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How to Become a Cornershop Shopper

Explore the world of Cornershop shoppers, integral to Uber's rapidly growing grocery delivery service, and discover how you can join this dynamic platform to earn extra income with a flexible side job. Find out the details of applying and the workings of the role in our comprehensive guide.

What is Cornershop and How Does It Work for Shoppers?

Cornershop is a unique on-demand grocery delivery service, launched in 2015, that distinguishes itself by offering a personalized shopping experience. It connects users directly with Shoppers who fulfill their specific grocery needs, while providing flexibility and autonomy for both parties.

vector graphic showing a cornershop shopper walking in a store and doing a shopping order for a customer

The service collaborates with a wide range of stores across the Americas, including pharmacies and specialty stores, catering to a diverse set of shopping requirements.”

Becoming a Cornershop Shopper: Requirements

Becoming a Cornershop Shopper is easier than signing up for most grocery delivery apps. Their website isn’t as wonky as DoorDash, either—which couriers in this business would come to appreciate.

In a few clicks, you can be a Cornershop Shopper. The basic requirements are:

  • You should at least be 19 years old or above.
  • Own a smartphone that’s both functional and easy to use.
  • Have a cooler bag or a suitable carrier for any perishable groceries or fresh items.
  • A valid driver’s license is also required.
  • Show proof that you own a functional, insured delivery vehicle.

As a plus, you should have excellent communication skills as well. You’ll need to effectively understand what your clients want and be able to think on your feet if necessary. What if a product is no longer handy, isn’t ripe enough, or isn’t available in the quantities the user requested?

Thinking fast and communicating these issues as they appear to your customers ensures a seamless grocery experience for them. What does this mean to you? More passive income in tips.

The Cornershop Shopper Signup Process

With the basic requirements met, it’s time to cover what the signup process for Cornershop looks like. Make sure beforehand that Cornershop is available in your city in the first place.

screenshot of the Shop & Pay (formerly cornershop shopper) application page

Once that’s out of the way, go through the following steps to become a Shopper today:

1. Fill Out Your Information

As with most grocery delivery jobs, you’ll need to fill out some initial information first. It helps you set up an account on the app—in this case, Cornershop, where you can start creating your Shopper profile.

The site will ask for your location, locality, and vehicle type before that. You can pick from more than 30 different cities in the US alone. If you’re based elsewhere, like Brazil or Canada, the cities will naturally differ (these countries also have their separate requirements as well).

When picking a locality, make sure to choose one that’s close to where you live, or is at least within a 15-mile radius from your home. The faster you can deliver your groceries, the more tips you stand to receive.

Vehicle type is last on that initial fill-out page. You can pick from three choices: a car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle. The next window to appear after that is one asking you to provide your name or email address.

2. Upload the Necessary Documents

The documents needed to become a valid driver on Cornershop are similar to what’s required for other delivery apps, such as Caviar or UberEats. So, if you have grocery delivery experience – this will be a breeze.

Start by uploading a profile picture. Make sure it’s not blurry and that it looks professional. Afterward, upload a clear picture of your driver’s license—this applies if your mode of transportation is a car or motorcycle.

If you’ve picked a bicycle, however, a government-issued ID works instead. In either case, you’ll also need to upload proof of your work eligibility in the USA.

Proof of vehicle insurance will be asked of you as well. Your transportation should be in good condition to drive in, too, to ensure your safety while delivering items.

Further, you’ll find a section on driving history requirements that you should meet. Those can include a still-working driver’s license that’s not suspended or revoked, no DUIs…etc.

3. Pass a Background Check

Cornershop works with Checkr to perform background checks on employees-to-be. For them to effectively run this check, they’ll ask you for your:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) – you can switch to this instead of your SSN after the initial background check is cleared.

The team will also perform a criminal background check. As long as you haven’t committed any major criminal offenses, or multiple major/minor driving violations, you should be cleared in a week or so.

4. Answer the Quiz at the End

A short questionnaire will appear towards the end of your sign-up process. It readies you into becoming a Shopper, asking about your availability, working hours, and other relevant details.

How Much Do Cornershop Shoppers Earn?

Cornershop shoppers typically earn between $13 and $16 per hour, with an average hourly wage of around $15. This earning potential can vary based on several factors:

  1. Location: Shoppers in areas with higher population density or more grocery stores may have more opportunities for orders, potentially increasing their earnings.
  2. Vehicle Expenses: The cost of gas and the fuel efficiency of the shopper’s vehicle can significantly impact net earnings.
  3. Customer Rapport: Shoppers who provide excellent service and build good relationships with customers often receive higher tips.

In addition to hourly earnings, Cornershop’s pay structure includes a rate of 50 cents per product and 65 cents per mile driven for deliveries. This is on par with other grocery delivery services.

Tips also contribute to a shopper’s total income. Customers have the option to tip through the Cornershop app, and these tips are at the customer’s discretion. Many customers do tip, similar to practices in rideshare and other delivery services.

Additionally, Cornershop offers opportunities for shoppers to earn special bonus commissions, further enhancing their earning potential.

Tips for Success as a Cornershop Shopper

Want to maximize your earning potential as a Cornershop Shopper? Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Utilize busy times and work in major cities with bustling lives. You’ll likely receive more orders there.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of multiple stores—especially those you frequent, to effectively fill out orders in a limited time.
  • Memorize quick routes to and from your clients. Handle their groceries with care and be polite when interacting with them.  

Not only does a good plan based on the merits above ensure you get a tip, but it could also result in repeat customers.

Cornershop Shopper Comparisons

Cornershop is a fairly new app in the United States, so there isn’t yet a great deal of data on its merits compared to those of longer-standing apps like Instacart or Shipt.

It takes some digging around the internet to look for testimonials from those who have worked for Cornershop as well as other services.

Some comparisons are taken from comparably.com, while others are from Glassdoor or other employment forums.

They cover topics like company culture, perks, internet mentions, and more.

Cornershop vs Instacart

There is a lot of conflicting information on the rating of Cornershop vs. Instacart.

Some sources have shoppers who have worked for both companies saying they preferred Instacart and others saying that Cornershop was the better option.

Overall, Instacart seems to beat Cornershop as far as ease of use, and since grocery delivery is all about convenience, that alone puts them ahead for the moment.

Cornershop vs Postmates

Postmates is mostly known for delivering fast food, so when people are looking for a grocery delivery service, Postmates might not be their go-to app.

If you live in a large city, you may be able to make money shopping for Postmates.

However, in mid-sized markets, the prospects don’t look as good.

Postmates rates a 3.8 out of 5 on Glassdoor for employee satisfaction.

Cornershop vs Shipt

In a head-to-head comparison of Cornershop vs. Shipt, Shipt comes out ahead in terms of shoppers’ experience with the company pay rate and team culture, as well as on a search of internet mentions.

Shipt is a long-standing company, but it serves fewer stores than Cornershop.

It may offer fewer options for shoppers.

Cornershop vs Peapod

Peapod has been in existence for over 30 years.

It was one of the first professional grocery shopper services.

The company initially aimed its services at major cities on the East Coast of the United States – mainly New York and Boston- and stayed within those areas.

It has recently reduced its service area even further in the last couple of years.

Due to its limited geographic area, Peapod doesn’t have opportunities for many shoppers.

It also only received a 3 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor for shopper experience.

Is it Worth it to be a Cornershop Shopper?

While it is unlikely that you’d be able to pay all your bills working as a Cornershop shopper, you can make extra money with it. Many Cornershop shoppers drive for other apps as well.

So Cornershop is a decent source of supplemental income if you enjoy shopping and delivering groceries.

Pros of Being a Cornershop Shopper

Make your own hours

Work independently

Help people get what they need

Positive atmosphere/friendly people

Cons of Being a Cornershop Shopper

Earnings depend largely on the area worked

Dealing with traffic

Relatively low wages

When deciding whether you want to be a Cornershop shopper, it’s smart to weigh the pros and cons.

These are just basic pros and cons, but you should measure other factors that relate to you personally as well.

For example, are you knowledgeable about grocery products?

Do you enjoy driving? Also, you will need to think of what type of working schedule would benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need to Have a Car for Cornershop?

No, a car is not mandatory for Cornershop deliveries; you can use a motorcycle or bicycle. Ensure you have the appropriate motorcycle license or a valid photo ID for bicycle deliveries. However, smaller vehicles may limit your grocery carrying capacity, potentially impacting the size of your tips.

How Do You Pay for the Items?

As a Cornershop shopper, customers pay for items via the app. You simply follow in-app instructions for checkout. The app holds a reserve on the customer’s card for potential order changes, charging only for actual purchases. You’ll need to upload a receipt photo to confirm the order.

Wrapping Up

Food delivery gigs are on the rise, and Cornershop is a great place to start. Before you sign up to become a Shopper, use our guide to evaluate whether it’s the right hustle for you. Understand your personal and financial goals before making a decision. 

In the end, there’s potential in being a delivery driver to make extra money in tips and quickly generate passive income. With flexible working hours, you can drive at your own pace, too.

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