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Can You Contact Lyft Corporate? 3 Ways To Get In Touch

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Rideshare company Lyft has seen a dramatic increase in popularity since its inception in 2012.

Founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer, Lyft offers rides, food delivery, bike-sharing, and other services to customers in cities across the United States and Canada.

For most drivers and riders, each Lyft ride goes off without a hitch.

When issues arise, a call to customer support for help can solve the problem quickly.

However, there might come a time when you feel you need to reach out to the corporate headquarters to get your issue resolved.

There are times when contacting Lyft’s corporate offices for help is appropriate and times when it isn’t.

Below, you’ll find information on when you should and shouldn’t contact Lyft and how to do so when appropriate.

Can You Contact Lyft Corporate?

The public can contact Lyft corporate via phone or mail.

However, the corporate offices don’t field customer service calls, so you should only call Lyft corporate for professional purposes.

What Can You Contact Lyft Corporate About?

You can contact Lyft corporate regarding certain complaints, business opportunities, or press inquiries.

However, the type of complaints you should contact corporate for is quite limited.


Most Lyft complaints or feedback should go through the standard customer service channels.

This includes complaints about passengers, rides, and drivers.

Customers and drivers can use one of several methods to contact customer service if your issue requires immediate attention or is small in scale.

This is usually the best way to get help resolving your issues in a timely fashion.

However, more significant concerns, such as those that pertain to a lawsuit or other large-scale concern, are a valid reason for contacting Lyft’s corporate offices using the phone number or mailing address below.


As a popular rideshare service, Lyft often lands in the press for one reason or another.

That’s why the company offers an easy way to contact their corporate office regarding press inquiries or other requests for information.

Simply send an email to [email protected] to get in touch and someone will help put you in touch with the right person to handle your inquiry.

Business Opportunities

Lyft Business partners with organizations to coordinate ride services with clients and employees.

This has facilitated the creation of services like Seniorly, a Lyft-Airbnb partnership that offers seniors service to and from short-term rentals.

To discuss a business opportunity or investor relations with Lyft, you can contact Lyft Business to go over the possibilities.  

What Shouldn’t You Contact Lyft Corporate About?

Just like there are instances in which it’s perfectly appropriate to contact Lyft corporate, there are times when you should try lower tiers of service first.

Account Issues

When you’re experiencing account issues such as failed payment, difficulties logging in, or a glitchy app, you want to reach someone right away to get the issue resolved.

However, Lyft’s corporate offices are geared toward company-wide issues.

You’ll find the tech support you need through standard customer service channels.

Ride Issues

Another issue that leads riders and drivers to reach for the phone is a ride issue.

Ride issues include unsafe conditions, a dangerous Lyft driver, unruly passengers, or a lost delivery.

When you run into problems such as these, the appropriate resolutions will come from customer support or, in the case of emergencies or hazardous situations, your local police department.

How to Contact Lyft Customer Service

There are several ways customers can contact Lyft’s customer support department.

The first option is to fill out an online request form.

This choice is ideal if your reason for contact isn’t time-sensitive.

Lyft also has a Critical Response Line you can use 24/7 to get immediate help with safety issues.

This line is for problems that require help right away, such as an accident, theft, or unsafe driver.

If you want to call Lyft’s Critical Response Line directly, the number is (855) 865-9553.

Alternatively, you can use the call back option on the website to have someone call you within one minute.

How to Contact Lyft Corporate

Lyft’s corporate offices aren’t open to the public, and they’re also not easily accessible.

However, there are two ways you can contact someone at the office.

You can either make an appointment to speak with someone, reach out by mail, or place a phone call.

Make an Appointment

If you want to pay a visit to Lyft’s corporate office in San Francisco or any of the company’s regional offices, you’ll need to make an appointment in advance with the appropriate facility.

You can request an appointment by mail or phone using Lyft’s mailing address or phone number.


In some instances, the best means of contacting Lyft is through the mail.

To reach Lyft by mail, send your correspondence to:

548 Market Street

Suite 68514

San Francisco, CA 94104

The corporate offices aren’t open to the public and aren’t intended to act as a customer support channel.

However, if you need to escalate an issue that’s gone unresolved thus far or reach Lyft for legal purposes, you can use this mailing address to contact the company.

Phone Number

Lyft’s primary method of interacting with the public is electronic, either by email or through a customer support ticket online.

However, there are two phone numbers you can call if you need a higher level of assistance.

The main phone number for Lyft is (415) 230-2905.

You can use this phone number to contact Lyft about issues unrelated to being a rider or driver.

Lyft’s customer service phone number is (855) 865-9553.

Unfortunately, this number won’t put you in direct contact with the corporate offices.

Still, an employee might be able to answer some of your questions.

If not, they’ll be able to offer guidance or put you in contact with the right people who can.

Final Thoughts

Contacting a company’s corporate offices is a necessity in some cases.

However, many companies, including Lyft, discourage doing so by making contact information difficult to find.

Therefore, you should only reach out to corporate when it’s appropriate.

Time-sensitive concerns are often best handled by customer support.

However, in certain instances, reaching out to corporate will be your best recourse.

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