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Cargo Box for Rideshare Drivers [Review] – Make Money With Free Snacks

Last updated: May 25, 2021
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A woman Uber driver using Cargo Box

Passenger happiness leads to better tips and higher ratings. A business called Cargo is trying to make this valuable service skill a bit easier to do.

Created in 2016, this company prides itself on enhancing the rideshare operation. By doing so, Cargo Box has made trips better for riders and more profitable for drivers.

Although Cargo Box got its start in New York City and Boston, it’s expanding to the Midwest and West Coast. This is due to supply and demand among both riders and drivers.

Having said that, Cargo Box might not be for everyone. We want to help you decide for yourself if this product is worth your time. To achieve this, we review all the ins and outs of the Cargo Box below.


What is the Cargo for Uber?

Cargo Box is a container that rideshare drivers keep in their car that holds snacks and other cool items. Passengers are able to purchase items from the Cargo Box and drivers get a portion of the profits. And the best part: it is completely free for drivers.

Cargo Box items range in price and brand, so this container has everything your passengers could want during a trip. Items include snacks, candy, tech items, and cosmetics.

A Cargo Box transaction in an Uber

According to Jeff Cripe, Cargo founder, and CEO, “Our mission is to develop that real estate for car owners and consumers, and to become their go-to provider for all in-car services.” Due to this, the items in each Cargo Box vary.

The best part is most of these goodies are well-known brands. For example, KIND Bars and Happy Plugs are two of the brands found in Cargo Boxes. These items can give your business a boost due to convenience and familiarity.

Passenger may discover a new favorite snack by riding with you. Plus, some items are free!

Having a mini snack vending machine in your car during a trip can mean more tips and better ratings.

How Does Cargo Work?

Now, most of us know that something advertised as “free” usually comes with a catch. Cargo Box is not like that.

Most of the items in the boxes are to promote product familiarization, which may lead to in-store sales. This tactic helps businesses market their product while helping drivers improve their trips.

According to Cargo Box, “We provide the free Cargo Store, products, earnings and support to upgrade to your rideshare service so you don’t have to. We help brands distribute their products to premium riders. Cargo works with brands to stay efficient and keep costs low while helping drivers earn extra money.”

To join Cargo and increase your earnings as a rideshare driver, click this link and sign up.

Once you’re signed up, Cargo will send a Cargo box already filled with snacks and goodies directly to your door. From there, all you have to do is unpack the box, load it into your car, and you’re ready to go!

From there, drivers can install the box into their vehicle’s front compartment. Having the box front and center can spark a conversation between riders and drivers.

Once you’ve installed your box, go about your trips as you usually would. The Cargo box is sure to spark questions from your passengers. All you have to do is tell them about the box and how they can place orders (we will cover that a little later).

Some of the items in the Cargo box are completely free for passengers (they are still required to “purchase” the product on their phone). And some items have a small cost.

Drivers earn $1 for every order, even orders for free items. On top of that, driver’s earn  25% of every retail item. You can earn even more with sales bonuses and in-app tipping.

After a passenger has selected an item, they can make a payment via PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or credit card if they want to go through Cargo Box’s site.

During the checkout process, passengers must enter a unique code that tells Cargo Box which item as well as which driver. This ensures that both Cargo Box and the driver make a profit.

How Much Money Can Drivers Make with Cargo Box?

As a form of passive income, Cargo Box seems almost too good to be true. But what are drivers actually taking home when it’s all said and done?

The short answer is that it largely depends on how you pitch the items inside the Cargo Box to your passengers. We recommend you call attention to it at the beginning of the trip but be careful not to push it.

According to Cargo Box, drivers can earn up to $360 extra per month via commissions, referrals, and bonuses. Having said that, the reported average is closer to $130.

Still, this amount is nothing to sneeze at considering how little effort is required. After receiving the container, the main worry becomes transporting and opening the box.

Passengers who are interested in purchasing an item will do so. If they inquire about the Cargo Box, feel free to explain to them how it works and what they can buy.

If they don’t show interest, be patient. Trying to pressure them into buying something will likely result in a lower rating and no sale.

Remember, the goal with Cargo Box is to supplement the income you’re bringing in as a rideshare driver, not substitute it. Cargo Box is a great way to boost your ratings, increase your tips, and improve your passenger’s experience overall.

What are the Benefits for Rideshare Drivers?

As we mentioned above, drivers get paid every time a passenger buys an item from the Cargo Box, even if it is a free item. Drivers make $1 per item and a 25% commission on retail sales as well as other bonuses.

And the best part: Adding a Cargo Box to your vehicle is 100% free. No strings attached.

Drivers get paid twice a month for connecting passengers to great products. This easy income is ideal, especially considering how stress-free the process is. All transactions are cashless meaning you never have to worry about providing change.

A happy driver with a Cargo box in their Uber

Another awesome perk happens when you restock the box. Drivers receive free product shipments when it’s time to rotate the items. This means that if a treat does not sell, you are not penalized for it.

Cargo Box is a no-brainer way to make extra cash and improve riders’ experiences.

According to Cargo Box, the top 10% of Cargo drivers earn an average of $300/month. Some drivers make up to $500 extra per month via commissions, referrals, and bonuses. The reported average is closer to $130.

That is $130 for basically no extra work.

How Popular is Cargo Box?

Since Cargo Box started on the East Coast, it is much more popular there. Once they expand to the Midwest and West Coast, we expect to see Cargo boxes in the cars of most serious rideshare drivers.

According to Cargo, “7,000 drivers have already earned more than one million dollars distributing over a million products to passengers in New York City, Boston, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Atlanta, and Dallas/Fort Worth.”

Uber has noticed the promise of this new company and recently entered into a partnership with Cargo.

Despite this, Cargo Box is not an Uber-exclusive item. These boxes can be used by Lyft drivers and Via drivers as well.

With these boxes, Cargo Box is able to collect key insights into driver location, passenger count, and when or where sales are likely to occur. Because of this, Cargo Box can assist drivers with earning more cash as they sell products to passengers.

How Does Cargo Box Make Money?

By purchasing products in bulk from name-brand companies and selling them at a slightly higher price, Cargo Box surely makes decent money. However, in addition to buying low and selling high, Cargo strikes promotion deals with suppliers for additional revenue.

Big brands benefit from selling their products at a cheaper price (or giving them away for free) to Cargo Box due to the benefit of being one of the limited options available to riders. It’s also a great marketing tool, since it gets a product in front of customers.

For example, let’s say a passenger is hungry and is trying to figure out which snack to buy. Not having tried one before, they select an RXBAR and enjoy it. Just like that, RXBAR has a new customer.

Due to the limited number of products Cargo Box can hold, the brands that are readily available to riders will likely see an uptick in sales by default.

Tips for Using Cargo

As you can tell, earning money with Cargo Box is a pretty sweet deal. That is, if you can get a passenger to buy or try an item. If you decide to try Cargo Box, keep these tips in mind as you get familiar with the service:

Don’t force the service on your riders

If they ask about it, feel free to explain how it works. If they don’t inquire about it further, move on in your conversation. If they seem interested but do not bring the box up again, feel free to explain how payments work in case they are uneasy about the process.

If they do not seem interested at all, avoid talking about it or risk a bad rating. If the passenger mentions the Cargo Box, discuss it briefly.

Ask if they are hungry or need a phone charger, but do not pressure them into buying anything. When a passenger shows interest, such as asking how to go about buying an item, walk them through the process.

Be patient

Remember to be patient with this service. Since this is a newer item, chances are you will find yourself repeating the same instructions many times.

It’s a good idea to have a short, yet clear summary of how the box works so you’re ready when asked. Review the following step-by-step instructions and pass them on to your passenger. Or, print out these instructions so your passengers can easily reference the process:

  1. Use a phone to open cargo store at
  2. Enter Cargo Store ID Either:
    • Manually
    • Scan QR Code with the camera app
    • Snapcode via Snapchat
  3. Passenger finds their chosen item such as:
    • Free sample
    • Retail product
    • Tech item
  4. Taps image of product in-app
  5. Choose add to cart or remove the item
  6. Rider goes to check out

All major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, and Paypal are accepted

From there, the driver will need to hand the item to the passenger. Once the payment is confirmed via the app, open the Cargo Box, retrieve the item, and hand it to them.

Since this requires the driver to take their eyes off of the road, be sure you’re stopped before handing the item to the rider. For more information about this process from the rider’s perspective, go here.

The Ridester Take:

This passive way to earn income may be worth checking out if you have room to display the items in a safe way. Drivers who opt to equip their car with a Cargo Box should consider their safety in regards to where the container is placed as well as when it is opened.

Another key issue to consider is the shelf life of the items. Drivers will not be able to install the Cargo Box and leave it in their vehicle. Doing so will result in damaged goods which will not go over well with passengers or Cargo Box.

Having said that, if you think this will boost your tips and rating, investing in this service is worth it.

All in all, the Cargo Box is an interesting rideshare embellishment. Drivers receive the box in the mail and stock it for free without much effort.

This streamlined process can definitely help drivers make extra money while driving.

This is an awesome way to spark a conversation, yet, it is very important for drivers not to force the Cargo Box on anyone. Doing so can have the opposite effect or worse, so be mindful.

Also, be sure to follow traffic laws when opening the box.

For example, if you are at a red light that is about to change and a passenger informs you that they have bought an item, wait until the next opportunity to retrieve the item.

The Cargo Box is a great way to go that extra mile for passengers. It can be used as an effective way to earn extra cash and should be treated as such.

To join Cargo and start earning more, click on this link to sign up:
Cargo Sign Up

For any questions, please contact Cargo at or by calling 929-277-9140.

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  1. Georgia Jaeger Says:

    I’m very cordial to my riders and highly rated by them, I keep my car very clean/sanitized for the riders. I live in a college town that really grew up faster than the city can manage traffic and crowd control. The college kids come out around 8 pm to 2 am, many drink way too much, can be rude and disorderly. Most rides that I have are less than 8 mins and as a rule, I don’t offer food items, tissues, etc in my car. The ride is not that long and not worth them trashing the car and having items such as this to be a potential trigger for misconduct. I can see the usefulness of the Cargo box in the larger cities where the rides are longer. I get far too many compliments about the cleanliness of the car and good conversation. I prefer to keep it simple but not having the extras onboard.

  2. Debug Says:

    I signed up and got my box and couldnt make a single sale in other a month. Everything they sent me was gross and no one wanted to buy anything. I dont blame them either. Then, they wanted me to pay over $5 to get more items for shipping. Like mother fuckers, I cant even sell this shit and you want me to pay for more shit that might sell but wont even tell me what that stuff is? No thanks.

    Total waste of time and effort having that stupid thing. All these pictures show the box full of energy drinks and candy and cool stuff…. in reality, they just send you a bunch of shit no one seems to want.

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