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CitizenShipper: The Most Important Information To Understand

CitizenShipper is a platform that connects drivers with customers in need of transportation services. Here is how it works and how to get started.

CitizenShipper is a great way of generating some extra cash for professional drivers.

And for those who need to ship unusual items, the platform is a convenient way of finding the right driver for the job.

Read on for our detailed CitizenShipper review

What Is CitizenShipper?

Ecommerce sales reached $4.2 billion in 2021.

As more people shop online, the shipping infrastructure keeps growing and offering new services.

However, finding shipping options for large items, vehicles, animals, and other items remains difficult.

Citizen Shipper is an innovative company that solves this problem with a shipping marketplace.

The purpose of CitizenShipper is to connect customers with transport providers who can bring a hard-to-transport item from one location to another.

Transport providers can use this platform to access gigs and work on their own schedules.

It’s a great way of earning some additional cash while traveling.

How Does CitizenShipper Work

Citizen Shipper provides customers and transport providers with an online platform.

Customers can post a transport request and wait for transport providers to bid on it.

Here is how the process works:

  • The first step is to create an account on CitizenShipper and list the shipment. It’s a detailed listing and besides indicating the pickup and drop-off location, you can add additional requirements the transport provider has to meet.
  • Next, CitizenShipper will send your request to different transporters who meet your criteria. These freelancers will review your proposal and submit a bid.
  • You can then review the different bids you received. CitizenShipper transport providers have detailed profiles where you can learn more about them and see ratings and reviews. You’ll also be able to compare what different drivers will charge for the job.
  • Once you select a driver, you’ll be able to communicate via text or over the phone. The driver will head to the pickup location on a date you both agree on. They will transport your item to its destination and keep you updated along the way.
  • The details of the payment will vary from one driver to another. Some drivers will ask for payment upon delivery, but others might ask for partial payment upfront.

Where Is CitizenShipper Available?

CitizenShipper is currently available in two locations.


The peer-to-peer shipping marketplace launched in 2008 in the United States.

However, the platform isn’t available in Hawaii or Alaska.


CitizenShipper expanded in Canada in 2012.

And yes, you can ship items from the U.S. to Canada and vice versa.

What Can You Transport With CitizenShipper?

From freight shipment to pet transport, CitizenShipper gives you access to a wide range of shipping services.

As a professional truck driver, you can use this platform to diversify your sources of income.

You can also become a CitizenShipper driver to earn some extra cash in your free time.


Air animal travel can be expensive, and there are too many news stories about pets being hurt during transport.

CitizenShipper offers an alternative.

Pet shipments are one of the most popular services on CitizenShipper.

In fact, requests for pet transport typically get a quote within 13 minutes.

And with over 5,000 drivers who specialize in transporting pets, it’s easy to find someone in your area.

In 2019, Richard Obousy, CEO of CitizenShipper, launched a new pet-focused service by creating a network of breeders.

The program currently has over 4,000 breeders who partner with CitizenShipper to provide affordable and reliable transportation services for puppies, kittens, and other animals.

CitizenShipper also offers a $1,000 pet protection plan in case anything happens during transport.

The drivers can contact a vet at any time, and you can find drivers who genuinely enjoy what they do and who provide animals with all the attention and reassurance they need during their trip.

They will also provide the pet owner with updates.

There are several pet shipping services available, such as Pet Express, Blue Collar Pet Transport, or Happy Tails Travel, but CitizenShipper offers a more flexible and affordable option thanks to its peer-to-peer structure.


Vehicles are another popular type of shipment on CitizenShipper.

Whether you bought a new car online or need a driver to transport your car because you’re moving, CitizenShipper gives you access to a network of trustworthy and experienced drivers.

The drivers who provide vehicle transportation services won’t drive your car or motorcycle.

Instead, these freelancers are haulers who have car hauler trailers or similar equipment.

The drivers carry insurance and you’ll be able to see these details before choosing a shipping provider.


Sending furniture via traditional shipping companies can be expensive.

CitizenShipper offers an affordable alternative with its peer-to-peer marketplace.

It’s a great option if you buy or sell furniture online or if you’re moving to another state.

Whether you need help with transporting antiques, a piano, or another large piece of furniture, you’ll find a professional who can help.


You can find professional boat haulers on CitizenShipper.

These drivers use their own equipment to transport boats, jet skis, and other vehicles.

It’s a convenient service if you’re moving or selling your boat, but you can also find local drivers who can transport your boat from a storage facility to a nearby port.

CitizenShipper for Drivers

For drivers looking to earn some extra cash, CitizenShipper is a platform with a wide range of opportunities to explore, from simple courier jobs to larger hauls.

Driver Requirements

CitizenShipper has a thorough vetting process for its drivers.

Since you’ll be transporting valuable cargo, it’s crucial to establish trust with the consumers.

CitizenShipper uses background checks to vet its transporters.

You’ll also have to be at least 21 and prove that you have a valid driver’s license as well as insurance for your vehicle.

A person with felonies, warrants, or DUI arrests won’t be able to drive for CitizenShipper.

Misdemeanors can be an issue if there is a pattern of arrests.

You’ll also need to purchase a subscription.

The first three months are free, but you’ll have to pay $25 a month after that.

There might be additional requirements to meet for specific transportation jobs since customers can set their own requirements.

Vehicle Requirements

There are no specific vehicle requirements other than owning a vehicle with cargo space or a trailer.

However, the type of vehicle you own will determine what kind of jobs you’re eligible for.

If you want to become a pet transporter, a reliable sedan or SUV will do.

How Much Do CitizenShipper Drivers Make?

The great thing about CitizenShipper is that drivers can bid to get a job.

It means they can determine what completing a job would cost them and what they feel is a fair price.

As a transporter, you can adjust bids based on how long the drive will take, how much you’ll have to spend on gas, and whether there is any extra work required to load or unload heavy items.

The downside is that several drivers will bid on the same job, which means you have to offer competitive pricing to get a job.

Do CitizenShipper Drivers Get Tips?

It’s quite common for the sender or recipient to tip their driver.

However, CitizenShipper doesn’t have a built-in feature for tipping, which means it’s up to the customer to offer cash for a job well done.

It’s likely that you’ll get tips as a driver, but keep in mind that tipping will depend on the customer you’re working for.

Is Driving for CitizenShipper Worth It?

CitizenShipper can be a great way of generating some extra cash.

There are some pros and cons to consider.


  • Wide range of gigs
  • Bid on jobs
  • CitizenShipper is gaining in popularity
  • Try the platform for free for three months.
  • Find professional driving jobs like hauling freight or small local shipping jobs
  • Great online help center for drivers.


  • The bidding system means you need to offer competitive pricing.
  • You need to carry your own insurance.
  • A bad customer review can make it hard to get jobs.
  • Customers can set their own requirements
  • The amount of work you get can vary from one area to another.
  • CitizenShipper doesn’t offer any apps

How to Sign Up to Drive for CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper has a convenient online registration process for drivers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the official CitizenShipper website and click on ‘Become a driver‘ at the top of the page. Click on the blue ‘Become a driver’ button.
  • The site will take you to a sign-up form. You’ll have to indicate what kind of items you can ship, enter your name and contact information, and create a password.
  • Next, CitizenShipper will ask for your SSN and other personal information to run the background check.
  • You’ll also have to provide more details about your vehicle so CitizenShipper can determine what kind of shipments you’re eligible for.
  • You can then start bidding on jobs. CitizenShipper goes ahead with your background check once you win your first bid. It usually takes three business days to get the results.

How Much Does CitizenShipper Cost?

As a driver, you’ll have to pay $25 a month.

As a customer, you can list your shipping request for free.

However, there are other fees to consider.


CitizenShipper charges a service fee.

You can list the details of your shipment for free, but you’ll have to pay a service fee based on what the driver charges.

The service fee starts at $14.99 for bids under $50.

It goes up to $199.99 if the driver charges $1,106 or more.

There is a higher cap at $499.99 for boat transportation, and services like pet transportation have a different fee structure.

How to Use CitizenShipper

Using CitizenShipper to find a driver for a transportation gig is easy:

  • Visit the official CitizenShipper website and click on ‘Get shipping quotes’ at the top.
  • Next, you’ll have to select the type of item you want to ship. You’ll need to enter details, such as the make and model of the vehicle you want to transport, and upload photos.
  • You’ll also need to enter a pickup and delivery address, the desired pickup date, and enter additional requirements.
  • CitizenShipper will create your request for bids. You should start receiving bids from drivers in your mailbox.
  • You can then review the profiles of the drivers who have placed a bid and choose one. CitizenShipper will put you in touch with this driver so you can go over the details of the shipment.

Is CitizenShipper Worth It?

There are a few pros and cons to consider if you want to use CitizenShipper.


  • Ship a wide range of items
  • Set your own requirements.
  • CitizenShipper does Background checks and verifies insurance.
  • Compare offers and choose the driver who offers the best value.
  • Start for free and can see bids without committing to anything.
  • Drivers only see your request for bids if they meet your requirements.
  • CitizenShipper makes it easy to find a trusted driver instead of taking a risk.
  • Excellent customer service


  • The number of bids you get will vary based on your area.
  • CitizenShipper charges a service fee that can get expensive.
  • The platform doesn’t check insurance again, which means a driver can let their coverage lapse.


CitizenShipper is worth it because it offers a service that can be hard to find.

Plus, you can request bids for free and see what drivers will charge for a job before you make a decision.

While there are a few complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, CitizenShipper is a reputable p2p delivery marketplace.

Wrap Up

CitizenShipper stands out by offering a peer-to-peer platform that connects drivers with customers who need to ship pets, vehicles, freight, and large household items.

The platform is easy to use and gives drivers access to a wide range of gigs while providing customers with a simple and affordable way of shipping unusual items.

Are you looking for more opportunities to earn money hauling shipments?

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