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What Is Caviar Food Delivery & How Does It Work For Users?

Ready for some luxury takeout? Learn all about Caviar food delivery, including what it is, how it works, and how much it costs.

Key Takeaways

  • Caviar offers premium restaurant selections, eschewing fast food for curated dining experiences.
  • Unique to Caviar, restaurants set their prices, sometimes higher to cover delivery convenience costs.
  • Caviar fees include delivery, service charges, and restaurant upcharges, with transparency at checkout.
  • DashPass members enjoy waived delivery fees and reduced service charges on eligible Caviar orders.

What is Caviar Food Delivery?

Caviar is a service that allows customers to order food online from a wide range of local restaurants for delivery.

Acquired by DoorDash in August 2019 from Square for $410 million, Caviar has expanded its reach and now operates in 20 areas, including major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and New York City’s Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as Portland, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

To order, users can download the Caviar app on Apple or Android devices or use the website, trycaviar.com.

The platform offers features like filtering by price, dietary preferences, or cuisine type, and provides options for immediate delivery or scheduling up to seven days in advance.

What to Expect When Ordering With Caviar

The Caviar app features a smooth, modern design. It’s aesthetically pleasing to use with an easy-to-understand interface.

It doesn’t take long to set up an account. You can also use your DoorDash login information with Caviar.

Getting Started

While Caviar and DoorDash can use the same login, the accounts will remain separate. Information such as addresses, payment data, and order history will stay independent.

If you’re new to Caviar, you’ll need to verify your email account when logging in for the first time.

To begin using the application, simply enter your address into the application, and options for premium restaurants will appear.

One of the best things about this feature is that the Caviar team is devoted to finding you the best food available in your city.

Caviar Quality and Nutrition

Caviar food delivery is known for quality photographed images of the dishes they promote.

Browsing Caviar is a great way to get an idea of the types of food available for order.

From great burgers from your favorite restaurants and delicious pizza from Tutta Bella to your favorite menu items from food trucks, you’ll get the best options from restaurants that prepare it best.

Once your results appear, you can filter those results by dietary preferences, type of cuisine, or cost. For example, you can select cuisines, such as Indian, Greek, Japanese, American, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. You can also sort restaurant results using filters like “Healthyish.”

Suppose you’re wondering how Caviar provides nutritious options. In that case, you’ll be pleased to learn that they have nutritionists in-house adding their expertise to collections like Vegan, Vegetarian, Healthy Enough, and others.

Remember, you’re welcome to reach out to the Caviar team for assistance with finding healthy food options that meet your dietary needs.

The Ordering Experience

After selecting a restaurant, you can see their menu. Add your favorite selections to the cart, and choose your delivery order time.

You can select delivery right away or set up a time in the future within seven days. With Caviar, you also can leave instructions for contactless delivery during checkout.

Once you’ve finished putting together your meal and setting up a delivery time, you’ll pay for your order using the secure features of the application.

With your order complete, you can use GPS to track the progress of your order. Caviar also has a pick-up option, which allows you to save on delivery fees.

Curation and Customer Service

Caviar food delivery chooses specific restaurants for a straightforward app experience compared to other services.

Users can forget the burden of never-ending lists of restaurants because of the curation that comes with the Caviar app.

Caviar also offers assistance to customers in need of help. Contacting Diner Support is easy. You can contact customer service by phone or have an in-app chat with a Caviar representative.

When inside the app, tap “Orders” at the bottom of the app. Next, select the order you would like help with, then select “Help” in the upper right-hand corner.

Finally, choose the issue you’re having trouble with or select “Something else” to chat with an agent.

How Much Does Caviar Cost?

Caviar incorporates several fees into the total cost of an order, including food upcharges, where prices might be slightly higher than in restaurants to cover delivery conveniences.

Delivery fees vary by location, ranging from $1.99 to $8.99, though promotions or a DashPass subscription can waive these fees for orders over $12.

The service fee, a percentage of the order cost, supports operational expenses and is disclosed before payment, not applicable to pickup orders.

Taxes reflect local rates and are added based on the order subtotal. Tipping is optional, with 100% going to the delivery driver, and a minimum order amount is sometimes required, which can fluctuate during peak times.

DashPass members enjoy benefits like waived delivery fees and reduced service fees for a monthly charge of $9.99, with a free trial available to test the service.

These types of fees should be expected, though. Uber Eats has delivery fees and Grubhub charges them too. It’s just the price you pay for convenience.

Caviar food delivery checkout screen

One Way to Save Money on Caviar Fees

One way to save money on Caviar fees is by opting for the pickup option in select cities where this service is available.

By choosing “Pickup” when selecting a restaurant, you can avoid the delivery fees and minimum order subtotals typically required for delivery orders, potentially saving a significant amount.

Additionally, utilizing a Caviar promo code for your first order can offer further savings, often providing a $10 discount on orders of $50 or more, although the value of the promo can vary by city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find Caviar promo codes?

Most Caviar promo codes are provided to new customers when they sign up, but you can sometimes get a code online or as a referral from a friend who already uses the app.

Does Caviar have a referral program?

Caviar’s website says that couriers (the company’s term for drivers) can earn up to $25 per hour.

But users on Glassdoor have reported it’s closer to 16 an hour.

Caviar Food Delivery: Sure, It’s Convenient, But It’ll Cost You

Back in the day, a caviar app meant an appetizer of salty roe.

But today, more people think of the Caviar app, as in the on-demand platform that lets you order food from some of your favorite restaurants.

While on-demand food delivery is incredibly convenient, there are a number of fees you need to know about.

Between menu surcharges, delivery fees and service fees, plus taxes and tip, that $12 hamburger you were craving can quickly double in price.

So, the next time you feel like getting some food delivered to your door, consider if the cost of convenience is truly worth it.

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