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Can A Dash Cam Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket? The 1 Answer

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Sometimes driving 10 or 20 % above the speeding limit can get us a ticket that can be very costly.

But what happens when we didn’t do anything wrong and we get a ticket for speeding, when you know you weren’t driving above the speed limit?

There’s one thing that we get asked a lot, can a dash cam get you out of a speeding ticket?

And the answer is simple, yes you can.

In the next couple of minutes, we are going to tell you how the dashboard camera can save you from getting a speeding ticket, save you some money and trouble.

Why should I buy a dashboard camera?

Dashboard cameras are a common thing today, many drivers are buying and using them constantly for many reasons. 

By some reports, the dashboard camera market is predicted to be worth more than 7.5 billion dollars in 2027. 

These numbers are proving that the interest in-dash cams is growing more than ever.

In 2019 it was reported that more than 37 million dashboard cameras were sold. 

If this isn’t enough proof that dashboard cameras are a useful thing and an efficient investment for your and your vehicle’s safety here are some more reasons.

1. Providing you with safety in accidents

If an accident happens, and these things are bound to happen now and then, you can have peace of mind knowing you have it on tape to prove that you did not do anything wrong and of course show it to your insurance company.

2. It provides safety to your vehicle when parked

When parked, and especially on the street and driveways your vehicle can be very vulnerable to a hit and run.

Meaning someone wasn’t paying attention and hit your vehicle by mistake than he simply ran off.

So now knowing you have it on tape, and maybe a clear view of his license numbers you can show it to your insurance company and the police so they can find the person who did this.

3. It can help others

When you are in traffic accidents can happen to someone else, maybe you were close by and your dashboard camera caught it on tape.

You can act like a decent person and give the victim the tape to use in court or to their insurance company.

4. Getting you out of speeding tickets

One of the benefits we are explaining today, how a dashboard camera can help you out of getting a speeding ticket, you are going to find out pretty soon.

How can a dash cam help me get out of a speeding ticket?

Can A Dash Cam Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket?

Besides the many other uses of the dashboard camera, it can also help you fight legal problems like speeding. 

If you have a new dash cam, then you probably have a GPS installed along with the ability to record your speed. 

Now, we all know that police radars are more accurate since they are state-of-the-art machines with the primary use of calculating speed, they are also getting tested and calibrated daily. 

It’s very difficult to compare them to the speed calculation provided by your dashboard camera, we all know that even the courts trust the police equipment more than any other, but in some cases, the dashboard camera can be proven more accurate and save you from a speeding ticket.

Let’s say you are driving in a 30 miles per hour zone and you are driving below the speed limit. 

You get pulled up and the police provided radar is saying you were driving 50 miles per hour, now that is a huge difference and you are confident you were driving 20, so what are you going to do? 

In this case, when the difference is this big, something is obviously wrong, and this is your chance to prove it.

When taken to court in many cases like these, the dashboard camera is more trusted, since everyone knows that the GPS can be wrong, but not by a lot.

This is a chance to prove your innocence.

Another case that you can use your dashboard camera as evidence is when you are entering a safety zone, like a school zone.

If you are getting a ticket for speeding in a school zone the ticket is going to be pricey, so how can you get out of it using your dashboard camera? 

If you were really slowing down when entering the zone, the GPS will show the constant speed and the moment your speed was decreased, and if that is before you entered the zone, then the court might keep this in mind when ruling a decision. 

Can I use the dashboard camera for using a cell phone while driving charges?

This is a delicate problem, but there are some cases when people used their two-way dashboard camera to get out of cell phone charges.

Since there is only one way to get a ticket for using your phone when driving, and that is if someone sees you using it, but he might not be right, you may have been simply scratching your ear.

There are some reported cases when people proved in court with footage of themselves when driving, a police officer stopped a driver for using a phone, but thanks to the footage where it clearly showed that he was simply just scratching his ear. 

The police officer thought he was right and wrote him a ticket, but the charge was disputed afterward.

Can a dash cam get you out of a speeding ticket: Can I use someone else’s dashboard camera as evidence in court?

Even when your vehicle does not have a dashcam, you can use another vehicle’s dashboard camera in your argument as evidence.

There are some situations in the United States when bypassers mounted dashboard cameras were used to resolve an accident. 

This is something that can be trusted, of course, you are going to have to ask the person for the videotape, but as there’s no harm there most of them will give you the tape without question.

When it comes to avoiding speeding tickets using someone else’s dashboard camera they can be trusted in a few situations.

One of them is when you get pulled up for speeding, but the person in front of you does not get pulled. 

The other vehicle has a dashboard camera, not just a front one but a rear one as well.

Since you are driving behind him you are driving slower than him, and his GPS and speed calculator know that he was driving 50 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone, that must mean you were driving slower than him.

These things are hard to prove in court, but it adds a lot of value to your argument in proving your innocence. 

Can a dash cam get you out of a speeding ticket: Should I get a lawyer?

Legal help is always welcomed, if you can’t fight the court yourself, even if you have some trustworthy evidence, getting a lawyer to fight the battle for you is something you should consider.

It might cost some money, but so do the tickets.

If it’s a charge involving you losing your driver’s license then a lawyer will be of big help since there are lawyers who are specialists in traffic offenses and have seen cases like yours on many occasions.

Wrap Up

With everything being said, it’s a fair point to say you can use your dashboard camera to get out of a speeding ticket, and that of course if you were innocent of those charges. 

There are many cases where people used them and proved their point, dashboard cameras are not something authorities will ignore at court, so use them wisely. 

It’s also important to mention you have to be very careful with the speed limit and always driving below the given speed limit for everyone’s safety.

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