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Cobra ESD7570 Review ([year])

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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If radar detectors are legal in your state, you may be wondering if you should buy one. After all, an investment in a great radar detector can definitely pay for itself if you tend to have a lead foot. Even if you just want a basic radar detector, there are many options out there for you. Today, we’re going to give you a Cobra ESD7570 review that goes over all the pros and cons of buying a Cobra ESD7570 radar detector.

Cobra ESD7570 Review

If you were looking for a no-frills radar detector, you’re in the right place. The Cobra ESD7570 is basic, but it still packs a punch, giving you the ability to detect all radar signals across the US and Canada. Its affordability and features make it an attractive cheap radar detector option. In this Cobra ESD7570 review, we’re going to go over the features, pros, cons, and pricing information so that, when you do buy a radar detector, you can feel confident in your purchase.


Cobra ESD7570 Features

Wondering what makes this device worth purchasing? Below are the features you can expect when you purchase the Cobra ESD7570 radar detector.

  • 9-band performance
  • 360-degree LaserEye detection
  • Dim button
  • Mute button
  • Highway mode
  • City mode
  • Speaker
  • VG-2 alert

All of these features sound pretty nice, right? For this Cobra ESD7570 review, let’s dive a little deeper into what these features mean for the actual device performance.


Cobra ESD7570 Pros

We hate to say it like this, but the one major positive aspect about this radar detector is that, quite frankly, it works. Is it the best radar detector on the market? Probably not. Will it alert you when there are radar guns in use? Yes. As far as we can tell, the Cobra ESD7570 does its job pretty well given its features. Plus, since it’s cheap, it’s a great way to ease into radar detector usage if you’re not totally sold on it. It’s also very user-friendly thanks to its lack of features.


Cobra ESD7570 Cons

Because it’s lacking in bandwidth compared to other devices—the Cobra ESD7570 has nine bands whereas others typically have at least 14—it can’t quite measure up. This device also does not come with a GPS or any type of database like more expensive devices. The Cobra ESD7570 is said to be able to detect radar and laser signals, but in our experience, it doesn’t fare too well against laser guns. It truly is a no-frills device that has very basic police detection abilities. One major thing to note is that the device cannot alert you of a patrol car directly behind you, so be sure to check your rearview every now and then!


Cobra ESD7570 Price & Value

At just under $6o, the Cobra ESD7570 offers major savings. It’s tough to get a radar detector that works well for this price, so we could consider this a good value. You just have to keep in mind that this radar detector can be a little iffy with laser signals, so you’re not 100% covered. Think of it as your friend down the road telling you there’s a cop ahead, because that’s basically all this device does. For the price, though, we can’t complain! You can buy the Cobra ESD7570 here, or you can keep searching—may we suggest our list of the best radar detectors under $100?

Hopefully this Cobra ESD7570 review was helpful, and you are able to find a radar detector that fits your needs! You can also check out our radar detector buying guide.

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