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It’s the age of convenience.

With a few taps on your phone, you can order food from any restaurant or grocery store and get it delivered to your door.

If you so desire, you never need to go into another store again.  

Recently, Kroger partnered with Instacart so that customers can buy groceries online and then use their Kroger card at the Instacart mobile checkout.

Read more about this partnership below to find out how it works when you want to start using your Kroger card with Instacart.

Is Kroger on Instacart?

Kroger and Instacart partnered together through a program called “Kroger Delivery Now” so that customers could order Kroger products and get them delivered through the Instacart delivery service.

The process is easy to put into action.

Open up an order through Instacart and select “Kroger” as your store.

You can also sign up for a Kroger account on Instacart.

Then, when you’re ready to use mobile checkout, use your Kroger card just like you would in-store.

Once your order is complete, Instacart connects a personal Instacart shopper to shop for and deliver your order to you.

The program allows you to shop 24/7 for anything you need from Kroger and get it delivered within one hour.

Track the order along its way through the grocery delivery service and even use the Instacart app to communicate with your shopper.

For orders over $35, expect your online grocery delivery fee for the service to start at about $4.

Your order specifics and location affect how much you’ll pay in service fees.

Alcohol orders typically include separate service fees on your order.

Instacart and Kroger encourage you to tip your personal shopper.

The entire tip goes into your shopper’s pocket and helps them feel appreciated.

Your Kroger points continue to accrue when using its card on Instacart.

Use those points toward your gas purchases.

Is Instacart Affiliated with Kroger?

If you’re wondering if the two companies share ownership, you should know that Instacart is not affiliated with Kroger.

You’ll need to use your Kroger account and use your Kroger card on the Instacart app or website.

If you already have a Kroger card linked to your account, then it will work when shopping at any of their stores through Instacart.

Make sure to select “Kroger” as your store and then start shopping.

Can You Use A Kroger Card on Instacart?

The answer is yes.

You can use your Kroger Plus card on Instacart.

Add it as a payment method, and you’re good to go.

Make sure that “Kroger” shows up as your selected store, and you’ll get all of the same discounts and rewards as if you were buying groceries at Kroger.

How to Add a Kroger Loyalty Card to an Instacart Account

vector graphic showing an Instacart Shopper delivering groceries and a woman handing him a Kroger card wondering can you use a kroger card on instacart

First, you’ll need to download the Instacart app.

You can choose between either Apple or Android devices.

Then, you’ll need to create an account.

After you’ve signed up for the first time, it should take about ten minutes before your card gets activated for use with Instacart.

The app will ask if you want to connect your Kroger Plus or Club Card through Instacart.

Choose to connect your card, and it will automatically take you to the “Kroger” page in your Instacart app.

You can then use your Kroger Plus or Club Card as a payment method on Instacart.

To verify your card, you may need to enter some information about yourself, such as your name and phone number.

Once you’ve added your Kroger Plus or Club Card, it gets saved as a payment method, and you can use it for all future orders.

Can I Use Kroger Coupons with Instacart?

Instacart does offer its own discounts, coupons, promos, and deals section.

However, it sometimes doesn’t allow you to use a Kroger paper coupon offer or gift card inside the app.

If you know this upfront, it should lessen any potential frustrations when you realize the in-store or coupon sent to you as a Kroger Plus Card member potentially doesn’t apply to your Instacart order.

Does Instacart Offer Any Other Kroger Discounts or Coupons?

Instacart sometimes offers discounts for first-time users.

You can also find deals on the website or in the Instacart promo code section of the app.

If you don’t see a specific Instacart promo code, use your Kroger Plus or Club Card when you’re shopping through the app.

You might see various types of available offers or promotions that give you surprisingly good discounts.

Can I Use an Ibotta Account with Instacart to Earn Cash Back?

Yes, you can use your Ibotta account with Instacart.

Connect it to earn cashback on groceries delivered straight from Kroger or any other store through the app.

The advantage of using Ibotta with Instacart is that you can stack your cash back rewards with any current deals or discounts offered by Instacart.

How to Link an Ibotta Account with Instacart

First, open up the Instacart app and sign in to your account.

Then, tap on the “Profile” tab in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Scroll down to where it says “Ibotta.”

Tap on “Connect Account” and follow the instructions to link your Ibotta account with Instacart.

Now, every time you shop with Instacart and use your Kroger Plus or Club Card as a payment method, you’ll earn the same rewards.

Keep in mind that some offers may require you to enter an email address or create a new account.

Other offers should connect directly through Instacart.

Once you get it all connected, you can start earning cash back in your rewards account.

You may also find coupons and offers from Ibotta inside Instacart’s “Deals” section.

Taking the time to look in this section can sometimes help you get all kinds of discounts for groceries delivered straight to your door.

Other Programs to Link on Instacart

Kroger isn’t the only store you can link to your Instacart account.

You can also link Costco, Publix, Safeway, and Sam’s Club.

Let’s look at these stores in more detail so you know how to link them to Instacart.


To link your Costco account, you’ll need to install the Instacart app on your phone.

You can then search for “Costco” as a store and follow the instructions to connect it with your account.


Like Kroger, Publix offers its own rewards program, Publix Piggly Wiggly Rewards.

You can link your account to Instacart by connecting it through the “Profile” tab in the bottom right corner of your screen.


To connect a Safeway store with Instacart, you’ll need to install its app on your phone and sign up for an account using that email address.

Then, search for “Safeway” as a store and follow the instructions to connect it with your account.

Sam’s Club

Just like Safeway, you’ll need to install the Sam’s Club app on your phone and sign up for an account before you can connect it with Instacart.

You can then search for “Sam’s Club” as a store and follow the instructions to connect it with your account.

As you add these cards, look to see if an Instacart coupon code or other digital coupons show up to use on your first purchase.

Wrapping Up

Can you use your Kroger card on Instacart?

You now know the answer.

It’s time to have a little fun putting the process into action.

Pull out your account information for Kroger, Costco, Publix, Safeway, or Sam’s Club and get busy connecting them to Instagram.

Next, get busy with some new shopping activities!

6 thoughts on “Can You Use A Kroger Card On Instacart?”

  1. Same here unless you order directly through Kroger and then you have to pay for instacart even if you have an account with free delivery.

  2. You say to add the Kroger Plus card as a payment method, but Kroger Plus is not a debit/credit card, and it’s not PayPal, so how do you do that? Instacart told me there’s no way to add it.


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