you, find your city’s closest location and head there during office hours.

For reference, here’s where you can find Greenlight Hub listings in some of the biggest cities in the United States:


Uber Support Twitter

Though the rideshare company’s Twitter support handle isn’t solely dedicated to Uber drivers, Uber associates will respond fairly quickly to messages they receive. We recommend direct messaging the Uber Support Twitter, as some situations will require personal information like your phone number or email to be shared.

Following this Twitter handle can also be beneficial as you’ll receive updates about app changes or issues when they occur.

How to Get Rider Support

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Due to the enormity of the rider market, Uber limits its general phone support option to Uber drivers. However, this doesn’t mean riders are left out in the cold when it comes to customer support. Riders have access to channels that include:

  • Twitter: The same Twitter page you would contact for driver support can be contacted for rider support.
  • Help center: Like Uber drivers, Uber riders have access to a help center dedicated to their needs.
  • Email: While you can’t directly contact Uber support through a specific email address, you can email support through your Uber account — take a look at our guide on how to email Uber customer service. Your support request will be forwarded to an Uber team member who will send you an email response. If you have further questions, you can continue an email thread with them from there.

If you are truly experiencing an emergency — for example, if your driver is under the influence — you are encouraged to call the Critical Safety Response Line for riders at 1-800-285-6172 after contacting authorities and getting to safety. Like the driver Emergency Line, this phone number is not meant for general support — it’s intended to provide attention only to extremely urgent situations.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Call Uber

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1. How can I get support as an Uber Eats courier?

The majority of channels available to Uber drivers are also applicable to Uber Eats couriers. Though Uber doesn’t publicly confirm this on their website, many reputable sources state that an Uber Eats phone number exists and is listed as (800) 253-6882.

2. How can I contact my rider if needed?

If you’re on your way to a rider and can’t find the building, or you’ve arrived and can’t find your rider, you may need to call them or send a text message. Your active trip screen should give you the option to contact your rider, typically located below your rider’s name.

If you’ve already ended the trip and realize they left an item behind, or need to contact them for any other reason, Uber will take care of the communication. All you need to do is navigate to the “Help” section of your Uber Driver app and let the company know about the issue.

3. Can Uber riders contact drivers or other passengers following a trip?

While you can’t contact your driver outside of the Uber platform, you can reach out if you’ve left an item behind. Go to the site’s page for contacting drivers or co-riders after a trip and select “Lost Items.”

However, Uber is under no circumstances allowed to provide contact information for fellow riders on an Express Pool or UberPool trip. If you have any issues with your fellow riders, we recommend contacting Uber through its various rider support channels first.

4. What support options does Lyft provide?

Lyft’s support options match Uber’s almost completely. One of the most convenient methods that Lyft drivers can use to receive support is submitting a ticket for an employee to email you back. The company additionally has offices for in-person support, social media channels, and a phone number dedicated to responding to urgent situations.

Drive Without Worry

Knowing that the company you’re working for offers many channels for driver support is a form of moral support, isn’t it? We hope this guide has helped assure you that no matter what situation you’re in, Uber team members will be right around the corner (or on your phone) to help.

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