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Top 12 Common Electric Scooter Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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Electric scooters are a relatively new invention that has become increasingly popular in the past few years.

The convenience and ease of use are making them an attractive option for many people.

However, they also come with their share of accidents and injuries that can be extremely serious if not prevented properly.

This blog post will talk about some common electric scooter accidents and how to avoid them so you won’t have any trouble with your electric scooter!

1. Head Injuries

One of the most common types of electric scooter accidents is head injury.

This can be caused by anything from falling off your scooter to running into objects on or near the road and not being able to brake in time.

Brain injuries are some of the most devastating and life-altering that a person can sustain.

They range in severity, from mild to severe; however, it is still best for you (and your family) to seek immediate treatment following an accident or injury.

Failure to do so could lead to catastrophic consequences down the line such as permanent brain damage or death!

If it has been determined by medical professionals that head trauma symptoms may not present themselves immediately after sustaining an injury due but please be aware of these signs: intense headache, nausea/vomiting changes in behavior mood swings confusion difficulty concentrating change is sleeping pattern increased sensitivity any ringing sounds buzzing in ears.

Solution to head injuries

To avoid this type of electric scooter accident, wear a helmet!

It’s better that you’re embarrassed about wearing it than having permanent brain damage!

2. Face Accidents

Chances are high that your face will get hurt after you fall while riding an electric scooter.

This type of accident can be extremely painful and lead to permanent deformities or scarring.

Other parts that can get hurt when you fall on the face include:

  • The jaws
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Chin
  • Sometimes fallen teeth and damaged gumline.

The solution to face accidents

You need to wear a helmet while riding your electric scooter so that you won’t have any trouble with your facial area!

3. Knee fractures

Another common type of electric scooter accident is a result of knee injuries.

Knees are susceptible to fractures due to their placement on the bottom half of your body and lack of protection from other parts like bones, muscles or skin.

One way that you can avoid this type of injury is by ensuring there’s plenty of space between yourself and any objects in front as well as being aware of anything close behind.

This will allow for enough time when braking to slow down properly before an object makes contact with either one.

If you do happen to sustain serious damage, call emergency services immediately!

They’ll be able to help stabilize the area until medical attention arrives which could make all the difference in recovery time (since the sooner you get help, the better!).

The solution to knee fractures

The best way to ensure that your knees are safe is by wearing knee caps.

Also, try not to brake suddenly if something small is directly in your path; instead, try swerving around it by veering out into an open area on either side (if possible).

If there are no options for avoiding an object up ahead, try driving over it with as much pressure as possible!

Doing so will reduce your speed but also provide a bit more padding between yourself and whatever was previously obstructing the road.

4. Elbow Injuries

As you ride your electric scooter, you may experience some pain in your elbow joint.

The potential for these injuries are increased when the scooter is at a high speed and you’re unable to brake or maneuver correctly, leading to an impact with another object near the roadway (or yourself!).

To avoid this kind of electric scooter accident try not to ride too fast.

When coming up on any possible obstacles that might be on the road ahead, slow down gradually until it’s safe enough to drive over them without impacting anything else as well!

The solution for elbow injuries

You will need elbow pads to keep your elbows safe!

This is because while wearing them, you’ll be able to absorb some of the impacts that would otherwise come from a collision by making contact with an object.

5. Shin Injuries

Another common electric scooter injury is shin injury.

When a person sustains trauma to this area, the most likely result will be an open wound that may take weeks or months to heal due to its location for blood flow.

To avoid this type of accident try wearing shin guards while you ride your electric scooter!

This way when any accidents happen, the impact will be distributed between two objects rather than just one.

The solution for shin injuries

Shin guards are a must-have! They’ll help to protect your shins from any accidents that come up and also provide more cushioning while you’re riding your electric scooter.

When out shopping, make sure they have velcro straps that are easy to put on and take off.

6. Wrist Injuries

Wrists tend to get hurt as you ride an electric scooter for a few reasons:

  • Intense impacts with hard objects like curbs and road edges
  • Falling off of the scooter onto your wrist (or even falling down while riding)
  • Poor posture leads to misaligned wrists from repetitively moving them in one direction for extended periods.

To avoid these types of electric scooter accidents, try to avoid falling on your wrist in the first place!

This means that you need to be aware of how close you are to any objects and plan accordingly.

If it’s inevitable that this will happen (perhaps as a result of being bumped or shoved), keep your arm bent at an angle towards yourself while trying not to put too much weight on it.

If you do fall off your electric scooter, try to catch yourself before the momentum pushes you over completely so that any impact is only with the ground and not also your wrist!

Again, this will help out in reducing recovery time since less force would be applied to the area when hitting hard surfaces.

The solution to wrist injuries

Wrist guards are perfect at reducing some of the impact from impacts by absorbing it themselves while still providing enough flexibility to move about without too much restriction.

Ensure that these accessories fit properly before getting on your electric scooter and you’ll be able to enjoy the ride without worrying about any risk of injury!

7. Finger Injuries

There are several cases where electric scooter accidents have led to finger injuries.

Fingers are often injured when running into an object in the road that you couldn’t have seen coming due to being blocked by something else (a vehicle for example).

These collisions can cause fractures and cuts, so it’s important to be as careful as possible while riding your electric scooter!

The solution for finger injuries

Finger guards and a pair of gloves are a great way to help protect your digits from harm.

These devices will ensure that you don’t get cut or broken by contact with objects in the roadway and can also provide adequate protection should you happen to run into something (or someone!) while riding an electric scooter.

8. Toe Accidents

It happens sometimes that e-scooter riders are injured on their toes.

This can happen when an electric scooter accident causes the rider to fall and lose contact with their feet, which then impacts on a hard surface below them instead of landing softly as it should have done in normal circumstances.

To avoid these types of accidents you need to be careful about your footing while riding!

When coming up on objects that might be in the way, make sure to stop and try to change course so that you avoid them without having any contact with your feet.

The solution for toe accidents

Toe guards are perfect at providing protection against impacting objects on the ground which could cause injury otherwise!

These devices will absorb some of the impacts by making it feel less hard than it should be. This will help you avoid any injury and speed up the process of recovery.

9. Bone Fractures

Electric scooters are not made for racing, but accidents can still happen while you’re riding.

Falling off your electric scooter and landing on your arm or leg could cause serious injuries such as broken bones and other irreparable damage.

To avoid this, try to be as careful about your speed and the environment that you are riding on.

Plan ahead of time for any hazardous objects so that you can adjust the course accordingly!

The solution for bone fractures

If an electric scooter accident does happen while you’re in motion, it’s important not to panic – breathing deeply will help to reduce any pain that you might feel and keep your body from tensing up too much.

The best way to avoid injuries is by wearing a helmet (to protect the bones inside the head/face) knee caps, toe caps, elbow caps, and wrist caps while riding an electric scooter!

This will provide extra protection in case of accidents, preventing bone stress or other serious damage which could result from the impact.

10. Laceration

Lacerations are common electric scooter accidents and are also one of the most serious injuries that can happen.

The best way out here is to wear protective gear which prevents you from getting cut while riding, as these types of accidents often result in cuts and scrapes on limbs or other areas close by.

Lacerations are generally caused when electric scooters collide with something else (such as a vehicle) and the impact causes the rider to be thrown in an unnatural position; thus maintaining deep cuts.

The solution for lacerations

Laceration guards are designed specifically with this type of injury in mind, so they’ll help protect as much skin as possible from contact with any hard or harmful objects which might result in a cut.

These devices will also provide protection should the rider get thrown off their electric scooter and land on the ground.

11. Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures are common electric scooter accidents that result in pain, swelling, and an inability to walk without assistance.

These types of injuries can be very bad for the rider as they will seriously limit their ability to work or carry out any tasks that require mobility.

To avoid ankle fracture injuries while riding your electric scooter – make sure to wear a properly fitting shoe that won’t slip off while you’re riding.

The solution for ankle fractures

Ankle guards are designed specifically to help keep the rider from getting injured in this way, so be sure to invest!

These devices offer support and protection against electric scooter accidents that might result in an injury on your ankles – they are perfect for any rider who needs to be active and mobile.

12. Road Rash

Road rash is one of the most common electric scooter accidents and can result in serious repercussions.

These types of injuries are usually caused by contact with a hard object or surface as you are riding an electric scooter – this could be anything from scraping your knee against a footpath to being thrown off your ride onto another ground-level object.

The solution for road rash

Road Rash guards are designed to provide protection against these types of injuries.

These devices do just what their name suggests by preventing any type of contact with the ground or other surfaces that might cause skin abrasion, which could result in terrible consequences.

It’s best not to ride an electric scooter without a guard, as they are designed to protect against the most common electric scooter accidents and will help you stay safe.

Expert Tips to Avoiding Electric Scooter Accidents

1) Wear proper gear

There are different types of gear that you will need to wear as the first measure to avoiding e-scooter accidents.


Wearing a helmet is the first line of defence against electric scooter accidents that might cause serious brain damage – it’ll offer extra protection to your head and skull when you have an accident or are thrown off your ride.

Knee caps/toe caps

Ensure that you wear knee caps, toe caps, elbow pads, and wrist guards for added safety when you ride an electric scooter.

These devices provide protection against scrapes and cuts, so they’ll keep your skin safe from contact with anything that’s been in the same accident as you or might be on the road ahead!

Heavy jacket

A heavy jacket is a highly recommended addition to your gear if you’re going to be riding an electric scooter in colder weather.

This type of clothing will help keep the rider warm, and can also offer protection against any accidents that might result in skin exposure due to a lack of proper protective wear.


Gloves are another great protection measure against electric scooter accidents.

These devices will help protect your hands in the event of an accident, or if you’re thrown off your ride and land on something that might cause injury to your palms or fingers.


Finally, it’s important to wear boots that are made from a durable material.

This will help protect the rider’s feet against electric scooter accidents which might result in kicks, scrapes, or any other type of damage to their lower limbs.

2) Test your e-scooter before departure

Before you ride an electric scooter, be sure to test it out and ensure that all of the safety features are working correctly.

It also helps to take a couple of practice rides around your neighborhood before heading off on any serious travels or long distances in order to get used to how everything operates!

3) Avoid travel at night time if you doubt the lights

It’s always a good idea to avoid electric scooter travel at night time, as the lack of visibility might make accidents more likely.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your lights are working properly, it’s best not to take any chances – be sure to opt for a daytime trip instead!

4) Avoid public highways or sidewalks if possible

If at all possible, it’s best to avoid electric scooter travel on public highways or sidewalks.

This is due to the increased risk of accidents when you’re traveling in a busy area with other vehicles and pedestrians who could cause injury if they are hit by your e-scooter.

Instead, opt for a street since these are generally safer for electric scooter travel.

5) Avoid sharing an e-scooter where possible

Once again, it’s best to avoid sharing an electric scooter where possible.

The increased risk of accidents happening when there are multiple people riding a single e-scooter makes this the safest option for avoiding any injuries!

Tips after getting involved in an electric scooter accident

Most people don’t realize that electric scooter accidents can be just as dangerous and traumatic for the rider, not to mention other drivers.

It’s important to know how you should react after an accident.

First of all, check yourself over carefully in case any injuries have gone unnoticed; it is easier than when the adrenaline has worn off from your body later on down the road!

If you are in danger and cannot get to a safe place, lie on the ground with your hands over your head for protection.

You can also lay flat on the sidewalk or curbside by side if there is not enough space.

If possible move out of heavy vehicle traffic but stay near where people may be able to help you.

If it isn’t clear how long an event will last, take time before going home: make phone calls; text friends/family about being okay and checking up-to-date information from authorities you never know what might happen next!

You may need help getting up if someone was pushing or pulling at you during a collision because collisions like these are very hard-hitting events no matter what type they involve: cars versus bikes/scooters vs pedestrians etcetera 

If there were only minimal amounts of pain before the crash but now hurt more afterwards then go straightaway into emergency medical care without delay so they can diagnose and treat your injuries as soon as possible.

If you have pain but are able to walk then remain where the accident happened, call an ambulance, and wait for help to arrive.

If you are in a lot of pain or injured then call an ambulance as soon as possible so they can come and get you.

If there are any witnesses to the accident, be sure to mention them when talking with emergency services so they know what happened.

Also, mention any vehicle involved in the accident so they can provide information to the police or other authorities on what has occurred and how to arrive on the scene.

Legal concerns in the event of e-scooter accidents

  1. If a car hits an e-scooter while the rider is following all the traffic rules, the driver of that vehicle is at fault and must compensate for damages. A driver can cover this by using their insurance coverage on their own car.
  2. When a pedestrian is hit by an E-scooter, the rider needs to be on their best behavior. If they errantly crash into pedestrians with no intention of doing so and cause injury, then it falls upon them to take responsibility for any injuries sustained in the process.
  3. In the event of an e-scooter hitting another vehicle, it is highly likely that the rider will have to pay for any damages. The scooter swerved erratically causing a collision with another car on the road which means they are at fault in this case.

2 thoughts on “Top 12 Common Electric Scooter Accidents and How to Avoid Them”

  1. Interesting article I hope EScooter Owners read this and use suggested protective gear, I rode a Kugoo G2 Pro until recently (wore Open Face Scooter Crash Helmet FYI) unfortunately it slipped my mind not to take 1 hand off the bars while riding and so @ 25Mph I instinctively lifted a hand off the bars and lost it, yes my helmet protected my head as expected but that didn’t help my right hip from fracturing!!!! Hindsight tells me I should of wore some kind of body Armor but hey it happened and I’m over it as well as got rid of my Kugoo G2 pro as this made 2 fast crashes, 1st crash I only wore a skateboarding helmet and yes it prevented further head injury than I received but still it split my helmet in half literally (granted it was a 1 hit and replace helmet but still it wasn’t rated for +15mph!) then my 2nd being the above mentioned accident and yes replacing my helmet with a motor scooter crash helmet did its job and my head was safe but not wearing any other body protective gear was a mistake and left me unable to walk at present and a 6 month to 1 year recovery now.

    • Hi John,

      I am happy to hear that the helmet protected your head and sorry for facing an accident. I am glad that you now advocate for wearing protective gear and hopefully, those who read this post will adhere to the suggestions.

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