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How To Cash Out On Instacart [Step-By-Step]

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Key Takeaways

  • Instacart pays weekly, but Instant Cashout allows daily cash outs.
  • Instant Cashout applies to earnings, not tips, which are available after 24 hours.
  • There’s a $0.50 fee for each Instant Cashout transaction.
  • New shoppers need 5 completed deliveries to use Instant Cashout.
  • Troubleshooting includes checking eligibility, banking details, or contacting support.

Does Instacart Have Instant Pay?

Yes, Instacart offers Instant Pay through its Instant Cashout feature, introduced in 2019.

This option allows shoppers to cash out their earnings anytime via direct deposit to their debit card, with the funds typically available within 30 minutes after marking an order as delivered. However, customer tips are not available for instant cashout until 24 hours after delivery.

Shoppers need to complete at least five deliveries before they can use Instant Cashout, which is available daily without a limit but incurs a $0.50 fee per transaction.

Initially launched in select cities, Instant Cashout became available to all US Instacart shoppers by June 2019, provided they meet the requirements.

How to Cash Out on Instacart [Tutorial]

Instacart Instant Cashout is a simple feature to use right within the Instacart shopper app. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open App: Launch the Instacart Shopper app.
  2. Go to Earnings: Tap on the “Earnings” tab.
  3. Check Funds: Ensure you have funds to cash out.
  4. Cash Out: Hit the green “Cashout” button if funds are available.


As long as you have at least $5 in your account and have completed five orders, you can cash out your earnings.

Just be aware–a single batch will only count as one order, even if the batch itself contains multiple orders.

So while you may receive a 5-order batch, that will only count as one delivery toward the five you’ll need to be eligible to get your money instantly.

How Long Does Instacart Cash Out Take?

The process of getting paid instantly on Instacart is very quick.

Once your order has been confirmed as delivered, it’s just a matter of transferring your funds from the Instacart app to your bank account.

Although transfer times to banks can vary, your direct deposit should process within a day.

To ensure your money gets into your account as quickly as possible, ensure all of your banking information is correct in the Instacart app to avoid delays.

Troubleshooting: Errors With Cashing Out on Instacart

If you’re encountering difficulties with cashing out your earnings on Instacart, it’s important to address a few common issues.

Firstly, ensure you’ve met the prerequisites for cashing out: a minimum of $5 in earnings and completion of at least five orders.

If you haven’t fulfilled these conditions, you won’t be able to instantly access your funds.

Another common problem is an improperly linked debit card to your Instacart account.

Verify your banking details to avoid any delays. Should your account and card information be accurate, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Instacart app on your device.

Additionally, if the “Cashout” button in your earnings tab is not green and remains gray, indicating you’re not eligible for instant cashout despite meeting the criteria, try logging in from a different device or reinstalling the app to resolve this issue.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, I suggest reaching out to Instacart’s support team for help.

Alternative: Cashing Out With an Instacart Competitor

Not sure if Instacart is the right grocery delivery service for you Fortunately, there are plenty of grocery delivery services to choose from if you want to make some extra money.

vector graphic showing two grocery delivery bags and a delivery driver in the middle of them to illustrate does shipt or instacart pay more

Shipt Instant Pay

Shipt is a same-day grocery delivery service run by Target. Unfortunately, Shipt isn’t available in all areas, but it’s a great option if you live in a more highly-populated area such as New York.

Customers who use Shipt pay a membership fee, similar to Instacart Express, to get groceries and other items from various big-box and grocery stores delivered same-day.

Shipt shoppers get paid via weekly deposit each Friday, but they also have the option of withdrawing their earnings at any time with no added fees.

The lack of transaction fees for instant cash is where Shipt Instant Pay has a bit of a leg up on Instacart.

DoorDash Fast Pay

DoorDash is a grocery delivery service app similar to Instacart and Shipt. However, the main difference is that it includes food delivery, similar to Uber Eats.

Dashers can cash out their money instantly using DoorDash Fast Pay, the company’s instant cashout feature. However, the eligibility requirements for instant cash are a bit more strict than for Instacart.

To qualify for Fast Pay, you’ll have to have completed at least 25 deliveries, been with DoorDash for at least two weeks, and had a debit card on your account for at least seven days.

As long as you meet those requirements, you can get instant cash as soon as deliveries are credited to your account.

In addition to the stricter eligibility requirements, DoorDash also charges Dashers a $1.99 fee to use their Fast Pay service.

So, to get your money faster, you’ll have to pay a premium for it.

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