Who Wins in the Battle for the Best Rideshare Customer Service?

Customer service can be the difference between a good company and a great one.

With Lyft and Uber offering such similar services, the quality of customer service serves as a key differentiator in deciding which company is a better fit for you.

Lyft and Uber both provide satisfactory customer service. However, there are significant differences between the two. Let’s review the facts for both rideshare companies and reveal our choice for who wins based on customer service.

Uber’s Customer Service Department

Pros of Uber’s Customer Service

To better serve passengers and drivers, Uber maintains an open customer service hotline around the clock.

Uber makes it easy to find the correct phone number by providing an option to call them from the app. This area may be found by going to your account, hitting help, tapping the blue phone icon then the ‘call support’ option.

To-date, the customer service hotline is available in English, Spanish, and French. When contacting Uber using the hotline, anticipate waiting about two minutes before speaking to a representative.

During an emergency, having to wait for two minutes before someone picks up can be devastating. Uber addresses this issue by offering their critical response safety line: 800-353-UBER.

Drivers and passengers in need of a police officer or paramedic are encouraged to call 911 first. From there, they can contact the critical response number.

Uber reserves the safety line for those who were in a dangerous situation and need to report it fast. Please respect this by reserving any calls to this number for emergencies.

Uber also offers an in-app support option, that is available to both riders and rideshare drivers, regardless of whether they are using an iPhone or Android.

The in-app support provides a variety of account options that are easy to do. Users can find the info they need to change on their profile and update it on the fly. The in-app option also provides a convenient way to check your billing and payment statements when you need to.

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If you are ever stuck or confused about how to do something in the app, check out the Uber Help Portal. Here, Uber lists their most frequently asked questions from riders and passengers.

Chances are that if you find yourself wondering how to do something, or where something is, another person has already asked and Uber included it in their Help Portal.

Another way to get in contact with Uber’s customer service is via their live chat. This innovative feature is designed to connect you with a representative almost as soon as you select it.

Riders and drivers may enjoy being able to receive a lightning-fast response to their questions. However, this service is not available around the clock. Those that wish to use the service may only do so between 5 am and 12 am Pacific Standard Time.

Cons of Uber’s Customer Service

Uber has faced several lawsuits over the years, some of which are related to a malicious use of information. These specific lawsuits outline how Uber’s database was compromised and their lack of an appropriate, lawful response.

This privacy threat leaves many drivers and riders hesitant to contact Uber using their customer support features.

On top of this, Uber’s social media support line could use some work. Although Uber has a social media support feature, the service has a notoriously low response rate. Users in need of a way to contact Uber are encouraged to use one of the other customer service methods we have already listed.

To learn more about Uber’s support options and find out which method is the best way to get in touch with them today, check out our guide to Uber’s customer service.

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Lyft’s Customer Service Department

Pros of Lyft’s Customer Service

To make it easy for users to get useful information about the rideshare service, Lyft has an online help center. This is the first place that riders and drivers should check if they need answers.

Lyft’s help center is an incredible resource database that offers users quick search methods to speed up the time it takes to find an answer. As the industry changes, Lyft updates this section of their website with the latest updates and information.

There is one downside to this nifty online support. Users can’t contact a human by using the help center.

Drivers and riders that need to contact a human being to report an emergency to the company should call Lyft’s critical response line. This emergency line is available around the clock. However, it is reserved for those who have been robbed, involved in an accident, or face some other traumatic event.

Once a first responder is contacted, by dialing 911, Lyft users should call the critical response line. Depending on the situation, Lyft will assist drivers with insurance information or other details, and riders with getting a new ride.

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Cons of Lyft’s Customer Service

A Lyft representative is not currently available for everyday issues that are not considered emergencies. Unlike Uber, the rideshare service doesn’t offer a 24/7 customer support line.

Lyft also lacks some of Uber’s innovative customer service features like a live chat function.

Come explore our detailed guide to learn more about the best ways to contact Lyft.

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Our Take: Who Wins on Customer Service?

Uber offers more ways to get in touch with a representative. However, their reputation for privacy is an understandable issue.

Uber and Lyft have both seen a decline in customer service over the past few years. We are hopeful that the increased competition in the industry will ultimately motivate both rideshare teams to enhance their customer service.

Based on our countless experiences seeking information from Lyft and Uber’s customer support, we have noticed a common pattern. Lyft representatives consistently appear to be friendlier than Uber representatives, who often seem overwhelmed and noticeably less helpful.

We give Lyft the win on the customer service debate. However, there are several additional factors to look at before choosing the right company for you. Come explore our comprehensive Uber vs. Lyft guide to get the full breakdown of who wins in the battle of the rideshare giants.