How to Contact Caviar Support

Is it possible to contact customer service when you’re ordering food through an app?  Or support if you deliver for one? Disclosure: is supported by our users. We may recieve compensation from the companies whose products we write about, test, or review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own....

Is it possible to contact customer service when you’re ordering food through an app? 

Or support if you deliver for one?

Disclosure: is supported by our users. We may recieve compensation from the companies whose products we write about, test, or review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

If you’ve ever ordered food delivery that seemed to take forever to arrive, you understand the need to call the restaurant to rant and rave.

Likewise, it’s common for delivery drivers to run into issues and decisions that they can’t handle in the field on their own.

Today we’re talking about Caviar – the high-end food delivery app that works much like other popular apps such as GrubHub and Uber Eats

The biggest differences between Caviar and its competitors? The meals are from better restaurants, and the bills tend to be more expensive.

So does that mean they provide better support for couriers and customers? 

Maybe. Maybe not.

Keep reading to learn what customers, drivers, and restaurants need to know about getting Caviar support.

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Caviar Support for Customers

How to contact Caviar support

When you’re hungry, waiting for your food to arrive can be frustrating. It’s even worse when the wait time is longer than you expected. And it’s even more annoying when items are wrong or missing.

Caviar understands this, and they have a system in place for you to track your delivery every step of the way.

Once your order is in route, you’ll receive an email, text, or push notification. This will let you know where you order is and provide you with a real-time delivery ETA.

But no system is perfect.

There may be times when you don’t receive an ETA notification. If you don’t get one and want to know where your order is, you can send an email to

In most cases, Caviar suggests that if you have a problem with an order, you should contact the restaurant directly. 

There’s not much Caviar can do if you’re experiencing longer delivery times than expected, missing items, or receiving the wrong items. But the restaurant you ordered from should be able to help you. If they can’t, email Caviar support with your complaints.

You can also email Caviar support if you need to make a change to a new order. 

Most of the time, when people want to change their order, it’s because they forgot to include something. If you forgot an item, just place a new order for that additional item.

In this situation, it’s important that you email Caviar support to let them know you added an item as a second order. They will make sure that your items are delivered together, and they will also waive the second delivery fee.

Need to cancel an order that you just placed? 

The Caviar app allows you to cancel an order within 60 seconds of placing one. If more than a minute has elapsed since you placed your order, you’ll need to email Caviar support to cancel your order. If the restaurant has already started preparing your order, you will not be able to cancel.

For an introduction to Caviar, how it works, and what you can expect, click here

Caviar Support for Couriers

How couriers can contact Caviar support

Couriers who deliver for Caviar are bound to run into certain issues on the job. In fact, as the middleman between the customer and the restaurant, couriers often experience problems from both sides.

The Caviar app makes it easy for couriers to locate new orders, navigate to the restaurant, and deliver the food. 

But you have to know how to use the app to do the job properly.

Caviar has a variety of videos and tutorials on their website to help, including the New Courier App Walkthrough. This easy-to-follow guide provides step by step instructions. It shows you how to use the app, including how to log in for a shift, accept an order assignment, and complete an order.

But even if you’re a seasoned delivery pro, there will be times when an issue arises that you aren’t sure how to handle. In those situations, Caviar provides support in two ways: through email and through the Live Chat option on the app.

The Live Chat option is reserved strictly for urgent issues that occur during a live order. If your problem does not concern a pending order, Caviar wants you to communicate through email.

Live Chat Support for Couriers

To use the live chat feature, click on the message icon in the bottom left corner of the app. You can send a text message with your question or concern and you should receive an almost immediate response from a live person.

However, Caviar did not create this option to answer every little question you may have. It is reserved for immediate problems only.

For example, use the Live Chat option if you’re having car trouble and can’t complete a delivery. Use it if you’re having trouble finding or reaching the customer when you’re ready to deliver their order. DO NOT use the Live Chat option to report a restaurant that does not have your order ready.

Restaurants often experience delays, and the Caviar app has a built-in “restaurant delay adjustment” feature for that. Use this feature if the restaurant does not have your order ready with 10 minutes of the confirmed pick-up time. 

By making use of the “delay” feature, drivers will automatically receive an adjustment to their pay for that particular order.

Don’t take advantage of the Live Chat option by asking for order requests when you’re not busy. Order requests are computer generated by an algorithm. Caviar’s Live Chat will not help you to get order requests any faster than the algorithm allows.

Be considerate of other drivers. Live Chat exists to provide immediate help with a pending order. Do not use it to ask about payments, parking tickets, or bonuses. For issues such as these, email Caviar instead.

While it’s certainly convenient to send an email with any question you may have, there’s one other step you can take that can save you some time – Caviar Support.

Caviar Support Center

Before you email for support, visit the Caviar Support Center

The Support Center has information about:

  • FAQS
  • Instructions on performing as a courier
  • How to accept and order
  • How to switch navigation on the app
  • Resetting your password
  • Payments

Caviar also has a series of contact forms that you can use. These make it easy to submit requests about milestone inquires, payout inquiries, and parking tickets. 

If you still need help, go ahead and email the support team. You can ask questions about switching your region or switching your vehicle. You can also ask for help about viewing announcements or scheduling your hours.

The trick to being a successful Caviar courier is to use the available resources they provide to solve your own issues. And this is not unique to Caviar – almost all rideshare apps and delivery apps work this way.

Watch the videos, read the FAQs, and try to resolve issues on your own. If you can’t, email for direct support. And, when – and only when – an immediate problem arises, use the Live Chat option for an instant response.

What Do Caviar Couriers Have to Say?

Often, the best way to determine if a company has a good support system is to go right to the source – the couriers themselves. Here’s what some Caviar couriers have to say about the support on Indeed.

One courier from Chicago writes“Their customer support was okay.”

San Francisco“The Courier management is very helpful, any time you have a question or aren’t sure about a delivery, they are always willing to have a live chat with you instantly.”

Portland: “Good customer support … Caviar is always there if you need any help.”

Another happy courier from San Francisco writes“Support is always aware and available to deal with any issue with delivering. They answer in a matter of minutes. I love that the most. And I’ve driven for most of the companies in San Francisco to know it’s the best!”

Many of the company reviews from couriers on Indeed complain about low paying wages, long hours worked, and the wear and tear you have to put on your car. But when it comes to their support system, most couriers agree that it is effective and efficient.

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Caviar Support for Restaurants

How restaurants can contact Caviar support

While drivers have their own set of issues to deal with, the restaurants that fill the orders also run into trouble from time to time. 

For restaurants that have an issue or concern, there are two main ways to seek Caviar support: via email or through Real Time Order Support.

Real Time Order Support is only for use during live orders. Restaurants can use this option when they need to push back the time for a live order or cancel or substitute an item. With this feature, restaurant managers can speak to a member of the Caviar support team for instant help with a current order.

To make changes to an order through Real Time Order Support, click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the orders screen. From there you can adjust the price of an item, make a note about a special request, or request a call from Caviar support.

If you need to change the pick-up time or substitute an item, Caviar will notify the customer and make adjustments to your payout. If you want a phone call from a live support agent, make sure you click request at the bottom of the screen before exiting the page.

Have a question that isn’t urgent? 

Check out the Support Center for restaurants

Here you can find info on how to

  • Use the restaurant dashboard
  • View your performance
  • Customize your order history view
  • Set up and update your banking info
  • Make changes to menus
  • Accept orders

 Need more help? 

You can email any question you have to Caviar Restaurant Support

They often field questions about things like:

  • How to add the Caviar link to your website
  • Help in navigating the dashboard
  • Payments and prices

Caviar restaurant support is always there to help. However, while a support agent will respond, that response might not be immediate.  

Caviar also provides a contact form for restaurants that need to make changes on specific issues. With this form, you can make menu changes, remove items, or add items. You can also change prices, change dietary details, and change hours of availability.

Keep in mind that restaurant partners are crucial in Caviar’s success. If you have any questions or concerns about anything at all, reach out for support. Without restaurants to partner with, they have no business at all. 

Fortunately for couriers, customers, and restaurants, Caviar offers a variety of ways to contact them for support.

Customers have access to the support center for FAQs. They can also communicate with Caviar customer service directly by sending an email.

Couriers, on the other hand, can visit the support center or email customer service for non-urgent issues. And if you have an immediate question while you’re in the process of completing an order, you can use the Live Chat function on the app.

Restaurant partners are also encouraged to visit the support center or email questions. But, like couriers, if there is an issue that needs immediate attention, they can access Real Time Order Support. With this option, you can request that a live customer service agent call you back so you can resolve your issue at once.

So is Caviar the best delivery service out there? That’s not for us to say.

What we can say is that the couriers, who have the hardest job of all, seem to be rather pleased with the level of support. 

Like many delivery and rideshare apps, there is no phone number to call. But when you’re in the middle of a job and run into a problem, having the ability to Live Chat is the next best thing. 

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