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Can You Request A Specific Lyft Driver? Here’s How

If you've ever wondered to yourself, "can you request a specific Lyft driver?" wonder no more. This guide breaks down everything you need to know.

Key Takeaways

  • Specific Lyft drivers cannot be directly requested through the app due to automated matching.
  • Lyft determines drivers based on proximity and availability, focusing on efficiency.
  • Requesting specific genders or individuals is not an option for safety and fairness.
  • Alternative services like Uzurv cater to specific needs, offering scheduled, accessible rides.

Can You Request a Specific Lyft Driver?

No, you cannot request a specific Lyft driver through the app. Lyft’s system automatically matches riders with drivers based on geographical proximity to ensure quick and efficient service.

The platform aims to minimize wait times by pairing riders with the nearest available driver, especially after a nearby drop-off, to maintain competitiveness with other ride-sharing services and taxis.

While it’s not possible to choose a specific driver, riders might occasionally be matched with the same driver if they often select premium services like Lyft Premier, Lux, or Lux SUV. These services have fewer drivers, increasing the likelihood of repeated pairings.

However, Lyft’s primary goal in driver assignment is to reduce wait times and provide even service distribution among drivers, rather than enabling personal preferences for specific drivers.

Why Do Neither Lyft Nor Uber Allow Passengers to Request Specific Drivers?

Uber and Lyft do not allow passengers to request specific drivers primarily to ensure efficiency and safety.

The systems are designed to match passengers with the closest available driver to minimize wait times and streamline the ride process.

Allowing passengers to request specific drivers could lead to longer wait times, unequal distribution of fares among drivers, and potential safety concerns, such as harassment or stalking.

The random matching process is intended to be fair and safe for both drivers and passengers, maintaining a level of anonymity and impartiality in the service.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Personally, I think this is a huge missed opportunity for Lyft. I wish I had the ability as a driver to opt into some type of system that allows riders to save me as their favorite driver.

However, I do understand the logistical implications of not allowing this feature.

The entire Lyft system is built on convenience and speed. If drivers were able to do this, it would no longer function as it currently does.

However, it does appear that Lyft is trying to find a way around this.

In some markets, the option to schedule a ride and select a specific driver does appear, but I can’t figure out a pattern. It looks like they’re just randomly testing it.

My Suggestion: If you like your Lyft driver and want them to pick you up again, simply ask for their contact information.

While many don’t openly advertise their contact (it violate’s Lyft’s TOS and can lead to deactivation), most will happily pick you up again and bypass Lyft’s 40+% commission.

I would encourage both riders and drivers to use caution while doing so, however.

While scheduling rides outside of the apps, you’re opening yourself up to be liable to a handful of safety issues, as the insurance coverage, compliance, and regulations that are closely monitored by Lyft no longer apply to private rides.

Workaround: Uzurv

Uzurv emerged as a solution for those needing more tailored transportation services than what Lyft or Uber offer, particularly benefiting individuals with disabilities.

It provides the unique ability to book rides up to 30 days in advance, ensuring passengers can secure a driver who is equipped to meet their specific needs.

Unlike traditional rideshare drivers, Uzurv drivers are trained to assist passengers more comprehensively, including helping them in and out of the vehicle.

This service is especially crucial in areas with inadequate public transportation options for people with special needs, including rural locations.

Key Features of Uzurv

  • Advance Booking: Schedule rides up to 30 days ahead via an app or toll-free number, ensuring reliable transportation when needed.
  • Specialized Assistance: Uzurv drivers provide comprehensive support, assisting passengers from their home, into the vehicle, and at their destination for a seamless experience.
  • Adaptive Transportation: With accessible vans or buses, Uzurv accommodates passengers with wheelchairs, mobility devices, or special needs, ensuring a comfortable journey.
  • Cost and Coverage: Uzurv’s slightly higher prices reflect its enhanced services. However, many government insurance plans and cities cover these costs, recognizing Uzurv as a vital transportation alternative.

By focusing on a niche market of adaptive transportation, Uzurv fills a significant gap left by mainstream ridesharing apps, offering a reliable workaround for passengers to book a specific driver who can cater to their unique transportation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Request a Male Lyft Driver?

No, you can’t request a male Lyft driver. However, there’s a good chance your driver will be male. Both Uber and Lyft report their workforce is 60% male.

Can You Request a Female Lyft Driver?

Lyft does not allow you to specifically request a female driver. However, passengers can cancel and rebook if they feel uncomfortable.

In response to safety concerns, Lyft has implemented measures to protect both drivers and passengers. For those seeking female drivers, services like SheSafe and Safr cater specifically to women.

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