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Can Someone Else Use My Postmates Account?

If you've ever wondered, can someone else use my Postmates account?, keep reading to find out about sharing your account and ordering food.

Having food delivered from Postmates is so convenient that it’s understandable you’d want to share your account.

But if you’re wondering, “Can someone else use my Postmates account?”

There isn’t a set answer.

It’s easiest to say yes and no and then explain the nuances.

Can Someone Else Use My Postmates Account?

Yes, it’s possible to let someone else use your account but not recommended.

You’d have to give that person your login information to access your account from their phone.

You’d have to completely trust the person since you have a credit card linked to the account.

Instead of letting someone else log into your Postmates account, you can use the “Group Ordering” feature for convenience.

Once you choose the restaurant in the Postmates app, click on “Group Order” in the top right corner of the screen.

This icon lets you share the order with several friends who want food from the same restaurant.

You don’t have to ask other people what they want to eat because they can input their own choices from their phones.

Each person can track the order on their device.

But note that the food all comes to the same address.

That makes this option best for housemates, families, or coworkers placing one big order and eating together.

Can You Share a Postmates Unlimited Subscription?

The only way to share a Postmates Unlimited subscription is to give the other person your account information.

They can log in and order from your account, therefore getting free delivery and 5% off the service fee.

If you have a Postmates Unlimited subscription and use Group Ordering, no one has to pay a delivery fee.

So again, using the group option is the best way to let others share your discount without compromising your account.

Can I Order Postmates for Someone Else?

Getting food delivered to your door is such a luxury that you might want to pass this benefit on to someone else.

It’s nice to surprise a friend or loved one with a hot, fresh meal for a special occasion or to show them that you’re thinking of them.

Can you order Postmates delivery for someone else?

The short answer is yes, but read on to get the specifics.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a phone with a person laying down wondering "can someone else use my postmates account"

Can You Order Postmates for Someone in Another City?


When you log into your account, make sure you enter the other person’s address.

You need to search for restaurants and delivery partners in their area to ensure timely delivery.

After selecting your friend’s food delivery, continue to the payment screen.

In the special instructions box, explain that the food is for someone else.

This step isn’t a requirement—the delivery person will take the food to the address no matter what.

But since your friend might not expect the delivery, it’s nice for the driver to know what’s going on.

They can explain that someone sent food in case your friend tries to turn away the delivery since they didn’t pay for it.

Make sure you tip the Postmates driver for their service.

Can You Order Postmates for Someone in Another State?

Yes, sending food to someone in another state is as simple as sending it to someone five blocks away or in another city.

The most important thing is to remember to change the delivery address.

This information impacts not only the available restaurants but also the overall order.

You can’t change the address once you place the order, so the Postmates delivery driver would bring it to your last-used address.

Can You Order Postmates for Someone in Another Country?

Postmates never had an international platform.

It’s always focused more on American deliveries, though Mexico City was one international city.

Uber Eats recently bought Postmates, and the Uber platform is more international.

The food delivery service is available in 45 countries, so there’s a good chance you can order food for someone in a different country.

Other Questions Customers Are Asking

Learning what you can and can’t—or shouldn’t—do with your Postmates account might bring other questions to your mind.

Find the most common questions, and their answers, below.

Can I Pay for Someone’s Postmates Order?

You can pay for someone’s Postmates order if you have it delivered to them as outlined above.

First, change the delivery address and see what restaurants are available.

Then order the food and double-check that the driver will take it to your friend’s address.

The app charges the order to your saved card when you check out.

Using “Group Order” is another way to pay for someone’s Postmates order.

You can log in, start an order, and send a group invite to the person you want to pay for.

They can input their own food choices from their device.

Then you complete the order, and it’s charged to you.

Remember, group orders go to one address, so you can’t use this feature if you’re ordering food for yourself and someone at a different location.

You’ll have to use the previous option of ordering for the person and sending it to their address.

Can You Send Postmates as a Gift?

Yes, you can send Postmates food as a surprise or send a Postmates gift card.

To send Postmates as a gift, follow the steps above to change the address to the recipient’s location.

Then you’ll order their food, pay for it on your account, and have it delivered to them.

Remember to leave a note in the special instructions box.

This extra information helps the delivery driver know what to do if the recipient tries to reject the food because they didn’t order it.

Your driver can explain that it’s a gift, so the recipient accepts.

Since Uber Eats bought Postmates, they started offering gift cards.

You have to buy it through Uber, but your recipient can use it for Uber, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

You can send a physical gift card in the mail or deliver a digital option via email so they can use it right away.

Can I Send Postmates Anonymously?

Utilizing the special instructions box is the best way to keep your surprise anonymous.

Since you’re ordering from your account, the delivery driver will see your name and ask for you at the door.

If your friend answers the door and the driver asks for you, they’ll know the order is from you.

Some people put notes on the delivery to clue the driver in.

You could write, “This is for my friend Bob.

Please tell him you don’t know who sent it.”

That way, the driver knows to ask for Bob, not the name on the account.

Since the drivers are independent contractors, you can’t guarantee that they’ll play along with your surprise.

Be polite in the notes and tip well, and you have a good chance of pulling off an anonymous gift!

How to Send Postmates Orders to Somebody Else

Regardless of where someone else lives, you can send Postmates orders to them.

When you open the app or website, you’ll see the address bar at the top of the page.

Enter the other person’s address.

This location is where the delivery driver will go, so make sure you get it right.

After you input the address, you’ll see the restaurants nearby.

Choose one and order the food.

Continue to the payment screen.

Before you complete the order, add a note for the delivery driver in the special instructions box.

Now, this is a courtesy, not mandatory.

But it will help the driver know what to do if the other person denies the order.

You can clarify who it’s for and who you want them to say it’s from.

Submit the order as usual, and everything is set into motion!

Other Helpful Information

Sending Postmates orders to other people can be a fun way to ensure they get a gift or treat.

It’s especially convenient if you’re too far away to give them something face-to-face.

Before you create an order, check out this other helpful information.

postmates delivery driver handing customer food and customer giving driver postmates tipping bonus

How to Change an Address on Postmates

To change your account address for delivery and billing purposes, open the app and click on “Account” at the bottom.

Next to your name, you’ll see the option to edit your account.

Select your address and change it.

Before the app saves the update, you must enter your password or a verification code to prevent hackers from compromising your account.

If you’re placing an order to go to an address other than the one on your account, you input the new location before you start.

Be careful to change the address before you check out.

Otherwise, the food will go to the last place you used.

You can’t change the address once you place an order.

To prevent the order from going to the wrong address, you’ll have to quickly cancel the entire order.

Then enter the correct address and redo the order.

If you don’t realize the address is wrong immediately, you might end up eating the meal yourself!

The delivery request goes to the restaurant so quickly that you only have a brief window for cancellation.

Troubleshooting: Postmates Delivered Somebody Else’s Order

Sometimes there’s confusion with the order, and the Postmates driver will take your food to someone else’s address, bringing you that person’s order.

Once someone accepts the food, they can’t give it back for health reasons.

So instead of hoping the driver will take back the food and go get your order, you have to contact Postmates help directly.

vector graphic showing a postmates driver sitting in a car on the phone with postmates fleet support to get help with an issue

What to Do If This Happens to You

First, double-check that you entered the right address when placing the order.

If you input the wrong location, that’s on you, not the driver or Postmates.

If the address was input correctly and the driver went to the wrong place, it’s not your fault.

You can also request a refund if they brought you the wrong order.

Reach out to Postmates customer service through the contact form, email, or phone number.

Can I Get a Refund If My Food Doesn’t Arrive?

Yes, you can request a refund through the Postmates app.

Go to your order history and click on the relevant order.

Select the option that reads, “Items damaged, missing, or incorrect.”

You can then click the specific issue and type in what happened.

If this process doesn’t result in a full refund, you can contact Postmates support directly through their contact form, email, or phone number.

Have your account information and order details ready for the customer service representative.

Wrapping Up

While sharing your login details with someone else is one way to let someone else use your Postmates account, it’s not the ideal option.

Instead, find out how you can send food to someone else or take advantage of group orders.

This method lets you share Postmates love without compromising your personal information.

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