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What is CitizenShipper and How Does it Work?

Do you have a special shipment you need to transport? Contact CitizenShipper for a convenient shipping option for a competitive price.

Key Takeaways

  • CitizenShipper connects customers with drivers for specialized shipment needs.
  • Suitable for shipping pets, vehicles, heavy items; not for illegal/hazardous materials.
  • Utilizes reverse auction model, allowing shippers to receive competitive bids.
  • Emphasizes safety with pre-screened drivers and encourages customer-driver communication.

What is CitizenShipper?

CitizenShipper is an American online marketplace that connects people who need to ship various items with drivers who have the means to transport them.

It’s a peer-to-peer auction-based service, pairing shipping customers with drivers willing to make some money by delivering items at the agreed-upon location.

Unlike other shipping services with fixed service prices, this transportation company uses a reverse auction format.

If you have a shipment that you want to transport from one location to another, you’ll post details about your shipment, including its nature, weight, origin, and destination.

Interested drivers will bid, offering lower prices to win the offer.

What You Can Ship With CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper presents a convenient shipment solution for hard-to-ship items. The company illustrates items that can or can’t be shipped as part of its Terms of Service.

  • Pets represent a major focus of this platform, as CitizenShipper allows people to ship their beloved pets with reliable drivers.
  • CitizenShipper drivers can transport vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and similar items, using trucks and towing equipment.
  • Drivers can transport heavyweight items like bulky furniture pieces, gardening equipment, or sculptures.

What You Can’t Ship With CitizenShipper

Despite being extremely convenient, CitizenShipper might not suit some shipments.

  • Transporting people, cremated remains, or body parts isn’t allowed.
  • Drivers can’t transport explosives, firearms, drugs, chemicals, and other illegal or hazardous items. Gun replicas aren’t allowed either.
  • Transportation of pets that involve end-of-life or euthanasia services.
  • Unset precious stones and items that contain more than half its weight gold or platinum.
  • Shipping perishable goods that require temperature control might not be possible.
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Prescription drugs and medications.
  • There’s a weight limit of 400 pounds unless transporters have special permission from CitizenShipper to transport heavier items.

How CitizenShipper Works

CitizenShipper connects shippers and drivers through a user-friendly platform. Here’s how it works.

For Customers

Customers or shippers can access the app easily.

Listing Your Shipment

You can easily create a free account, then navigate to the “List a Shipment” tab.

Provide essential details, like pickup and delivery dates and locations. Then, describe the item clearly by mentioning its weight and dimensions.

Don’t forget to list specific requirements for pets and vehicles.

Include a clear photo of your item’s condition. You can set a price range or leave it for bidders to determine.

Receiving Bids

When you list your shipment, approved and scanned drivers will be notified.

You can expect to receive your first offer within minutes if your listing is located in a high-traffic area. Drivers will start bidding to transport your shipment.

Selecting a Driver

Compare prices and shipping options and review ratings from previous customers. You can contact a transporter directly to ask questions or provide more information about your shipment.

Booking and Payment

CitizenShipper doesn’t handle any payments, so plan this with your driver. Once you’ve agreed on the shipment price, you can arrange to pay them upon delivery.

Listing a shipment is free of charge. Yet, CitizenShipper will charge a booking fee. It represents a percentage of the bid or price the shipper and transporter have agreed upon.

This booking fee is separate from what the shipper will pay the driver and is determined according to a detailed scale. CitizenShipper uses this fee to improve the marketplace for shippers and transporters.

For Transporters

If you have a vehicle, you can become a driver and deliver shipments across the nation for a fee. Drivers can choose between 12 categories to transport items they’re comfortable handling.  

Finding Shipping Jobs

Create a profile highlighting your experience, vehicle type, and extra services you can offer, like transporting pets. Browse active shipment listings based on your locations.

There’s a stacking option that allows you to accept multiple orders along your existing route for a higher earning potential.

Start Bidding

Some shipments will have a preset price range that acts as a bidding guideline. You can also set your bid based on the distance traveled, the shipment’s nature, the item size, and the order’s date.

CitizenShipper follows a reverse auction policy, so people will choose transporters who charge the lowest price.

Communicating With Customers

Contact potential customers for questions about the shipment. You can also answer their questions for a convenient service.

Building Trust and Reliability

CitizenShipper emphasizes building a reliable community by following certain practices. 

  • All drivers and transporters are pre-screened and go through background checks.
  • After each shipment, people will post a rating and review of their experience. Future customers can read these reviews before selecting a transporter.
  • CitizenShipper facilitates communication through the app to ensure transparency, privacy, and safety.
  • Customer service representatives are available to answer questions of shippers and transporters.

How Much Does CitizenShipper Cost?

The reverse auction system of CitizenShipper results in potential cost reductions for shippers and transporters.

The shipper can set a price range to give transporters a reference point. Yet, they’re free to provide lower or higher bids.

As a shipper, you can compare offers to find a transporter willing to do the job for a convenient price. Transporters can either accept the range provided by the shipper or offer a different bid.

Transporters will consider the fuel cost, tolls, and other costs before submitting a bid. Shippers will see all bids and can check transporters’ profiles before accepting an offer.

Factors Affecting Costs

The shipment’s cost is determined by different factors.

  • The distance is the biggest factor, as shipments delivered over a longer distance will cost more.
  • Bulkier and heavier items require more space, and transporters can charge higher bids.
  • If you want to transport a shipment that requires special handling, transporters might charge more.
  • Urgent deliveries will cost more than flexible shipments.
  • In areas with multiple transporters, there will be more competition. This means that you can get lower bids for your shipment.

Some transporters may request an upfront payment. Drivers usually accept cash, credit card payments, checks, PayPal, Venmo, or Apply Pay.

The app encourages people to use payment processing platforms that allow for a refund if the transporter asks for an upfront payment.

Availability and Service Areas

CitizenShipper offers nationwide availability, making it one of the best platforms for local and long-distance shipments.

With a wide network of approved drivers and transporters, you’ll find reliable people to handle your shipments wherever you are.

This service represents a convenient solution for bulky shipments that other local shipping services won’t handle.

The platform also has a competitive advantage over local shipping services that charge a fixed price, as transporters might offer lower bids.

But CitizenShipper is the star of long-distance hauls, transporting items that don’t fit the criteria of other shipping companies.

It offers potential cost savings, as some drivers might add a shipment to an already existing order.

Regardless of the availability of this service, there might be fewer transporters available at remote locations, so check if there are active transporters in your area before listing your shipment.

Who Should Use CitizenShipper?

CitizenShipper caters to the needs of several customers seeking alternatives to traditional shipping companies.

  • Individuals relocating can benefit from the flexible transportation options provided by CitizenShipper’s transporters.
  • People selling and buying bulky items can use this service to ship their products for lower prices.
  • CitizenShipper offers a pet transportation service with trained transporters who are comfortable dealing with pets.

Benefits of Using CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper offers several benefits that make it a compelling option.

  • By receiving multiple bids, shippers can choose the most cost-efficient option.
  • The app allows shippers and transporters to communicate safely to discuss any details.
  • Unlike other traditional shipping services, shippers can examine transporters’ reviews to choose an experienced transporter.
  • This peer-to-peer model minimizes empty miles, as drivers driving along a specific route can handle more shipments.
  • The community-driven approach encourages transporters to provide personalized services.
  • People with unique shipping requirements can find what they’re looking for with CitizenShipper if traditional shipping services don’t offer what they need.
  • CitizenShipper is a better option when you have a flexible shipping date, as this can lead to more competitive bids. As a shipper, you can benefit from the reverse auction system that offers more economical shipping than services that charge a fixed price.

Tips for First-Time Users

People using CitizenShipper for the first time can follow these tips for a seamless experience.

  • Shippers should share clear descriptions of their shipments by including the item’s weight, nature, and specific shipping requirements.
  • Consider setting a flexible shipping date, as this can attract more transporters and result in better offers.
  • Add a price range to give transporters an idea of how much you’re willing to pay.
  • Check transporters’ experience and past reviews.
  • Communicate with interested transporters to clarify details.
  • Provide clear instructions for pickup, delivery, and specific handling.
  • If you’re a driver or transporter, describe your vehicle and list your experience. Include any special services you provide.
  • Before placing a bid, consider all costs, not just the fuel cost.
  • Offer a competitive bid to attract the customer’s attention.
  • Be clear and upfront with communication, and answer questions promptly.
  • Show up on time for the pickup and keep the customer informed throughout the trip.

Conclusion: Is CitizenShipper Right for You?

CitizenShipper is a reverse auction platform that allows shippers to list their shipments. Transporters will check available shipments and offer competitive bids.

This shipping solution will be an excellent choice if you have a special shipment that traditional shipping companies might not accept.

It’s a cost-efficient, flexible solution that might work for you if you need a local or long-haul delivery for a competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Owner of CitizenShipper?

Richard Obousy is the co-founder and CEO of CitizenShipper. He founded this company in 2008.

What is the CitizenShipper Cancellation Policy?

If you’re a shipper, you can contact customer support to cancel any order. Drivers can cancel orders, but if the cancellation rate is more than 20%, their account will be locked.

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